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C5 It's the Bottom of the Show Again

A few minutes later, Wu Qinglian led Xu Ling to the central office of the youth radio station on the third floor. The room was very spacious, with about thirty desks. There were men and women sitting inside, young and old. They either gathered together and chatted about the world, or formed groups to play mobile games. As for those who were really busy with work, there were very few.

When they saw their leader come over, they stopped what they were doing and looked in the same direction.

"Wu, good afternoon."

Everyone greeted her warmly.

Wu Qinglian nodded slightly and patted Xu Ling on the shoulder. "Everyone, listen to me. The young man on the left is our newly recruited colleague, Xu Ling. Although he is our new colleague, he used to work at this radio station before. He only works late at night and does not have much interaction with us. Everyone, welcome! "

The applause was not passionate. It was even a little perfunctory. Some people looked at Xu Ling with obvious doubt in their eyes.

Such a young man, could he take on the job of our program?

"Yo, isn't this the king of the late night program who has been at the bottom of the world for ten thousand years? I heard that last year, it was because of some evil incident that he rolled up his shop and left. Why is he back today?"

At this moment, a middle-aged man holding an exquisite thermos walked out from the crowd and stared at Xu Ling with a mocking expression.

Wu Qinglian said coldly from the side, "Zhu Xu, this is our future colleague. Please be more polite with your words."

"Respectful? Huh, what's there to be polite about with this kind of rotten person?" Zhu Xu shifted his gaze to Wu Qinglian. "Wu. I'm not talking about you. The way you look at people is getting worse and worse. If you pick the worst king in ten thousand years to come back, our program might be removed from the radio station one day. Also, don't forget what kind of stupid things he has done in the past. "

Wu Qinglian's face gradually became gloomy and she said sternly," Zhu Xu, it's my business how to pick people. It's not your place to say what to do. If you have any objections, you can directly report it to the higher-ups. There is no need to be sarcastic here. Who should I show my face to?"

He saw that Wu Qinglian actually wanted to show it to the higher ups. You get mad at yourself for a new guy. Zhu Xu felt very unpleasant in his heart. However, because his level was not as high as Wu Qinglian's, he could only give up.

He glared at Xu Ling fiercely, turned around and left.

After suppressing Zhu Xu, Wu Qinglian said loudly to the crowd, "Everyone, no matter what Xu Ling looked like before, he was at the interview venue. What I saw was... A young man with talent and strength. Therefore, please don't look at people with your old eyes. Get along with him and work together for the program team without any personal sacrifices. "


Although everyone still did not think highly of Xu Ling, they still responded to Wu Qinglian's words in unison. The response was even more intense than the previous applause.

After all, they were not stupid. Since Wu Qinglian personally brought Xu Ling to meet her new colleague and did not hesitate to offend Zhu Xu for him, wasn't this clearly telling the others that Xu Ling was Wu Qinglian's person?

In the future, whoever dared to offend Xu Ling would be offending the leader.

What good ending would there be if they offended the leader?

Of course, Zhu Xu was different from ordinary employees.

He had a background and was also one of the main planners of the program. It was rumored that he had a close relationship with the deputy station head. Of course, he was not afraid of Wu Qinglian. He even seized the opportunity to fight with her. If he defeated her, he could take the opportunity to take the position.

"Uncle Zhang, come here for a moment!"

After the crowd dispersed, Wu Qinglian waved her hand to call an old man who looked to be in his sixties.


Zhang Wenming answered and quickly ran over to ask, "Teacher Wu, what orders do you have?"

Wu Qinglian pointed to Xu Ling, who was beside her, and said to Zhang Wenming, "In the future, Comrade Xu will work with you. You are an old man in our program, and you have many years of fighting on the front line experience. This matter of bringing up the younger generation is none other than you."

"Teacher Wu, I don't dare say that. I don't have any experience. I just want to stay on the radio for a few more days." Zhang Wenming smiled modestly and said again: "But don't worry. I will do my best to take care of Comrade Xu. I will not let the leader down."

