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C10 This Is too Embarrassing

As soon as the female clerk finished speaking, the office, which had been abuzz with discussion, suddenly became very quiet.

All of the colleagues looked at Zhu Xu with tacit understanding. It was not worship, nor recognition, but a kind of mockery, and also the mentality of a passerby who was watching a good show.

Some of the colleagues even laughed out loud and called him over.

After all, the sudden scene in front of them was too dramatic. It made people laugh.

A second ago, Zhu Xu was still loudly questioning the acceptance rate of children's stories. In the next second, a bunch of readers sent letters to children's stories. Wasn't this a direct slap to the face?

The most awkward one was still Zhu Xu, who had been clamoring to recount the viewership rate.

He suddenly stood in the crowd. The indignation and indignation on his face had disappeared, replaced by an expression of disbelief and surprise.

Although he was still the focus of everyone's attention, he was no longer that terrifying Chief Editor Zhu, but a living clown, only worthy to entertain the audience.

At this moment, Wu Qinglian, who had been holding back, spoke.

She waved the reader's letter in her hand and asked Zhu Xu with a smile. "Chief Editor Zhu, do you still want to question the acceptance rate of children's stories?"

Zhu Xu did not say anything, but his face turned from white to green, from green to purple, then from purple to white, and his cheeks burned with pain - slapping his face until it was swollen.

Under everyone's burning gaze, he just wanted to find a hole to hide in or run away with his face covered.

He really didn't have the face to stay here any longer.

It was too embarrassing.

"Teacher Xu, you are really amazing! Thanks to you, our children's program will have a day where we can hold our heads high. Not bad, not bad, haha!"

When they returned to the office, Zhang Wenming smiled and gave Xu Ling twenty-four likes.

Ever since Zhang Wenming deeply admired the story of the ugly duckling, he had called Xu Ling "Teacher Xu." This was a kind of recognition from the bottom of his heart, and he no longer had the mentality of being perfunctory.

Especially what happened today, it made Zhang Wenming admire Xu Ling even more.

He admired his talent.

If it wasn't for Xu Ling coming up with a wonderful fairy tale story, perhaps the viewership rate of children's programs would never be able to reach the middle level of the show in this lifetime, let alone being able to show off in front of his colleagues.

Zhang Wenming had put seven to eight years of hard work into the children's stories. It was a lie to say that he had no expectations at all.

Previously, he had been so dispirited. It was mainly because he had encountered a bottleneck in the script of the program and could not break through. That was why he had given up on himself.

Now, it was different.

With the addition of Xu Ling and his exciting story, Zhang Wenming could see hope again. Naturally, he was filled with confidence in the future of the program.

"Teacher Xu, the colleagues on the station all say that you are a jinx, but I don't agree. I, Old Zhang, think that you are my benefactor, the savior of our children's story show. Haha, with you here, this show will definitely not be able to get rid of you."

Zhang Wenming spit on Xu Ling's face in excitement, but he still laughed out loud without knowing it. His heart was filled with joy.

Xu Ling reached out his hand and wiped his face.

Fine, he didn't even need to wash his face at night.

"Brother Xu, I really like your show. The story you told me about the ugly duckling is so interesting. After hearing it three times, I still want to hear it. "

" Uncle Xu, does the Ugly Duck really exist in the world? Have you seen it before? Can you take a photo for me to see? Baby really wants to see the Ugly Duck. "

"Brother Xu, let's compare hearts! TangTang loves you, I hope you can tell TangTang a good story tomorrow, crab crab!"

"Teacher Xu, your story is really good. My child really likes to hear it, but I'm very puzzled. Is there really an ugly duckling in this world? Also... Ugly Ducks can really become swans, could it be that ducks and swans are a type of animal? My brain is stupid and I can't understand it. I hope Teacher Xu can explain it to me. Thank you very much. "


The recording of the children's program was in the afternoon, so Xu Ling was still very idle in the morning. Therefore, he opened the letters from his readers and read them one by one.

There were letters written by the children themselves, as well as letters written by their parents.

Of course, their letters basically had two common goals.

First, they praised Xu Ling's program for being good, and the story was very interesting.

Second, they asked if the Ugly Duck really existed.

It was fine if the child was innocent and didn't know if it was real or fake, but why did the parents ask such a question?

Could it be that the intelligence of the adults in Parallel World was not online?

Xu Ling expressed that he was very confused.

When they got off work at noon, Zhang Wenming invited Xu Ling to go to his house for lunch, but he was rejected by the latter.

Xu Ling didn't want to trouble anyone. Secondly, the food in the radio station's canteen was not bad, and the price was cheap.

Two vegetable dishes, one meat dish, and a bowl of soup cost only five yuan. It was simply too cheap.

Xu Ling carried his plate and walked to an empty corner to sit down. Just as he was about to take a bite, he saw an acquaintance walking towards him.

The person in charge of the evaluation program was also the previous interviewer - Liu Xia.

At this moment, he was carrying two plates of stir-fried vegetables and a bottle of wine under his armpits. He walked in front of Xu Ling with a smile on his face.

"Teacher Xu, let's eat together?"

Without waiting for Xu Ling to nod, Liu Xia sat down directly. After putting down the dishes and wine, he went to get two wine glasses and placed one of them in front of Xu Ling.

"Have a drink?"

Xu Ling put down his chopsticks, raised his head, and asked with a smile, "Yo, Teacher Liu, why are you in the mood to treat me to a drink today? It looks like you really don't want me to enter the station during the interview."

Liu Xia was not embarrassed, but just told the truth. "We don't need to hide anything from each other. Back then, I didn't want you to enter the station. After all, something like that happened in the past. " No one would dare to ask you for it. Furthermore, the person in charge of the Midnight Program... He has a good relationship with me. He will be eating and drinking with me for a few days. Every time he gets drunk, he will say your name. He will scold me a few thousand times. "You've caused him quite a bit of trouble."


Xu Ling, who was drinking the soup, immediately spat it out.

"Teacher Liu, can we not talk about this matter of the past?"

Liu Xia narrowed his eyes and smiled. "Alright, it's fine if you don't want to talk about it."

He poured himself a cup and drank it himself. Liu Xia sighed with emotion and said, "A scholar has been away for three days. You should look at him in a different light. " The current you is dozens of times better than before. "I've seen the story of the ugly duckling. It's not bad. It fits the taste of a child very well. "I heard that the ratings have also reached the 15th place in the entire station. Congratulations, Teacher Xu."

Liu Xia raised his wine glass and wanted to celebrate for Xu Ling, but Xu Ling had no intention of drinking. He stared at Liu Xia without blinking, as if he wanted to see through Liu Xia completely.

"Teacher Liu, if you have something to say to me, just say it. There is no need to beat around the bush." Xu Ling said with a smile, "But you are right. I am indeed excellent."


This time, it was Liu Xia's turn to spurt out blood.

You bastard, you're really not modest!

"Cough cough, alright. I'll be frank with you. I really have something to ask of you this time."

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