Player's Guide to Catfishing/C3 My New Best Friend
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Player's Guide to Catfishing/C3 My New Best Friend
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C3 My New Best Friend


(3months later)

Odessa Vecker is literally my favorite person in the entire world and I mean that in the literal sense.

Its New Year’s Eve today and she’s in Montana with her family while I’m in Las Vegas with my friends. I spent Christmas with my parents and flew in this morning so I’d bring the year in with them.

But I admit, I wish she was here with me.

Vecker and I have been talking since the day I replied her dm, she tried to ghost me a few times but I’d send a shirtless selfie of me doing something stupid like eating dick shaped pancakes.

Or me trying to eat Skittles and then making a face of which I know made her laugh, I knew either my body or personality would win her over and it worked because she became my first female friend.

I tried to have a few in high school but things would get complicated after we end up in bed together so the closest I’ve come are my mate’s girls who I know are off limits.

Eventually we exchanged numbers after a month mainly because the black wood was down for a day and I panicked.

I knew she wouldn’t give it to me willingly since she’s more paranoid than anyone I know so I tricked her into it by asking her to call my cell so I could find my phone and she did.

Now we’re texting buddies with the occasional black book dms.

I’m more comfortable texting because someone could hack our accounts and leak our messages since it’s a student created app with a few kinks that need to be ironed out.

Since we were strangers in the beginning, we came up with a few rules to protect each other from cybercrimes.

Another thing about her that got me, she doesn’t mind my rules and they included:


No asking each other for money or bank information.


No nudes or asking for nudes.


No screenshotting without permission.

Rule number 2 was obviously her idea and the 3rd was mine because I send more stupid photos to her than anyone else in my phone.

My room mates think she’s too good to be true because she hasn’t asked me to meet her and only sends pictures of things around her that never include her face.

I have parts of her body like her shoulder where her birthmark is located, her bare legs with her feet soaked in the sand from when she went to the beach with her housemates.

The closest I came, was when she sent the top half of her face which showed her brows and closed eyes which she sent while studying and “in need of coffee”.

The rest are of books, coffee cups, train tickets and other things that were relevant to our conversations but I know deep down she’s real.

She has to be.

Me: Guess who’s in freaking Vegas!!!!!

Vecker: The entire Oakwood basketball team?

Me: Ding-ding we have a winner!

Vecker: Lucky, its freezing in Montana. I’d kill to be in the dessert right now.

Me: It’s not too late, you can still catch a flight and join us?

My heart starts to beat little, we haven’t met or talked on the phone because of our busy schedules but I do want to see her soon.

She’s my best friend.

Vecker: Yeah like my Russian mother will let me leave 6hours before the new year to go to Vegas and be with a boy I met online and have never seen before.

I laugh at her reply as she continues to type.

Vecker: I taught you better than that Lee.

Another thing about Odessa, she calls me Lee because apparently she vowed never to say the name Liam after a boy whose name was Liam took her friend’s v-card in high school and proceeded to stalk her.

We had to cross check to make sure she wasn’t talking about me and luckily it wasn’t because I have never been in Portland.

Me: Okay but next time I’m coming to Vegas, you’re coming with. I’m not taking no for an answer.

Vecker: Deal.

Me: See that wasn’t so hard.

Vecker: We all don’t have cool parents that let us do whatever we want, you’re one of the lucky ones kid, enjoy it.

Me: You’re lucky too you know.

Vecker: I’m 19 and had sneak alcohol into my room, how is that I’m also lucky too?

I smile mischievously as I type my reply because every time I try to flirt with Vecker she either ignores it or takes it as banter.

A word I now know because of her.

Me: You’ve met me. I’d say that’s a sign of good luck and fortune (winking emoji.)

Vecker: I’ll take your word for it (thumbs up emoji).

Vecker: I got to go but thanks for checking in, happy new year Lee.

Me: Happy New year Vecker.

I lock my phone as John B and Jonathan walk into my room with a bottle of Tequila, technically we’re all still 20 but our fakes say we’re 25 so it’s time to party.

“Ready for the strip club?” Tommy emerges from my bathroom buckling his jeans.

“Get me drunk first,” I grab the bottle of tequila.


“Why is it so hot?” Jessica opens a window to let a breeze in.

It’s actually really cold in Montana but she grew up in London and currently lives in Massachusetts so this weather must be like summer for her.

She flew in 2days ago after spending the holidays being a buffer between America and her mother in New York, she didn’t want to go back home so she split her time between us.

And thankfully she did.

“It’s just the wine, here have another glass” the new year is 30minutes away and we came up to my room to get away from the party my parents are throwing downstairs.

I would never admit it out loud but I really wish I was in Vegas with Liam and his friends getting sloshed right now.

I am too old to be sneaking drinks in my room with my best friend as the real adults drink and mingle downstairs.

I’m a junior in college for Christ sake!

I’m still not sure if Liam is the real one but these past months talking to him have been a blast, so it really doesn’t matter because his personality is not what I expected for a jock.

The kid always leaves me smiling or cracking up, he’s that funny.

I even almost got in trouble in class because I burst out in a fit of laughter after he sent a picture of him eating penis shaped pancakes, I mean who even does that?

Someone’s who is comfortable with sexual orientation, is who.

I’m tempted to call him right now just so he can make laugh but it’s probably just the red wine talking, which means I need more.

“I wouldn’t give me any more of these if I were you, you know wine makes me horny.” Jessica takes the glass anyway as I refill my glass.

I have bottles stacked under bed because it was the only way I’d survive Christmas with my entire family so the plan is to finish this one to ignite our ongoing buzz.

“And who are you going to sleep with? My uncle Gustave? There’s no one here our age,” I connect the glass to my lips as she laughs a little.

“Give me more of these and you’ll find out,” and now its my turn to laugh a little.

Looks like my plan is working or should I say the wine.

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