The news of You Fu starting a massacre in the Scholar's House quickly spread throughout the entire Imperial City, it could even be said that it was extremely shocking, but not all the people in the Scholar's House were killed. The ones who died were only the people who did evil in the You Family Village, Shi Qian Meng and a few servants.

Madame Shi held her daughter's corpse and cried out as she cried. She was filled with sorrow and regret. All the dreams in her heart and all the hopes she had were shattered.

Shi Xue Wen entered the palace to seek justice from the Divine Emperor, adding fuel to the fire, fanning the flames, and described You Fu as a vile person filled with evil. No matter what, he had to ask the Divine Emperor to take care of You Fu.

Although the Divine Emperor did not want to get into a fight for the Scholar's House, if You Fu's actions were not severely punished, it would cause a lot of damage. If someone were to follow his example, wouldn't the The State of Awakening be in chaos? And if You Fu was not severely punished, where was the dignity of the The State of Awakening?

"Pass down the order, You Fu will be apprehended immediately."

Not long after the Divine Emperor gave the order, the Shen-Tian Gate spread the news of expelling You Fu from the Shen-Tian Gate.

The disciples who were kicked out of Shen-Tian Gate would first have their cultivation crippled. That day, when Shi Qian Meng expelled Shi Qian Meng from the sect, he was already a cripple, which was why she skipped this step.

You Fu who had lost his cultivation was now in prison, but he still did not regret killing Shi Qian Meng and the others, and was currently in prison thinking about what to do next.

He was the only hope of the You Family Village, so no matter what, he could not die. He definitely could not, he was just an ordinary commoner, trapped in prison and losing his cultivation, such a desperate situation, how could he turn the tables?

Maybe this time he really would die. However, even if he had to die, he had to live with courage.

She guessed that You Fu would very likely be punished for killing Shi Qian Meng, but she didn't think that the result would be so severe. She thought that the biggest punishment would only be getting beaten up or being locked up for a few days or a few months, since there wouldn't be any life threatening situations.

You Fu was, after all, second in the Newcomer, so the Shen-Tian Gate and the royal family wouldn't act against him for a trash like Shi Qian Meng, right?

All of these were Shi Yao Yin's own guesses. It was because she had such guesses that she was not too worried about You Fu and You Family Village, and how she lived her own life after returning to the Duke Palaces. Every time it was late into the night, when she was alone, she would think about that overbearing and gentle kiss in the restaurant.

Why did Jie Kai Chen kiss her? Was it because he liked her? How was this possible?

The feeling of being kissed by him was actually pretty good. It was so numb, so drunk, and so beautiful … What was she thinking?

Because of his random thoughts, Shi Yao Yin was unable to sleep at all, so she decided to go outside to look at the night scenery to cultivate, but who knew that she would hear the beautiful sound of a zither the moment she stepped out of her room. The sound of the zither was simply too wonderful, she had never heard such a beautiful zither music, and when she heard it, she became intoxicated, and involuntarily walked towards the sound of the zither.

There were only two people in An Kang Wang's residence, you didn't need to think to know who was playing the zither, it's just that she was very surprised, Jie Kai Chen had only learned the zither for a few days and could produce such a beautiful zither music, he was truly a genius!

Jie Kai Chen was playing his zither in the East Court. The zither was golden, the zither string was red, and it only had seven strings.

The zither with seven strings … What she taught was a zither, how did Jie Kai Chen learn a zither with seven strings?

This fellow was truly bewitched.

Shi Yao Yin walked into the East Court and sat down beside Jie Kai Chen. With one hand on her face, she tilted her head and looked at the person playing the zither, quietly listening to the song.

"It's really nice to listen to. Jie Kai Chen, when did you learn the ancient zither? The zither is hard to learn, and it hurts your finger, but you play very well. "

"This Zither This King has given it a name, it's called Chen Liao." Jie Kai Chen did not answer the question directly, but touched the zither and spoke, he really had the demeanor of a master.

"Chen Ying, what a special name, it's pretty nice."

"Its body is made from the center of the Eternal Tree, and its strings are made of Sky Ice Mystery Silk."

"Although I don't know anything about the Immortal Tree or Sky Ice Mystery Silk, I can tell that they are extraordinary just by hearing their names. This zither is so new, there is not a single trace of ancient aura or mark, could it be a brand-new zither? "

"This King did it."

"Ah?" You can also make a zither? " Shi Yao Yin exclaimed, she looked at the person in front of him with unparalleled respect, and was truly in awe of him.

She had seen many geniuses, but she had never seen such a genius. He was simply a monster.

Jie Kai Chen stopped strumming the zither and the zither music also stopped abruptly. He said seriously: "This King has some matters to attend to in the next two days. Stay at home properly, you are not allowed to go anywhere."

"Are you going out on business again? But you've only been back for two days! "

"Do you have any objections?"

"No, no, absolutely not. It's just that... "Forget it, I won't ask anymore. Go out and be careful. Come back soon after you're done."

"Right." Jie Kai Chen was very satisfied with Shi Yao Yin's performance, or to be more accurate, he was very happy. The feeling of being cared for, cared for, and waited for made him feel that she was no longer a lonely, lonely hawk. With a place to return to, she didn't feel like a homeless person no matter where she went.

Seeing that Shi Yao Yin really did not ask anything, Jie Kai Chen did not know what was wrong with him, and actually took the initiative to say it out loud, "This King will go and take care of You Fu's matters."

When Shi Yao Yin heard this, she immediately asked anxiously, "What happened to You Fu?"

"You seem very concerned about him?"

A strong smell of vinegar wafted from his body.

Shi Yao Yin's sense of smell was not bad, the moment she smelled something, she immediately dealt with it properly, and laughed: "I just do not wish to harm too many people because of me. If it wasn't for me, You Family Village wouldn't have met with such a calamity, and You Fu wouldn't have tried to kill Shi Qian Meng.

"Is it really just this?"

"Of course."

After receiving a satisfactory answer, Jie Kai Chen was delighted in his heart, but he did not reveal it in the slightest, and coldly said. "You Fu has already been expelled from the sect, and is now in prison. Since this matter started because of you, as your man, This King has the responsibility to solve this issue for you. You don't need to worry about You Fu, This King will take care of it. "

"Oh." Shi Yao Yin lowered her head in embarrassment, she couldn't say anything more at this time, her two cheeks were flushed red.

Your man. It's as if I'm already yours. We're not that familiar with each other yet, are we?

No, she couldn't let her imagination run wild. Otherwise, she would lose a lot of face and lose a lot of heart. If this guy just wanted something new and was playing around, then wouldn't that mean she had suffered a huge loss?

It seemed that he had to control his heart well.

"Jie Kai Chen... "Where is he?" Shi Yao Yin slowly raised her head after feeling embarrassed just now, she could no longer see Jie Kai Chen's figure, all she could see was the golden zither: Dusty.

The name of the guqin was Chen Yao, Jie Kai Chen, Shi Yao Yin, didn't they use their own names to name the guqin?

Why did Jie Kai Chen have to give his a name like that?

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