In the morning of the second day, Shi Yao Yin brought Zither out of the house to find some people to repair it. After discussing it with the Zither Master, she left. At first, she was a little displeased and nervous, but after thinking about it for a while, she decided not to take it seriously.

Now that she was no longer that unknown trash from the past, but a powerhouse of the Spirit King Realm. There were many people who were popular, and with the addition of her secretive, mysterious' husband ', it would be hard for her not to attract attention.

Those people could monitor her whenever they wanted to, and follow her whenever they wanted. In any case, they did not dare to follow her into An Kang Wang's residence.

Shi Yao Yin turned a blind eye to those people who were following hshe. Since she had nothing to do, he started to stroll the streets, bustling about wherever she went.

As a picky eater, how could he let go of something delicious?

"Boss, give me a bowl of the restaurant's signature noodles."

"Alright, miss, please wait a moment."

Just as Shi Yao Yin and the others were facing each other, a young bookkeeper walked over and handed over an invitation in both hands. "Miss Shi, our young master has invited you to be a guest in Qingfeng Xuan."

"Who is your young master?" Shi Yao Yin did not accept the invitation immediately. Instead, she asked the other party about their origins first. If she accepted the invitation, it would mean that she was invited. She wasn't that stupid. What if this invitation was smeared with some nonsense?

One should not have the intention to harm others, but one should not lack the intention to guard against others, especially during such a special time.

"My young master's surname is Qiu."

The errand boy only mentioned his surname and Shi Yao Yin already guessed who it was. He did not intend to accept the invitation either and tactfully refused, "Sorry, I'm a married woman, I can't casually come to other people's residence as a guest. Please forgive me."

"My Young Master has said that he knows some things about your mother. If Miss Shi wishes to know, he should invite this Qingfeng Xuan." The errand boy placed the invitation on the table, cupped his fists towards Shi Yao Yin, and then left.

Shi Yao Yin hesitated for a moment before taking the invitation and taking a look. Although the words on the invitation were written well, she was not in the mood to appreciate it.

"The day after tomorrow."

"Why the day after tomorrow? What the hell is this Qiu Yi Shui doing now? "

"See him the day after tomorrow. If he doesn't have good intentions, I'll …" "Hrmph."

She was already in Spirit King and was not an easy target. It would not be easy to bully her.

After Shi Yao Yin made her decision, she kept the invitation. At this time, the noodles were good too, so she took out her chopsticks and started to eat, but she was not satisfied with the taste, but in order to not waste any food, she still ate as much as she could. After eating, she returned to the palace and no longer wandered around outside.

These few days, Jie Kai Chen was not even at the Duke Palaces. Like last time, her days were rather plentiful, and when his injuries were more or less healed, he started to cultivate. When he was in a good mood, he would play the zither, sing, and dance.

This morning, Shi Yao Yin got up early, as usual, and washed up to make breakfast. When it was time to go out, he went to meet up with the Qingfeng Xuan.

The Qingfeng Xuan was an extremely famous place in the Imperial City, even royalty would find it difficult to enter, because it was Qiu Yi Shui's residence. It was said that the place was a paradise, yet were filled with traps and strange formations, if they barged in, no matter how lucky they were, they would lose their entire bodies, and if they were unlucky, they might even lose their lives.

But to be able to receive Qiu Yi Shui's invitation to the Qingfeng Xuan as a guest, to anyone, even if it was the royalty of the royal family, it was a matter of face.

But for Shi Yao Yin, the agreement to visit the Qingfeng Xuan was not something to be happy about. Instead, it was something she had to be careful of.

Who knows if that Qiu Yi Shui harbors evil intentions or not? Be careful.

Qingfeng Xuan was truly a paradise, beautiful beyond compare. Inside, there were four seasons like spring, birdsong and fragrant flowers, the scenery was picturesque, houses, pavilions, and pavilions were all unique and unique, filled with poetic and picturesque feelings, giving people a feeling of freshness and peace, as holy as an immortal.

When she first arrived at the Qingfeng Xuan, Shi Yao Yin was also attracted by the beautiful scenery there. She felt that this place was comparable to the green border, but when she thought about how her master in the Qingfeng Xuan was unknown to her friends and enemies, and her goal, she immediately lost interest in the beautiful scenery. She only wanted to quickly settle the matters here and leave.

"Miss Shi, this way, please." The bookkeeper Hoodlum was leading the way in front, otherwise, Shi Yao Yin would not have easily walked in.

"Where is your Young Master?" Shi Yao Yin had already walked for a long time, although the scenery on the way was pleasing to the eye, but she was not in the mood to admire. She slowly lost all patience, and did not want to play any tricks.

If it was another woman, she would definitely wander around the place, wishing that she could spend her entire life with Qiu Yi Shui. However, she did not like this kind of trick to deceive little girls. She had already passed the time of pursuing the fantasy fairy tale, so she would not keep thinking about these impractical things.

"Our young master is right in front. Just follow me, miss."

Hoodlum's way of treating his guests was indeed good, and his attitude was also good, but to Shi Yao Yin, it seemed to be deliberately mystifying.

Why should I go with you? Whether you are an enemy or friend, I don't know. Only an idiot would follow you without any precautions.

From this, it could be seen that Qiu Yi Shui was not much better off. He was also a selfish person who did not know how to think from another's point of view. Inviting a woman to visit your house was originally something you didn't want others to think about. After arriving, you even had your errand boy take her around without making any clear remarks. Did you guys think about how I felt?

The activity in Shi Yao Yin's heart was extremely huge, even though she had yet to meet Qiu Yi Shui, her impression of him had already worsened.

Qiu Yi Shui had never thought that his carelessness would cause the woman he liked to get further and further away from him. But at this moment, he was still thinking about what he should do to make Shi Yao Yin have a different impression of him.

"Young master, Miss Shi is here." Hoodlum brought Shi Yao Yin to an elegant pavilion.

"Mm, you can leave first." Qiu Yi Shui said in a calm and elegant manner, and then personally poured tea. He spoke in a gentle and refined manner, "Miss Shi, please take a seat, and drink a cup of tea first to quench your thirst."

"No need. I came here today to find out about my mother. How much do you know? " Shi Yao Yin did not even sit down, let alone drink his tea, and went straight to the point.

Although the surrounding scenery was very beautiful and there was a beautiful man with beautiful eyes standing in front of her, she did not like this kind of unique scene.

In comparison, she still liked Jie Kai Chen's directness. If there was anything he wanted to say, he would say it out loud.

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