When they entered the room, Shi Yao Yin's clothes were already dry, her body was still warm, and she did not feel cold at all.

But some people's clothes were still wet.

Shi Yao Yin's heart ached for her and said worriedly: "Quickly get your clothes dry too, otherwise you will catch a cold."

However, just as she finished speaking, she was suddenly pushed against the wall. Her arms wrapped around her, and a massive figure blocked her in front of her. She couldn't escape at all.

"You … What are you doing? "

After the waiter left, Jie Kai Chen pushed Shi Yao Yin against the wall, using her four limbs and body to block her, sticking close to her body. He asked coldly: "Why are you going to the Qingfeng Xuan?"

If he hadn't suddenly returned, he wouldn't have known that she had gone to Qingfeng Xuan. If he had not rushed over in time, her reputation would have been ruined.

Although he believed that she wouldn't do anything to let him down, he just didn't like her going to find other men, especially those who could attract bees and butterflies to themselves.

This woman was usually pretty smart, how could she have fallen into a daze at such a crucial moment?

"I... A few days ago, a errand boy from Qingfeng Xuan sent me an invitation to visit the Qingfeng Xuan. " Shi Yao Yin earnestly explained, because the two's bodies were too close together and their postures were ambiguous, causing her to feel very nervous, very awkward and very embarrassed.

Although she wasn't the shy kind of girl anymore, she was still a girl, even if she had been in a relationship before, she would at most hold hands and kiss very little.

Perhaps this was the biggest reason why she was abandoned by her boyfriend.

She was a person with a feudal mind. Without getting married, she absolutely could not do anything without a license. In her world, driving without a license was not allowed.

However... She and Jie Kai Chen should be considered to have received their certificates.

"Do you want to go when they send you an invitation?" Jie Kai Chen was still unhappy, his tone even colder and harder. His fury was already clearly written on his face, and even his face had moved closer.

Shi Yao Yin was even more nervous, her heart was beating very fast and her breathing was rapid, but she could still give a proper explanation, only that her voice was a little soft, "I had originally wanted to reject them, but they said that they knew about my mother's matter, so I wanted to go and take a look. But don't worry, I just stayed in there for a short while, and I left in less than a quarter of an hour. "

"In the future, you are not allowed to meet an unfamiliar man in private, and even more so, are not allowed to go to an unfamiliar man's house, even if you are not an unfamiliar man. Besides This King, you are not allowed to get entangled with other men."


"Answer seriously."

"Yes, I understand …" "Ugh …" Shi Yao Yin kept her head down as she spoke, not daring to look up. Unexpectedly, her small mouth was suddenly sealed with a pair of overbearing and crazy lips.

This matter was too sudden, Shi Yao Yin was not even prepared at all. Her first reaction was to resist, but her resistance did not have any effect, her small mouth was still crazily invaded by others, and after that she actually gave up resisting, standing there motionlessly like a log, her mind was blank, there was nothing left.

Had their relationship progressed to this point?

I don't think so.

Jie Kai Chen suddenly kissed Shi Yao Yin's lips, using a domineering kiss to declare her sovereignty.

When he returned from the outside to find out that the woman had gone to Qingfeng Xuan to meet up with him, he felt nervous, worried, afraid, and panicked. He was worried that this woman would be snatched away by other men, and he was afraid that he would lose her forever.

Only then did he realize how important this woman was to him.

In any case, he couldn't afford to lose her unless he was dead.

Jie Kai Chen's berserk kiss continued for less than half a quarter of an hour before stopping, and then he moved his body even closer to Shi Yao Yin. In reality, he had stuck close to her, gasping for breath, and used his hands to hold the person's face in his arms, as he said in a deep voice: "You're from This King, so no one should even think of doing anything to you."

Although this sentence was overbearing and unreasonable, Shi Yao Yin still liked it a lot when she heard it. She shyly lowered her head and did not reply.

Her reaction had already given her the answer, so why would she need to respond?

Jie Kai Chen obtained the answer he wanted from Shi Yao Yin's reaction. He was very satisfied in his heart, and his breathing slowly relaxed, as it was no longer as rampant as before. He gently caressed the lips of the person in front of him and asked gently: "Did it hurt you just now?"

"Also … "I'm fine." Shi Yao Yin was so embarrassed that he stuttered.

Who would ask such a question? Disgusting.

"This King will try his best to be gentle in the future."


And the future?

Even if there is, please don't be so direct, okay? How embarrassing.

Jie Kai Chen enjoyed seeing Shi Yao Yin's embarrassed look, and his mood gradually improved. She still wanted to bow her head and do what she had done just now, but right at this moment, someone knocked on his door, disturbing his good mood.

Hearing the knock on the door, Shi Yao Yin hurriedly pushed Jie Kai Chen away, so that no one would see their intimate look. Although she didn't reject intimacy like that, it wasn't good to be seen by others.

"My prince, my princess, please order some hot tea and some hot dishes." The waiter came in to deliver the goods. After he was done, he did not dare to stay a moment longer and quickly left.

Did he see wrongly? The gaze An Kang Wang looked at him with seemed to be extremely terrifying.

He must have been wrong, he must have been wrong.

Seeing the waiter leave as if he was fleeing for his life, Shi Yao Yin couldn't help but burst out laughing, "Pfft …. "You scared me so much …"

"It's because he's too timid, no wonder he's in This King." Jie Kai Chen disapproved, he did not care about the waiter at all, and directly sat down to drink his tea.

Shi Yao Yin also sat down. Seeing that Jie Kai Chen's clothes were still wet, she reminded him once more, "Let's dry our clothes first.

"It's fine. It will be done very soon. It would be better to sit down with a cup of hot tea and something to eat. "

"Alright." Shi Yao Yin was no longer polite, the awkwardness and shyness just now was gone too. She sat down easily, and the moment she picked up the teacup, she heard some noise coming from outside.

"I don't know."

"I'll take a look at the window."

The rain had lessened, but there were still not many people on the street. Everyone was hiding inside, so it was obvious who was walking on the street.

"Isn't, isn't that You Fu from Shen-Tian Gate?"

"Yes, he is You Fu, this time he is second place."

"What is he doing out here in the rain?" And it even has the look of if you want to fight, you want to kill me. "

"That's the direction of the Scholar's House. He wouldn't be going there to take revenge, right? You Fu is also someone from the You Family Village, what the Scholar's House has done to the You Family Village this time, is really … "

"Shh …" Don't spout nonsense, be careful not to say anything bad. "

You Fu walked through the rain towards the Scholar's House. His entire body was filled with killing intent;

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