Pick Stars for You/C3 Be a Little More Cruel to Yourself
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Pick Stars for You/C3 Be a Little More Cruel to Yourself
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C3 Be a Little More Cruel to Yourself

"Do you think you are some high and mighty young lady? "Without the Wen family, you don't even have a place to live!"

"It's best if I don't hear you say such stupid things again!"

"You can't even deal with a man, it's exactly like your mother!"

Xu Ye had been gone for a long time, but the words he said before he left still lingered in Xu Ran's ears.

The sunlight shone through the window, illuminating the room. Xu Ran leaned against the bed, her face pale and almost transparent under the light.

Her heart was deathly still. She subconsciously used all her strength to hold onto the bed sheet as she looked outside with a dazed expression on her face.

Not long after, her body began to tremble violently. She painfully bowed down, her delicate hands holding her face and her shoulders constantly shaking.

The pain was so excruciating that even breathing felt like tearing one's lungs out.

Fear spread throughout her body, causing her to feel a chill run down her spine.

Every second that he lived in this world was like being in purgatory.

She sobbed in a low voice, "Mom, tell me, what should I do …"

Xu Ran had never hated leaving her family behind like this before.

If she also had parents, did she not have to face all of this? If her mother was still alive, at least she still had someone she could rely on.

Perhaps this was her fate. She was born to be trampled.

At the age of fifteen, her parents divorced, her father emigrated to the United States with Xiao San. Her mother committed suicide, and her father entrusted her to an aunt who had just married into the Wen family.

After living under someone else's roof for so many years, she had always been taciturn and had never dared to defy them.

It was a coincidence that he fell in love with Wen Yuqing.

He happened to see the back of the piano practicing in the zither room. He happened to see him quietly painting in the garden on a warm afternoon. When he brushed shoulders with him, he was amazed by his clear temperament.

But she knew that Wen Yuqing hated her from the day she entered the Wen family, only because she was his stepmother's niece.

She only dared to like him silently and did her duty.

Who would have thought that after her aunt understood her young girl's thoughts, she would unhesitatingly proclaim them to be gentle, elegant, and at ease. Only Xu Ran knew how much Wen Yuqing hated these two words.

Because those two words had bound the two of them together for a long time.

She committed suicide twice for Wen Yuqing?

The corner of Xu Ran's mouth rose into a mocking smile.

The first time was in that dark room when Wen Yuqing publicly admitted that his girlfriend was India.

Thirty sleeping pills. My aunt watched her swallow them.

She said, "An Ran, be a little harsh on yourself right now and be prepared for the future."

Xu Ran didn't dare to resist. She was afraid that Xu Ye would die from fear. Even though she knew that he wanted her to kill herself just for her selfish future, she still swallowed it down bit by bit.

Because at that time, she had also harbored her own despicable thoughts.

In the end, they had underestimated Wen Yuqing and had overestimated themselves.

India Fei Fei couldn't bear the pressure and broke up with Wen Yuqing, but every day Wen Yuqing looked at her with a more and more disgusted expression. He simply treated her like a disgusting cockroach and wished he could slap her to death.

She finally understood that even if she died in front of Wen Yuqing, he would not be the slightest bit moved. In fact, he might even clap and cheer for her.

Unfortunately, her aunt still didn't understand, so she could only 'commit suicide' for him once more.

She spoke to her aunt, who "accidentally" pushed her down from the third floor, claiming to have committed suicide for the sake of Wen Yuqing.

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