Wu Qinglian nodded in satisfaction and said to Xu Ling, "This is the teacher responsible for the children's stories. Zhang Wenming, you will learn from him in the future. You can ask him anything you don't understand and get used to the work here as soon as possible. "You can't be careless."

Xu Ling nodded and greeted Zhang Wenming respectfully, "Teacher Zhang.

Zhang Wenming exchanged a few more words with Wu Qinglian and smilingly led Xu Ling to the workplace to familiarize himself with the environment.

Although it was said that he was familiar with the environment, it was actually just a casual stroll with Xu Ling. After that, they returned to the children's program office.

After the two of them sat down, Zhang Wenming smiled and said, "Comrade Xu, you didn't sleep well at noon, right? You should rest here for a while."

Xu Ling shook his head. "I slept at noon. I'm not sleepy now."

Zhang Wenming said, "Then you can play some mobile games or chase after dramas. You can play however comfortable it is."

Xu Ling said awkwardly, "Teacher Zhang, I am here to work, not to retire. You don't have any work, can you let me do it?"

"I see." Zhang Wenming thought for a while and said, "It's good for young people to be a little motivated. How about this? Our program needs to record a segment at five o'clock. This was originally my job. Since you want to find something to do, I'll leave it to you."

Xu Ling nodded. "Teacher Zhang, do you have a script for this recording?"

"Yes!" Zhang Wenming pointed to a stack of documents on the table on the right. "Take a random document from somewhere and read it. Just deal with it for ten minutes and it will be done."

Xu Ling was a little unhappy. "Teacher Zhang," he said. You are just trying to brush me off. Or are you trying to find a random document to deal with me? I can't do it! "

Zhang Wenming was not angry. He just smiled and said, "Comrade Xu, To tell you the truth, I don't want to mess around and deal with things like this. But I have no choice. I have been doing this program for five or six years. The ratings from a few years ago were still passable. But this year, the program encountered a bottleneck. There was no breakthrough, so the ratings continued to decline... The monthly reviews are always ranked last. I estimate that it won't be long before this program is taken down. Change to another new program. "

"What about you? You're just overdoing it here. Wu's intention is to let you familiarize yourself with the situation in the Youth Team. After all, you were in the Late Night program team back then. When the new program is on, you'll probably be transferred there directly."

Xu Ling: "But..."

Zhang Wenming said again, "Because this program is catered to children, there are many restrictions. There is nothing to talk about in the program anyway. Some old jokes have already been used up by me a long time ago. You don't have to worry about it. "Rest in peace for a few days here. When you go to other programs, you won't be able to live such an easy life anymore."

After saying that, Zhang Wenming hugged his large tea jar, closed his eyes, and took a leisurely nap.

Xu Ling did not expect that his first job after returning to the radio station would be another bottom-tier program.

Helplessly sighing, Xu Ling thought that regardless of whether this program was taken away or not, it was at least his first job now. He had to do it well and not let down Wu's painstaking efforts.

Picking up the documents on the table, Xu Ling flipped through them again and again. Looking at these children's stories, he had the impulse to curse. What kind of lousy story was this? It was so boring!

After thinking for a while, Xu Ling went to Zhang Wenming and said, "Teacher Zhang, I've read all these stories. It's really too boring. Can I change the stories?"

Zhang Wenming looked at Xu Ling in surprise. "Change the story?"

Xu Ling nodded.

Zhang Wenming frowned. "Are you sure your stories all have copyrights? You can't just change them. Otherwise, you will have to take risks."

Xu Ling said confidently, "Teacher Zhang, don't worry. These stories were created by me. There can't be any problem with the copyright."

"Your own?"

Zhang Wenming looked at Xu Ling in disbelief. With such a big and rough appearance, and not having married and had children, he didn't understand the thoughts of children at all. Could he write fairy tales?

However, there weren't many people listening to this program. If they wanted to change it, then so be it. Anyway, as long as there was no problem with the copyright, it was fine. He had nothing to do anyway.

Xu Ling, who had obtained permission, was extremely happy.

A fairy tale?

Hehe, that's really as much as you want!

Gray Girl, Snow White, the Amazing Fate of Ice and Snow, the Wizard of the Wild, which one should I tell you first?

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