After the people from You Family Village ate and drank their fill, they rested. Although the Southern Courtyard was not big, it was enough for dozens of people to sleep in.

Only You Xiang was not able to sleep. As long as she closed her eyes, her mind would only be filled with the scenes of killing her relatives and harvesting the crops that she had in store. Thinking of all these, her heart surged with worship, filled with resentment.

If she did not personally slice Shi Qian Meng into a thousand pieces, she would not be willing to accept it. After experiencing this, she understood one thing, people are good to be bullied by others, if you don't want to be bullied, then you have to work hard to become strong.

She wanted to become an expert like her brother, so she wouldn't need to be afraid of being bullied anymore.

The more You Xiang thought, the more excited she became. She decided to look for Shi Yao Yin and wandered around An Kang Wang's residence in the middle of the night. She accidentally discovered a little green light not far away, dancing about like a group of green fireflies.

Shi Yao Yin couldn't fall asleep in the middle of the night, so she climbed up the banyan tree to admire the moon.

Every time she came into contact with these life source, she would have a different feeling. The leaves of destiny in her body seemed to move with the surrounding life source, but they didn't seem to be the same.

However, one thing was certain, when she came into contact with these life source, her chest, which was originally faintly aching, no longer hurt at all.

Could it be that life source could also heal injuries?

Shi Yao Yin was currently carefully researching the life source that was floating in the air, and did not notice that there was an additional person in the vicinity. She only regained her senses when she heard other voices.

"Elder sister …"

"You Xiang, why are you here?" Shi Yao Yin released the green light spots in her hands, then jumped down from the tree and landed gracefully in front of You Xiang.

"Elder sister, Uncle has already told me about you fighting with Shi Qian Meng and the disciples and elders of the Shen-Tian Gate to save me. Only now do I know, so big sister is actually so strong, even stronger than big brother. "Elder sister …" You Xiang suddenly knelt down, and looked at the person in front of him with pleading eyes.

"You Xiang, what are you doing? Why did she suddenly kneel down? "Hurry and get up."

"Elder sister, I know that my status is low and my talent is poor, so I don't have the qualifications to beg you like this. However, I still want to give it a try. "Elder sister, please accept me as your disciple. I want to learn some skills."

"I am only half a bucket of water myself, how can I accept disciples? You're still wounded, hurry up and get up. "

You Xiang refused to get up no matter what, as she held Shi Yao Yin's hand and begged, "Big sister, I don't want to live a lowly life, I don't want to be a weakling that can be bullied by others. This time, with my sister's help, I didn't die in Shi Qian Meng's hands. But what about the next time? I can't expect my sister to come and save me all the time, can I? I need to become stronger, and only by becoming stronger can I protect myself and my You Family Village. "

Seeing You Xiang begging so bitterly, Shi Yao Yin's heart softened, but she was unwilling to accept a disciple, so she could only think of other ways, "I myself do not know how to cultivate, much less teach others. Previously, Jie Kai Chen taught me how to condense Qi into spirit and become a Spirit.


"This is nothing, just some simple chants. As for whether or not you can condense your Qi into spirit, that will depend on your own ability." I still have a book of fragmentary sword Arts, you can take it and slowly practice it. "

"Yes, Master."

"Don't, don't call me master. I am only helping you as a sister, not because I want to take you in as my disciple. Furthermore, that is all I can help you with. "

"No matter what, I will never forget the kindness that you've shown me in my entire life. If I have the chance in the future, I will definitely repay you well." You Xiang will engrave this kindness of Shi Yao Yin's into her heart. Right now, in her heart, the weight that Shi Yao Yin has in her heart is already equal to that of her brother, and she is the most important person to her.

"Jie Kai Chen won't let you stay in An Kang Wang's residence for too long, I will send you back to You Family Village tomorrow. So tonight, I will try my best to teach you how to condense your spirit. "Even if you fail to condense Qi today, you just need to remember the formula and go back and practice it slowly."

In fact, Shi Yao Yin did not know much about cultivation. Although she had already reached the Spirit King Realm, she had only trained for less than a month, and she had only barely understood a lot of things. Therefore, she had only passed down the Spirit Concentrating Method from the very beginning, to You Xiang.

You Xiang was very serious when she learned it, she only needed one night to condense her Qi into spirit, which meant that she was already in Spirit.

"Sister, I did it. I really did it."

Shi Yao Yin did not sleep the entire night. While You Xiang was working hard to cultivate his Qi Condensation technique, she dozed off at the side.

After saying that, he immediately felt that something was amiss, and his brain immediately cleared up as he asked in surprise, "What did you say just now? "You succeeded?"

This was truly unfair. She had to work hard for several days to succeed, yet she succeeded in just half a day. This was truly a competition of people, truly infuriating!

"That's right!" I succeeded in condensing my Qi into spirit. Elder sister, I am now at the Elementary Spirit Realm, right? "

"Yes." You are already at the early stage of Spirit. You Xiang, I never thought that your talent was so good. As long as you work hard, you will definitely have a future. " Although Shi Yao Yin was a little envious of You Xiang, she wasn't jealous, rather, she was happy for her.

Just then, a furious roar sounded out, "Consuming a Hundred Revolutions Pill, how can your talent not be good?"

Jie Kai Chen angrily walked over, scaring You Xiang, who was at his side, as he hid behind Shi Yao Yin.

Shi Yao Yin was also actually quite afraid, because Jie Kai Chen's current appearance was extremely terrifying, as if he was a demon that wanted to devour humans. "Your Royal Highness, you're up even before dawn. It's really too early!"

The situation wasn't right. Some people were angry, so they had to be careful with their words. Otherwise, it would be as tragic as it could get.

"You actually gave the Hundred Revolutions Pill that This King gave you to her to eat. Do you know how precious this pill is? This King spent five years to refine that pellet, and only that single pellet. "

"Saving a life is better than creating a seven-layered pagoda. Aren't I doing this to save a life?"

"You can't even protect your own life, and you still want to protect the lives of others. Do you think you are the God of the Savior?"

"I …"

"This King should not have given the Hundred Revolutions Pill to you."

"You can refine more pills, right?" "However, since lives have been lost, it's true that it's gone, so …"

"Do your best, hmph." After that, he glared at You Xiang, and that glance seemed to want to eat him alive. However, he did not do anything to You Xiang, and after a single glare, he angrily left.

You Xiang was frightened by Jie Kai Chen's glance just now, but she was still quite happy in his heart. So the pellet she ate yesterday was called the Hundred Revolutions Pill and it was that pellet that had increased her innate talent. Otherwise, it would have been impossible for her to condense Qi in half a day.

No matter what, An Kang Wang had given her a new life, and if there was a chance in the future, she would repay them well.

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