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C4 In the Future If You Follow Me I'll Protect You!

Xu Ling asked with a smile, "Three teachers, did I pass this test?"

Liu Xia thought for a while and finally nodded.

Such a wonderful poem, even if he wanted to make things difficult, he could not find an excuse.

Wang Guoqing glared at Xu Ling, turned his head and said to Wu Qinglian, "Teacher Wu, it's your turn to ask questions."

Wu Qinglian waved her hand. "I really appreciate this kid. I won't make things difficult for him. Just give it to him."

"This... This doesn't conform to the rules, right?" Wang Guoqing was first stunned, then strongly opposed, "Teacher Wu, this guy has caused quite a bit of trouble for the leaders in the station in the past. Furthermore, the things he has done previously are already serious violation of the rules. We can't take such a person!"

Wu Qinglian said seriously, "Teacher Wang, the matter is already in the past. We should look forward. Furthermore, he had once again returned to the station to apply for the job. He must have realized his mistake and wanted to change himself. Besides, The current him was like heaven and earth compared to before. He is a talent that can be molded. Let's recruit him into the station. It was a beautiful thing to do, and it was also to recruit talents. "Isn't it a good thing to kill two birds with one stone?"

"But even if we approve this kind of person, which program team would dare to take him? Aren't they afraid that he will destroy the entire program!?"

"No program wants Xu Ling, I want him!" Wu Qinglian snorted coldly and waved her hand.

Wang Guoqing sneered and said, "No program wants Xu Ling. I want him!" Teacher Wu, you have to think clearly that what you are doing is a youth program. He's just a big and burly man, and his voice is very bad. What can he do in your program? He can only be at the back of the line. "

"That's my business. It's not your place to interfere." Wu Qinglian curled her lips and patted Xu Ling's shoulder. She said, "In the future, if you follow me, I will protect you!"

Xu Ling grinned. "Okay!"

Wang Guoqing turned around and left with an ugly expression. Seeing that the two of them were not happy, Liu Xia smiled bitterly and followed them.

After the two of them left, Wu Qinglian walked to the front of Xu Ling. She gracefully and generously extended a slender hand and smiled, "Xu Ling, welcome back!"

Xu Ling shook her hand and said very sincerely, "Wu, thank you for giving me this opportunity. I will definitely not let you down."

When it was close to noon, Xu Ling happily returned to his residence outside the Third Ring.

Although he and Chen Yunqian were technically husband and wife, they did not live together.

Chen Yunqian lived in a mansion somewhere in the city center, and Xu Ling lived in the only inheritance left behind by his parents - a compound apartment.

Xu Ling opened the door and spread his arms. He laid on the soft bed with a smile on his face.

He finally found a stable job.

Although the salary was not high, he did not need to be a gigolo anymore. He needed to rely on women to live.

After fantasizing about his happy life in the future, Xu Ling lightly called out and summoned his golden finger - Ya AI system.

Xu Ling was quite satisfied with this golden finger. The Ya's contribution in being able to smoothly enter the radio station this time was not to be overlooked.

Xu Ling had read some novels about rebirth. The main characters of the novels relied on their memories to replicate classic novels, songs, and even comics.

At first glance, he felt that it was very good. He even felt that he could do it. However, after he transmigrated, he realized that this plot was a huge bug. How could ordinary people have such a powerful memory? It was nonsense.

Take Xu Ling for example. It was not a problem for him to remember some famous songs and poems. If he really wanted to copy all of the tombkeeper's notes, which could easily be written in hundreds of thousands of words or even millions of words, it was simply a fantasy. Even some plots were difficult to remember Tai Qing.

Therefore, the search function of the Ya was a powerful helper for Xu Ling at the current stage.

Under Xu Ling's summoning, a virtual screen that only he could see appeared in his field of vision. There were a few options on it.

[Function] [Key word search]

[Reputation] : 83

[Merchant Shop] : Not opened

[Lottery Draw] [Lottery Draw]: Not activated.

(Remarks: Reputation can be used to activate the search function, purchase goods and draw lots in the shopping mall. The increase in Reputation is related to the host's reputation, exposure, achievements, charm and popularity.)

Xu Ling glanced at his popularity and his eyes were filled with tears.

At first, there were still over 500 Reputation Points. In the blink of an eye, there were only two digits left.

After that, Xu Ling checked the details of the usage of reputation points.

"Activating search function, 100 reputation points consumed; downloading song [VastSea Smile] Consumes 150 Reputation Points."

"Activating the search function consumes 100 Reputation Points; downloading poetry [River Fairy] consumes 100 Reputation Points."

Activating the search function indeed consumes a lot of Reputation Points.

With less Reputation Points, Xu Ling touched his wallet.

It was a deflated one, and the money was also very little.

Fragrant Mushroom, Blue Skinny!

After lying on the bed for a while, Xu Ling turned around and got up. He walked to the computer desk and sat down.

His reputation points would not increase for a while. However, earning some money was still a piece of cake.

Xu Ling turned on the computer and posted a notice about the rental house on the Tieba forum in Tongcheng.

In this compound apartment, other than the two rooms Xu Ling used, there were still three empty rooms.

Xu Ling thought that since it was empty, he might as well rent it out and get some rent to subsidize his household.

Since he had decided to divorce Chen Yunqian and no longer be a gigolo waiting to die, Xu Ling had to properly plan for his future life.

Money was an indispensable factor in planning for a good future. It was even vital.

With Xu Ling's level of education, writing a notice about renting a house was just a matter of minutes.

After writing it, Xu Ling checked it with confidence and then hung it on the Tieba forum.

Turning off the computer, Xu Ling took out a bucket of instant noodles and a few sausages from his lunchbox - this was his lunch.

After cleaning the bowl of instant noodles, Xu Ling lay on the bed for a while and then left home in a hurry to go to the radio.

From Wu Qinglian's attire, it could be seen that she was a decisive person. Xu Ling didn't even have the time to prepare at home for a day. He passed the interview in the morning and rushed to the radio station in the afternoon to deal with work.


When Xu Ling was waiting for the elevator, he coincidentally met his superior Wu Qinglian, so he had to miss the elevator and stop to chat with Wu Qinglian.

"Xu is here." Wu Qinglian nodded at Xu Ling.

"The interview this morning was very exciting. I didn't expect you to have such a huge change after leaving the radio station for a year."

"I was insensible before. I have indeed learned a lot this year. I also thank Teacher Wu for giving me this opportunity. Otherwise, I might really not be able to come back." Xu Ling thanked him very seriously.

"Do your best when you are back. Tell them with practical actions that you did not choose the wrong person." Wu Qinglian patted Xu Ling's shoulder and encouraged him.


"Let's go and get to know your colleagues."

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