Shi Yao Yin didn't use her life source to play the zither, but she put her heart into singing. She threw herself into her emotions, and transformed herself into a part of the music, playing out the beautiful zither music, and singing the song of someone moving.

"Ask West Lake, and steal her beauty. Once the time is gone, who will you leave it to?"

"Ask the Changjiang River water, and try your best to taste the bitterness. Only half of it is left, and the lover's heart cannot be called back."

The more Jie Kai Chen listened, the more intoxicated he became. Unknowingly, his entire heart had already sunk into a whirlpool that he was unable to extricate himself from, and he had completely given away his heart.

He had also heard other girls playing and singing, and even the number one zither master of the The State of Awakening, Qin Ji, was unable to play a song that captivated him, so he never believed that a single song could have any great influence.

But now he knew that there really was a person in this world who could play a song that would move his heart, and that person was Shi Yao Yin, his' consort '.

"The other half, the lover's heart, cannot be called back." When Shi Yao Yin finished playing and singing a song, it was as if she was drunk herself. But she quickly recovered her soul, and discovered that Jie Kai Chen was still immersed in her zither music, so she could only call out to him, "Jie Kai Chen, Jie Kai Chen …"

After being called a few times, Jie Kai Chen finally reacted, smiling faintly, he asked gently: Where did you learn this song? This King has never heard of it. "

"I can sing a lot of songs that you've never heard before."

"Oh, then in the future, This King will have earrings."

"Playing the zither isn't what I'm good at." Shi Yao Yin was a little proud and narcissistic, as if he was praising his own abilities.

However, Jie Kai Chen acted as if 'I know', and nodded as he replied, "Yes, this This King knows that you are best at cooking."

When Shi Yao Yin heard this, her expression immediately changed. She angrily retorted, "Who said that?"

"Are you not good at cooking?"

"Of course not."

"What's that?"


"Martial arts?" Jie Kai Chen misunderstood, and thought that Shi Yao Yin's' dance 'was' Wu ', so there was not much of a reaction. He casually replied, "This King knows. It's getting late, and your injuries are not completely healed. You should get some rest. "

Shi Yao Yin did not know that Jie Kai Chen's understanding was wrong, but it was just a small matter and there was no need to investigate. Suddenly, she thought of something important, and before Jie Kai Chen could leave, he quickly asked: "Jie Kai Chen, I want to ask for for compensation, do you think that is possible?"

"Last time, you tricked Shi Qian Meng greatly. In order to pay for that huge sum of money, Scholar's House took out a lot of valuable things to pawn in the pawnshop. From this, it could be seen that the Scholar's House's financial resources were not very optimistic. This time, the losses to You Family Village were extremely severe, and even caused death. Even if Scholar's House were to go bankrupt, I am afraid it would be difficult to compensate. "

"Don't tell me you don't need Scholar's House's compensation just like that?"

"Now that this matter has been brought to light, the Imperial Court will certainly intervene. If you want Scholar's House to compensate You Family Village, then you must first ask for compensation, or else it will be difficult for you to get compensation after that. "

"Why? If the imperial government were to intervene in this matter, they should be able to award Scholar's House with compensation! " Shi Yao Yin could not understand, no matter how she thought about it. The feelings she had towards the people in the imperial court was getting worse and worse, especially the people from the Imperial Family.

Previously, she had been summoned by the Divine Emperor and almost lost her life, so she did not have a good impression of the Divine Emperor at all. When she went to the You Family Village today and saw how the people there lived a miserable life, yet the imperial government had actually increased the taxes, she felt even more unfavorable towards the Divine Emperor and the imperial government.

With a Divine Emperor like this, ordinary people would not be able to live a good life.

"Do you think those people in the imperial court are gods?" Jie Kai Chen sarcastically said with a tone filled with contempt.

"As a court official, shouldn't you work for the people? Without the commoners, where would the imperial government come from? "

"In the The State of Awakening, there are only the strong and the weak. If you want to live, you must become strong. If you always want to wait for others and for the Imperial Court to help you survive, then you will only have to die. The imperial government would not care about the lives of the weak, so no matter how miserable You Family Village was, the imperial government would not care. If it were not for the fact that this incident involved the Shen-Tian Gate and Shi Qian Meng being expelled from the sect by Zuo Xian Chi, the imperial government would definitely not interfere in this matter.

"How can there be such a reason?" Be it the strong or weak, they are all citizens of the The State of Awakening. They are all trying their best to contribute to this nation, so how can they ignore their existence? "

"This is the The State of Awakening. Do you know the origin of the The State of Awakening's name? "

"I don't know."

"It is said that there is a person who is as powerful as a god. He wanted to find a successor, but he was unable to find a suitable one. In the end, he decided to create a place to nurture the inheritor. Therefore, the The State of Awakening is not a country that brings peace and well-being to others, but a place where the strong can cultivate. Here, only the strong can survive, and the weak are destined to die. "

"Huh?" Shi Yao Yin couldn't believe that there was such a crazy thing happening in this world. There was actually someone who built a country just to nurture a successor?

This kind of thing was too unbelievable, it was really hard to believe.

"This is a legend that has been passed down in the The State of Awakening for a long time. Although many people are doubting whether this legend is true or not, regardless of whether it is true, it still affects the entire The State of Awakening."

"How can this be?"

"So don't think that the imperial government will do anything for the weak anymore. Especially now, the imperial government is just a group of selfish petty people. It's impossible for them to offend the strong for the weak. However, nothing is absolute. The legend of God is always a legend, and may not be true. "

"Are you telling me not to waste any more energy on You Family Village?" Shi Yao Yin asked sadly. Just thinking of the pitiful people in You Family Village made her feel very uncomfortable.

Of course Jie Kai Chen knew that Shi Yao Yin was a kind person, he would definitely not ignore the life and death of the You Family Village, so he gave her an excuse, "There are many villages in the The State of Awakening, and a prosperous village means that there are many outstanding people. The You Family Village did not have any outstanding talents, which was why they were so pitiful. However, the current situation would change very soon. If you want to get compensation for You Family Village, you have to include one person. "

"Who is it?"

"You Fu."

"You Fu?" Shi Yao Yin thought about it and started to understand.

You Fu had obtained second place in the Newcomer this time, which was an impressive achievement. After so many things happened in the You Family Village, no one mentioned You Fu, it was as if they had forgotten about him.

If she took You Fu out as an example, the situation might change greatly.

"Jie Kai Chen, thank … Gone? When did you leave? "

After Shi Yao Yin thought it through, she originally wanted to thank Jie Kai Chen, but who knew that he had already disappeared.

Again, boredom.

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