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The students graduated from junior high school were all decked up looking their best. Even the boys looked dashing in their finest attire. All the guys looked different for a change. Some of them who were made fun of and always laughed at also looked extremely admirable to everyone else. As the boys were getting impatient to see the way that the girls looked, they started talking out loud with their friends.

As the girls started to enter the auditorium dressed as they were not dressed before. They were comfortable wearing either jeans or shorts normally in their everyday life. Sometimes they also wore dresses but the very simple kind made with either cotton or hosiery fabric which was easy to carry unlike the ones that they were wearing today. The whole vibe of the auditorium changed all of a sudden when the girls stepped in one after the other in a line to sit on the opposite side of where the boys were seated.

It was because they were to be given instructions about the way they were supposed to behave, so that they would know when they could report to the teachers in the auditorium something which was not okay to them. This was important for them to understand the intensity of the touch which would be appropriate enough and to identify if any of the boys or girls were being inappropriate.

Since it was just the start of the school letting them mingle with the students of the opposite gender, they wanted to make sure that it was done in the right way and that nothing went overboard which would have parents complaining about them to the authority and blaming them if something unacceptable were to happen. Dance socials were definitely an important aspect for the students to learn the things that were normal as they would be stepping out in the real world in one more year from now.

Mr. Brown and Ms. Evans, who were the sports teachers of the boys’ school and the girls’ school respectively, started to explain to them the behavior that they should accept, or disregard, or let one of the teachers know. They were teaching them the way that they should behave, and they were also mentioning that because the boys would have one hand on the back of the girl who they would be dancing with, it should be on the upper back and not the lower back or on the side.

After about ten minutes or so, when they were done, the girls and the boys were a little more excited! It was difficult for them to wait for something that adults did. Everyone wanted to be an adult very soon without realizing that once they grow up, there will not be any looking back. They will obviously think about all of this time but will not be able to live it once again in life.

They will get extremely caught up with the responsibilities that will be burdened on them. In fact, all the adults that they wanted to be like are actually wanting to become young again when they had literally nothing to worry about except studies and the shows that they wanted to watch on TV. But as they say, the grass is always greener on the other side.

Right after a little briefing with them was done, they were asked to go down to the arena from the balcony. The entire stall had recently graduated teenage boys and girls standing obediently and in such an attractive way. No one of them was hunching and moving around at all without the need for it, unlike the way they would do in the morning assembly when standing was the toughest task for them.

Once the energetic Cuban dance music started playing, it made the students move their pelvis by default. The event was gradually turning into full of energy and life as it was expected to be. Also, the vibe of the auditorium was getting better as the boys started walking towards the girls and asking them if they could have a dance with them.

They were being very considerate. Instead of pulling up a fight with someone else who asked their crush to dance with them, they were moving to ask some other girl for it. And even the girls were not turning down anyone who approached them because they knew it was only for the dance that they were supposed to be doing in the event.

It appeared as if the young teenagers were suddenly becoming big and mature. Almost everyone was dancing with their partner; only a very few of the boys were still very shy to approach the girls who were still standing there as they were the ones who were left.

For jealousy not to come in between the girls, the teachers were intervening and making the rest of the boys confident enough to ask the girls for a dance who were still standing in front of them. This was being done on purpose so that everyone had a partner to dance with, and it was quite successfully done. Everybody was on the floor moving their body as the sound of music was taking them over.

Jean was one of the girls who were left to be asked for a dance. Maybe the guys didn’t like the way that she was dressed because she was not wearing pretty looking dresses but jeans and a shirt. The shirt still looked vibrant, but only the girls in cute dresses were asked first.

In the end, when the teacher pushed a boy towards her, he was left with no other option than to ask her for a dance. But because he was so shy, he couldn’t look at her. He looked down the whole time, and Jean took the lead with that guy making it look as if she was playing his part instead by pushing and pulling him; making him move the way she wanted.

Marie was one of the few girls who were asked for a dance by the first lot of boys. As she agreed to dance with Jacob and placed her hand on his, the one that he had stretched out, Jacob smiled cunningly as he took her to the dance floor. But the way that he was looking at her was making her feel very uncomfortable.

Also, his hand on her back was not cupping the shoulder blade as it should. Instead, it was somewhere in between her upper and lower back. He was trying to slide his hand a little more down very slowly with every dance move that they were doing. He was also pulling Marie a little closer to him and taking forward his chest to touch her body front.

He was being perverted maybe because he had dirty intentions for her and wanted to get the best of her by feeling her bottom because of the talk the boys had in the boys hostel. Especially, the seniors gave them crazy ideas to put them in trouble which they had taken seriously. Most of them were set straight because of the briefing which happened, but a small number of them still continued to have the same intentions.

Girls have natural curves on their body, and it is very attractive for a guy to feel it with his bare hand. But trying to be devious with anyone by not considering the girl’s will especially becomes too big of a deal and should be avoided under all circumstances, no matter how difficult it gets for you.

Because when something hits back, it hits hard. And that is what happened with Jacob as well. When Marie felt that he was being extra and trying to get more from her, she immediately pulled herself back despite Jacob trying to hold her hand tight for her not to be able to leave. But she still left the auditorium at that very instance when she couldn’t continue dancing with him.

No teacher was near both of them, and she didn’t want to approach the teacher to complain about Jacob because she didn’t want to make a big scene out of this. So, she chose to quietly exit from there. She went to the washroom first, which was on the way to the main door, and then she went to the ground outside, which was adjacent to the auditorium building.

She sat there for some time and had her fingers running through the grass as she was playing like that. While she sat on the grass all by herself, she could still faintly hear the music which was playing inside the hall. In just a couple of minutes that she was there, and she started feeling a little relaxed, she felt a hand on her shoulder.

Immediately the thought of it being Jacob’s hand came to her, and she wanted to see who the person was before she chose the reaction to give. On turning around, she felt somewhat relieved to see Jean standing behind her with the hand on her shoulder.

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