Jie Kai Chen brought Shi Yao Yin back to An Kang Wang's residence, and then, he helped her inspect her injuries. Other than giving her the medicinal pellet he gave her before, he also helped her circulate his energy to heal her injuries.

"Jie Kai Chen, I really have to thank you this time. If not for you helping me, I would probably be finished." Shi Yao Yin held onto her chest, which still hurt a little, and thanked Jie Kai Chen. Towards this person who shared life with her, she had a few more different feelings.

Ever since she had married into An Kang Wang's residence, the two of them had clashed quite a bit. After unceasingly getting along with each other, they were no longer strangers to each other.

Thinking about it carefully, in the entire The State of Awakening, only Jie Kai Chen was the only person she could trust, and he was his only companion.

"Although this matter is extremely dangerous, it might not be a bad thing for you. After this battle, your foundation has become much more stable. "However, don't do anything stupid like that in the future. If you are killed by someone because your luck is bad, it would not be worth it."

"I understand, I will no longer act so rashly in the future. I had originally thought that I was only going to teach Shi Qian Meng a lesson, but who would have thought that the experts of the entire Shen-Tian Gate would come.

"I'm not blaming you for doing the wrong thing. I'm just asking you to take care of yourself. There is only one Hundred Revolutions Pill here, so no matter how big of an injury you suffer, it will improve and protect your life. Jie Kai Chen took out a small bottle, handed it over to Shi Yao Yin, and told him what the thing inside was used for.

"The Hundred Revolutions Pill sounds very powerful." Shi Yao Yin took Jie Kai Chen's things without holding back at all, she reached out to take it, and only after looking at it did she remember to thank: "Jie Kai Chen, thank you."

"I will give you two days to settle the matters with You Family Village. After two days, the people from You Family Village must leave the An Kang Wang Palace."

"Don't worry, I will send them back to You Family Village tomorrow."

"Don't bother me when you have nothing to do." Jie Kai Chen said a few more words that he often said, then stood up and left. In just the blink of an eye, he had already disappeared.

Shi Yao Yin had long since gotten used to this kind of thing. She was not surprised, but she put away the medicine bottle in her hand, rested for a while, and then went to find the people from the You Family Village.

Under the guidance of the twelfth year, the people from the You Family Village arrived at An Kang Wang's residence, but they did not dare enter the manor. Because An Kang Wang had asked them to come here, when they arrived, even if they did not see anyone, they would not dare to leave without permission, so they waited patiently.

As night fell, there was not even a light outside of An Kang Wang's residence. It was surprisingly dark, and dozens of You Family Village's people sat on the ground side by side, using this method to keep warm.

Shi Yao Yin walked over with a lantern in hand. Seeing the people from the You Family Village sleeping soundly due to exhaustion, and thinking about their tragic encounters, she felt very uncomfortable in her heart.

Just then, someone noticed Shi Yao Yin and woke up from their dreams and woke them up.

"Wake up, An Kang Wang Fei is here."

Hearing that someone said 'An Kang Wang's wife', everyone in You Family Village woke up from their dreams quickly. No matter how tired they were, they had to muster up their courage and stand up, but there was only one exception.

You Xiang was severely injured, and even now, she still had not woken up.

"Esteemed wangfei, we, we …"

You Family Village was one of the poorer villages in the The State of Awakening, there were people who starved to death because they did not eat, and there were almost no people in the village who could eat until they did.

They didn't even have enough to eat, let alone good clothes. Everyone was wearing tattered old clothes, and they weren't much different from beggars.

Because of these difficult reasons, the people of the You Family Village were all feeling very inferior, and didn't even dare to speak a word when they saw Shi Yao Yin.

At this moment, someone's stomach let out a rumbling sound.

"Gulp …"

With such a voice, the people of You Family Village felt even more embarrassed. They lowered their heads, not daring to speak.

Shi Yao Yin knew that these people were all starved to death and exhausted, so she did not say anymore useless words and immediately went straight to the point, "Everyone, follow me in. We will rest at An Kang Wang's residence tonight, I will go to You Family Village with everyone tomorrow. Everyone, don't be afraid, An Kang Wang allowed you all to stay here for the night. Come in and help me cook.

The people of You Family Village hesitated for a little while, but with Shi Yao Yin's kind and friendly nature, they finally mustered up their courage and entered An Kang Wang's residence.

Shi Yao Yin arranged for the people of the You Family Village to live in the southern courtyard, and got some food for them to eat. After working for half a day, she finally finished everything, and there was only one thing left to do.

's injuries were getting worse, and the situation was dire. Her breathing and pulse were getting weaker, Shi Yao Yin thought for a bit, then took out the Hundred Revolutions Pill that Jie Kai Chen had given her, and fed it to You Xiang.

If the Hundred Revolutions Pill was really as miraculous as Jie Kai Chen had said, it should be able to save You Xiang, right?

Just when Shi Yao Yin was suspecting the effects of the Hundred Revolutions Pill, You Xiang's injuries started to heal at a visible rate, and her complexion quickly recovered. She also woke up, but she was still a little weak, and the other injuries were all healed.

"Elder sister …"

"You're awake! It's good that you're awake, otherwise I wouldn't even know what to do! "

"Big sister, thank you for saving me." You Xiang simply did not know what had happened, but she was still alive. The moment she opened her eyes, the first thing she saw was Shi Yao Yin.

"Actually, I was the one who harmed you and harmed the You Family Village. It is only right for me to save you. The reason why Shi Qian Meng attacked you and You Family Village is because of me, so I should be the one apologizing to you and You Family Village. "

"No, it's not big sister's fault, it's all Shi Qian Meng's, that malicious woman's fault. She killed so many of my family and destroyed all the crops and houses in our village.

When You Xiang heard Shi Qian Meng's name, her heart was filled with resentment and anger, and wished to kill Shi Qian Meng.

However, the reactions of the people from You Family Village were different, all of them had a look of schadenfreude, and said excitedly:

"You Xiang, the wangfei has already avenged us. Do you know how miserable that Shi Qian Meng is? "I still feel excited when I think about it!"

"That's right!" That malicious woman was miserable, she had been whipped in the streets by the Royal Concubine. She had been beaten to the point of wounding all over her body, begging for mercy on her knees. It was a pleasure to see her in despair and collapse. "

"A vicious person like her will be punished sooner or later."

"Really? Is what you guys said true? " You Xiang simply could not believe that such a good thing would happen so quickly. She thought that she would have to pay a huge price to take revenge on Shi Qian Meng.

However, she still felt that it was not enough. She would not be willing to not kill Shi Qian Meng.

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