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C10 Decline

Xu Ran's fingertips turned white as she pinched herself. She slowly raised her head and said, "Aunt, Uncle, I want to move out of the Wen family …"

Wen Yin's expression was as expected. That kind of calm yet controlling aura made Xu Ran somewhat afraid.

His eyes still had the valiant look of a young man, and his facial features were strong. Although he was middle-aged, he was still the target of many women.

"That is to refuse?"

Xu Ran suppressed the fear in her heart with all her might. "I don't need anything …"

Wen Yin's lips curved up in a smile. "Even Yuqing doesn't want it?" "An Ran, I thought you would be as smart as your aunt, at least knowing what to do and what to do."

Xu Ran didn't know what to say. She would never be able to give up her conscience in order to gain benefits like her aunt.

That was the reason why Wen Yin had entered her room yesterday. After saying those words, she had ran out like a madman and even went to find Wen Yuqing.

Although the result was the same, it would be different if that person was Wen Yuqing.

"I don't want anything, I don't want anything. Uncle, please let me move out."

she said hurriedly.

She really couldn't stay in the Wen family anymore. If she continued to stay here, she would really go crazy!

Wen Yin just so happened to be looking at her. She lifted her head and met his gaze. The meaning in that gaze was too complicated. Xu Ran didn't dare to look straight at her and immediately shifted her gaze away.

To Xu Ran, his deep voice sounded like it came from hell.

"No need, I'll give you more time. Think about it carefully."

Her heart instantly felt like it had died. The only hope in her heart had been shattered.

Wen Yuqing had never thought that he would see Xu Ran in the company. She would actually come to work at the Wen family?

He expressionlessly walked past her and pushed open the door to Wen Yin's office. He went straight to the point. "Why is she here?"

The assistant was standing beside Wen Yin. Upon seeing Wen Yuqing enter with an unfriendly expression, he knew that the father and son pair were about to quarrel again. He immediately said, "Chairman, I'll be leaving first."

Wen Yin put down the pen in his hand, handed it to the assistant, and nodded.

After the two of them were alone in the office, Wen Yuqing asked more directly, "I really don't understand why the chairman wants to give Xu Ran to me so much. Is it really because of Lady Wen?"

When they were at the company, Wen Yuqing never called Wen Yin his father. He was always called the "Chairman", which gave him an indescribable sense of courtesy and strangeness.

"Is this how you talk to me?" He raised his eyes to look at Wen Yuqing, the warning in his eyes clear.

Many years ago, when Wen Yin's mother had just passed away, Wen Yin had remarried. After that, the father and son pair had almost never spoken in an amiable manner.

"I don't care what the chairman and his wife mean, but since I've brought her into this company, I have to follow the rules of the company. I am her direct superior, if she has anything I am not satisfied with, I will definitely dismiss her! "

With that, without even looking at Wen Yin's livid expression, he turned and walked out of the office.

As soon as he stepped out of the door, he met Xu Ran. He walked directly in front of her and said with a businesslike tone, "Follow me to the office!"

Xu Ran nodded lightly and followed Wen Yuqing into the office.

She helplessly thought in her heart. She knew what Wen Yuqing was suspecting, but she had been forced by her aunt to work at the Wen family.

As for whose meaning his aunt had taken, it was obvious.

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