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C1 Suicide

Xu Ran committed suicide again.

It was for the sake of the Wen family's eldest young master, Wen Yuqing that he had jumped down from the third floor and fainted on the spot.

It was a pity that her suicide did not arouse the slightest bit of pity from Wen Yuqing.

Xu Ran was lying on the bed. She looked extremely thin and weak. Her pretty face was devoid of blood. She lowered her head and bit her lips.

"Why didn't you just fall to your death?"

A cold voice rang out, causing her already emaciated body to tremble. Her hand hidden under the white sheet immediately grabbed her thigh.

Wen Yuqing had always been refined and refined. No matter how heartless his words were, they were said with a touch of gentleness.

There were countless girls in C City who fell under his alluring exterior. They imagined what kind of happiness it would be to be liked by such a man.

Unfortunately, Xu Ran wasn't the one who was being loved by Wen Yuqing.

Rumor had it that the gentle and elegant young master of the Wen family would always be impatient and disgusted by Xu Ran.

"Do you know that I was not able to get to the airport in time because of what you did today? I was not able to get to the airport in time because of what you did today." Did you know that I was not able to get to the airport in time because of what you had done today?

There was no warmth in his voice, and Xu Ran knew that he was holding back his anger.

So that's how it was. The woman on the tip of his heart was going to be a volunteer in Africa.

Xu Ran's pale face instantly became clear. No wonder her aunt was so anxious today.

Was he afraid that if she didn't stop Wen Yuqing, he would leave together with her?

Wen Yuqing ignored the plaster cast on her right leg and sneered. "Even primary school students know that jumping down from the third floor won't kill them. Xu Ran, can you act a little more like a show?"

When he thought about how he only had five minutes to get to the airport and was forcefully kidnapped by his father's men and brought back to the hospital, he could not help but viciously think that she might as well just jump to her death.

Xu Ran was unusually silent. No matter how cruel his words were, it was as if she couldn't hear him at all.

Wen Yuqing could not stand seeing her act innocent the most, so he walked from the end of the bed to the left.

At this moment, he no longer had his usual gentleness and elegance as he angrily looked at the woman who didn't say a single word on the sickbed, and angrily shouted, "Speak up!"

He hated her appearance the most. Although she seemed gentle and harmless, she was actually full of schemes, just like her aunt.

In the beginning, he only hated her because of that woman, but now, he truly hated her, Xu Ran!

Xu Ran's lips moved slightly as she lowered her head, not daring to look at him. With a soft and gentle voice, she asked in a somewhat serious tone: "What do you want me to say?"

That she was forced to do this?

He wouldn't believe it.

Even she didn't believe it.

Wen Yuqing suddenly choked. His handsome face was ashen, and a fire rushed up his head. He reached out and grabbed her chin without thinking.

"Tell me, what did you want to do before letting me go! "Last time, I didn't take enough sleeping pills. This time, I jumped off a building, and this time, I forced India to break up with me. This time, I forced her to go to Africa. Next time, what are you going to do next time?"

Wen Yuqing himself didn't understand why he couldn't help but want to strangle this woman to death when he saw Xu Ran like this. He had always had great endurance, but he was always angry at Xu Ran.

His grip was so strong that it hurt her cheeks.

Suddenly, Xu Ran couldn't take it anymore. She stared into his eyes that were filled with rage as tears started to flow down her face, "Next time? I'm going to die next time, okay? "Can you!?"

Today's suicide wasn't her intention, but at this moment, she would rather fall to her death.

If he died, everything would be over.

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