The morning of the second day, Shi Yao Yin headed to Scholar's House, planning to help ask for compensation.

According to Jie Kai Chen, this matter had to be blown up, or else the imperial government would not take the matter of You Family Village's compensation to heart.

If he wanted to blow up the situation, he had to start from the Scholar's House, and at the same time, only from there.

Ever since Shi Qian Meng was beaten up on the streets by Shi Yao Yin, and then expelled from the sect by Shen-Tian Gate's Sect Leader, the Scholar's House shut her doors to thank her guests. Shi Xue Wen said that if she was sick, the morning assembly would begin, and the entire family would not dare to come out to meet him.

"Why is this happening? "Why?" Madame Shi looked at the crippled girl lying on the bed, crying non-stop for two days.

In these ten years, the mother and daughter pair had always bullied Shi Yao Yin under their feet. Who would have known that this girl was actually a fierce character that hid her true strength?

If they had known earlier how powerful Shi Yao Yin was, they wouldn't have bullied her so unscrupulously.

Shi Qian Meng suffered a huge blow, and laid on her bed for two days in a daze, not eating, drinking, or sleeping. She didn't even say anything, like a wooden puppet.

To be injured by an Inferior Grade Mortal grade whip, one would at least have their tendons and bones broken, and at the most, one would have lost all of their cultivation and become a cripple. If she was able to receive Shen-Tian Gate's full power treatment, she might even be able to recover. But she had already been expelled from the sect, and was no longer Shen-Tian Gate's disciple. Shen-Tian Gate did not care about her life or death at all.

She had never thought that she would ever have such a day. All along, she had always thought that she was a person with boundless potential, and that she might even become a future Divine Queen.

In the past, she always mocked Shi Yao Yin as a cripple, but she never expected herself to become a cripple. Could this be the punishment of the heavens?

All along, I have always advised you to restrain yourselves and not provoke Shi Yao Yin, but you just refused to listen to me. Shi Xue Wen mocked and ridiculed him, as he felt extremely depressed.

"Master, what time is it? Are you still trying to serve that lowly slave Shi Yao Yin?" Although she regretted provoking and offending Shi Yao Yin, but in private, she might be able to vent her anger, and in the worst case scenario, not to mention her.

"You don't understand."

"Why don't we understand?"

"Shi Yao Yin is not my daughter, but …"

"But what?"

I originally didn't have the surname Shi, but rather, I was a beggar who didn't even know his own surname ….

Hearing that, Madame Shi's face changed. Even Shi Qian Meng, who had been lying in bed for two days straight without moving, reacted and listened in shock.

After mulling for a long time, he finally had the courage to say it out, "Seventeen years ago, I was begging on the streets like usual. Then, I met a beautiful woman who gave me a lot of money and said that she would help me make a name for myself, provided that I marry her and become a fake husband and wife."

"Is this person Shi Yao Yin's mother?" The more Madame Shi heard, the more frightened she became. She was already unable to imagine all the ridiculous things she had done all these years, and didn't dare imagine it at all.

In fact, she had always suspected that when Shi Yao Yin's mother was still alive, Shi Xue Wen had been extremely respectful to her, and never dared to speak out loud in front of her.

"That's right, she's called Shiyu. My surname was given to me by her. In front of outsiders, we are husband and wife, but in private, we are master and servant. She is the Lord, and I am a servant. If she didn't die of illness, how could you have bullied her daughter? If she isn't dead, I should call Shi Yao Yin my Young Master and the same would be true for the rest of you. "

"This... How could it be like this? "

"That's why I kept warning you not to provoke Shi Yao Yin, but you all just wouldn't listen. Shiyu was not a simple woman, and her daughter was most likely not as simple as that. Do you really think that I married Shi Yao Yin for the sake of a First Rank Warrior? "Wrong, I am trying to completely get rid of my status as a servant. As long as both of them die, I will be free."

When Shi Qian Meng found out that she was Shi Yao Yin's servant, she felt even more miserable than if she had died.

She was Shi Yao Yin's servant. The funny thing was, she actually thought herself to be high and mighty, and even wished to become the most noble Divine Queen in the The State of Awakening. She was simply too ridiculous.

Madame Shi was also shocked by the truth of the matter. Both of her legs went soft and she sat on the ground with a face full of fear.

Just as Scholar's House and the group of people were in a state of panic, Shi Yao Yin suddenly walked in, "So it turns out you are just my mother's servants, and a group of ungrateful people."

"You, when did you come?" The person Madame Shi feared the most was Shi Yao Yin. She had been scared just now and now, she was scared again and almost fainted.

When Shi Qian Meng saw Shi Yao Yin, there was still fury and hatred in her eyes, but other than these, there was also her low self-esteem.

Amongst everyone present, only Shi Xue Wen was not overly frightened. He was only shocked for a moment, and then he quickly reacted and said solemnly: "I knew that you would come looking for me."

"Of course I will come. Otherwise, how can I ask for compensation for the people of You Family Village? I didn't expect that the truth of the matter would be so surprising. You are actually my mother's servant, if you say it like that, then you have to call me Young Master. " Shi Yao Yin ridiculed.

She had clearly heard it from outside the door just now. Even though she did not know of her background, she had managed to figure out the relationship between herself and the Scholar's House.

"Since you already know, then I have nothing else to say. Do whatever you want to me. If you want to compensate us, then I advise you to take care of it. Scholar's House no longer has anything of value to offer us. " Shi Xue Wen acted as if he wanted to kill them, and was completely willing to give it his all.

"This house should be able to sell for a lot of money, right?"

"This is the residence of an official ordered by the imperial government. It was given down to us by the imperial government. Who would dare to buy it?"

"Then I will tear down the entire house and take out the materials to rebuild the You Family Village. As for where you will live in the future, that is your own business and has nothing to do with me. If you don't want to sleep on the streets, you'd better obediently take out your property to compensate You Family Village for the losses. Otherwise, I won't hesitate to take off all of your clothes even if I have to. "

"You …"

"Shi Yao Yin, I'll fight it out with you." Shi Qian Meng suddenly rushed down from the bed, it seemed like she wanted to die together with Shi Yao Yin.

Shi Yao Yin was ready, she planned to smack Shi Qian Meng away.

But right at that moment, a jade from Madame Shi suddenly flew out, releasing a powerful force that sent Shi Qian Meng flying.

"Ahh …"

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