A white jade with the picture of a phoenix carved on it flew out from Madame Shi's body, emitting a bright light. The white jade released a shockwave that sent the Madame Shi flying, shaking her, and then took the initiative to fly in front of Shi Yao Yin.

When the jade flew over, Shi Yao Yin immediately flipped through the original owner's memory. She recognized the jade and extended his hand, allowing the jade to fall into her palm.

In the original owner's memory, there was some information about this piece of jade. This jade was left behind by the original owner's mother, and was snatched away by the Madame Shi later on. But now, this piece of jade was flying back on its own. It was clear that this piece of jade had a spiritual nature, and was definitely not ordinary.

"This... "How could that be?" When the Madame Shi saw the piece of jade that she liked so much fly into Shi Yao Yin's hands, she was extremely shocked. She wanted to snatch it back, but she quickly remembered who the real owner of the jade was, so she didn't dare to make a move.

She had stolen this piece of jade from Shi Yao Yin ten years ago. After so many years had passed, she had long forgotten about this matter and treated this jade as her own. But she never would have thought that this piece of jade would be so evil, that she would fly away.

But back then when she snatched this piece of jade away, it didn't fly back by itself?

Not only was the Madame Shi shocked, everyone was also shocked, including Shi Yao Yin.

When the jade pendant fell into his palm, there was a warm feeling coming from it. It was very comfortable, as if he was being cared for by his family, protected by his elders. It was warm and full of the power of love.

"This is …"

She actually felt that there was a life source inside the jade pendant, that there was a life source, which meant that there might be life inside. But very quickly, the life source inside the jade pendant disappeared, as if there was something there, which made people feel that it was just an illusion.

Was it an illusion?

Perhaps it was a piece of jade that had become essence, which was why it was so strange.

After the jade fell into Shi Yao Yin's hands, the light slowly faded away and turned into a piece of ordinary white jade. If she hadn't seen this strange scene with her own eyes, she wouldn't have believed that this small piece of jade would be so powerful.

"Your mother is indeed not an ordinary person. Even the things that she left you are extraordinary. They are not things that ordinary mortals like us can possess." Shi Xue Wen said with a heavy sigh. At this moment, he had no choice but to face reality.

So what if he didn't face up to reality?

"With regards to my ancestry, I'm sure you all don't know much. I don't need to waste any more time talking nonsense with you all. I don't care what methods you use, no matter what kind of place you use to sell yourself, you have to compensate You Family Village for all the losses, if not I will never let this go. "But don't worry, I won't reveal your identity as a beggar who doesn't even know his surname, so you can continue to be a first rank Grand Scholar."

Shi Yao Yin did not stay in Scholar's House for long, she left behind a few words, and then left. As for the piece of white jade carved onto the phoenix, of course it would be taken by her!

This was something left behind by her 'mother,' so it naturally belonged to her.

After exiting the Scholar's House, Shi Yao Yin strolled casually on the main street. The rate of turning back could be said to be one hundred percent, and no matter where she went, she would be the focus of everyone's attention. She could even hear the whispers of some people on the main street.

"She is An Kang Wang's concubine, the direct descendant of the Scholar's House, Miss Jin."

"Aren't you talking nonsense? Who doesn't know of An Kang Wang's great name now? "

Who said she was born with no Yin Meridians? Look at me, I am only fifteen or sixteen years old and I am already in the Spirit King's realm. This is the first time in the past tens of thousands of years that I am in the The State of Awakening. "

"It's a pity."

"That's right!" "What a pity."

The number one person to be sacrificed to the holy tree in ten thousand years, what a pity!

Shi Yao Yin heard many voices that had to do with 'It's a pity' from the crowd. Previously, she did not care too much about this matter, nor did she have the time or time to care about it.

"Miss Shi."

Just as Shi Yao Yin was deep in thought, she heard someone calling her, but when she thought about it, she felt that something wasn't right. Basically, everyone outside called her "An Kang Wang Fei" and never called her "Miss Shi". Could it be that this person wasn't calling her that?

"An Kang Wang's concubine."

Shi Yao Yin was still wondering if the other party was calling out to her, but she used another form of address, so she had no doubts anymore. Hence, she raised her head and saw a person sitting on the balcony of a refined restaurant looking at her.

Isn't this Qiu Yi Shui?

"You … Call me? "

"Yes." Can you show me some face and come up for a cup of tea? " Qiu Yi Shui said in a gentle and refined manner. Adding on his white clothes that fluttered like jade, and that magnetic voice, it was extremely captivating.

On the main street, many girls had already stopped their steps and became infatuated with Qiu Yi Shui who was upstairs.

"Look, look, it's Qiu Yi Shui."

"Oh my god!" Qiu Yi Shui is even more handsome than the rumours, he is simply too beautiful. "

"Look at his white and delicate skin. It's even better than mine. I'm so envious of him."

"I heard that Qiu Yi Shui's flute is very nice to listen to, I really want to hear a song played by him."

It was just that at the start, she seemed a little silly, and very quickly, she reacted. She gathered all of the messy thoughts and emotions she had and asked in a normal tone: "Is there anything that you want to talk to me about?"

If it was an ordinary person, especially a young, unmarried woman, who dreamed of being invited by Qiu Yi Shui, they would definitely not hesitate to ask him what was the matter.

Shi Yao Yin did not respond to the request for tea, but asked the other party about it. This was equivalent to indirectly rejecting Qiu Yi Shui.

But Qiu Yi Shui was also very calm, he was as calm as a lake without any ripples, and leisurely said: "About the You Family Village."

Upon hearing that it was about the You Family Village, Shi Yao Yin entered the restaurant and went to look for Qiu Yi Shui. She obediently sat on the opposite side and politely asked: "What is the matter regarding the You Family Village that Mr. Qiu mentioned about?"

"The compensation."

"I am troubled by this too! You Family Village suffered heavy losses, I am afraid Scholar's House does not have the ability to compensate for the losses, unless the imperial government comes forward to settle the matter. "

Although she had strongly requested for Shi Xue Wen and the others to compensate You Family Village for all of his losses, she was very clear on the fact that she had tricked Shi Qian Meng earlier. Scholar's House could not take out that much compensation at the moment, so if she could take it out, then there must be a problem with the source of the compensation.

With Shi Xue Wen's intelligence, he wouldn't do such a stupid thing, not to mention that the Scholar's House didn't have that much money. The amount Shi Qian Meng spent on Shen-Tian Gate all these years was definitely not a small amount.

Cultivation was not a simple matter. The efficiency of cultivating by absorbing heaven and earth origin energy was extremely low, especially when advancing, one needed to use all sorts of miraculous pills and medicines. But these things were not provided free of charge by the Shen-Tian Gate, even if there were free goods, the quantity was limited, so they needed money to buy them.

More than half of Scholar's House's money was spent on buying cultivation resources by Shi Qian Meng, so she didn't have much money left.

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