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Li Meixue's tears fell uncontrollably on Lin Que's shoulder. She was tired. Love was not something she could endure. And falling in love with Lu Zihao, this was something she wouldn't be able to bear even in her eight lifetimes.

There were some words that would make anyone's heart ache, but the person who said them pretended to be strong in order to pretend that she really didn't care about that person, pretended that she really did have a new boyfriend, pretended that she really didn't love him. But she clearly loved him a lot …

Tears streaming down her face, Li Meixue leaned on Lin Que's shoulder as if she suddenly thought of something. After wiping away his tears, he quickly pressed down on the first floor. The tears on her eyelashes were still faintly visible. Seeing her actions, Lin Guike suddenly felt like he was a third party.

"Little girl, your clothes are dirty. Remember to wash them when you get home." Lin Que looked at the wet marks on his shoulder and wanted to tease Li Meixue.

Li Meixue did not say a word. When she reached the first floor, she quickly ran outside.

"Hey, girl, where are you going?" Do you think it's a good idea to throw your grandpa away? Furthermore, you don't even have any communication equipment on you, do you? You don't even have any money, yet you want to dump me so quickly? Lin Jin Shi also followed Li Mei Xue's footsteps and ran forward.

What entered Lin Lei's eyes was a patch of black grass. Li Meixue was holding her phone and looking at the grass, looking for something. The white clothes shone in the dark green grass, making Lin Guike feel a bit more at ease. He was really afraid that this girl would commit suicide after being unable to bear the brunt of her heartbreak.

"Little girl, what are you looking for?" No matter what you're looking for, it would be too outrageous to leave your grandpa by himself. Lin Yemao was not happy. If he really lost her, she might even clap her hands in applause. But he was reluctant to teach her a lesson.

"Uncle, my coin, I want to retrieve my coin." Li Meixue rummaged through the grass, searching, but her voice carried a hint of a sobbing tone.

"Coins?" The one with the red string all day round his wrist?

"Yes, the coin I was wearing." Li Meixue stood up and looked pleadingly at Lin Jin Shi. Lin Jingshui was moved for a moment. It seemed that a dollar was very important to Li Meixue. Lin Jin Shi snatched the phone from Li Mei Xue's hand.

"Where?" Lin Shimai pretended to be indifferent as he asked.

Li Meixue pointed at the top floor of the hotel, "It was thrown down from there."

"In which direction?" Lin Shimeng didn't understand. What was the point of throwing a good coin?

"This way." Li Meixue answered with certainty.

Lin Jin Shi's phone suddenly shone on Li Mei Xue's left hand, and a warm hand held Li Mei Xue's slender fingers.

"Silly girl, what is worth hurting your own hand first?" Lin Guike used his sleeve to gently wipe away the fine drops of blood on Li Meixue's wrist.

Li Meixue's eyelashes trembled slightly. Yes, what was it that was worth her hurting herself first? In this world, he was probably the only one. For him, she could give up everything, even her own life …

"Uncle, that coin is very important." Li Meixue slightly raised her head, trying her best to not let her sorrow spill out.

"Sit down, I'll find it for you." "Yes." Lin Jingshui was very serious as he pushed Li Yaxue onto a bench on the hotel path. Sit there, believe in your uncle. " Forest Boat turned around and went into the bushes. Wasn't that just a coin? Soeasy!

Li Meixue looked up at the rooftop, her heart involuntarily imagining the heartache on Lu Zihao's face. Perhaps he was drinking at this time? Scolding her for being a heartless woman, for never leaving a chance for others to explain themselves, for having a new life so quickly, for never trusting him, for one thing, he had gotten himself into trouble. Li Meixue lightly blinked her eyes. Thinking of all these, her tears started to uncontrollably spill out, as if she was trying to spill all of the grievances she had suffered all these years. As long as he gently thought of Lu Zihao's heroic and threatening face, his tears would uncontrollably spill out.

As for Lu Zihao, he was enjoying the desolate scene on the roof, drinking bottle after bottle of all kinds of wine. He still hadn't been able to explain things clearly to Li Meixue. He thought that she should have given him a chance to explain in the past few years. Unexpectedly, she brought her so-called new love with her and showed him how happy she was. She didn't even give him a chance to explain before she easily threw away the promise he made to her all these years like trash. Lu Zihao, lost …

Losing to Li Meixue. That seemingly harmless face. That seemingly kind heart. That seemingly cherished heart.

"Li Meixue, I, Lu Zihao, do not lack women, nor do I lack you! In this world, there are many, many people who love me, Lu Zihao. Lu Zi Hao stumbled as he supported himself against the wall, then fell down beside the rose. Her pitch-black eyes stared at the sky in despair. Li Meixue had a new life, but Lu Zihao did not.

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