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C7 This Is Your Script?

After Zhu Xu left, Zhang Wenming walked to Xu Ling's side and sat down. He asked with anticipation, "Xu, do you really have a way to keep our show going?"

Xu Ling nodded seriously. "The main reason the leader took your program is because the ratings are too low. If we can raise the ratings within three days, At that time, even the station head would have no reason to take down the program. "

Zhang Wenming asked, "How confident are you?"

Xu Ling pointed at the thick stack of scripts in front of him," I am not completely confident, but I am willing to give it my all! "

Zhang Wenming smiled knowingly and patted Xu Ling on the shoulder, "Although I know that the chances are slim, since you're willing to go crazy, then I, this old man, will be willing to accompany you to the end."

Xu Ling smiled and comforted him. "Don't worry. I am still very confident in my fairy tales."

Zhang Wenming nodded slightly and gave him a thumbs up. "I believe that this story of the ugly duckling will be very popular. Good luck!"

At five o'clock, the person who came to remind Zhang Wenming and Xu Ling about the recording was none other than the person in charge of the youth group - Wu Qinglian.

Wu Qinglian went straight to the point and said, "I heard from them that the station has already issued a clear notice to remove your program?"

Zhang Wenming smiled bitterly and nodded. He handed over the documents that Zhu Xu had sent over.

After Wu Qinglian took the document, she just casually flipped through it and threw it to the side. She then shifted her gaze to Xu Ling. "I also heard that you had a big fight with Zhu Xu and declared that you would not stop this program."

Xu Ling bitterly rubbed his nose. "That's right. I did it."

"Teacher Wu, don't be angry. Comrade Xu was just a moment of youthful vigor and was not sensible, so..."

Zhang Wenming thought Wu Qinglian came here because of Zhu Xu's complaint. After all, there was a clear rule in the station that colleagues needed to get along harmoniously. They were not allowed to fight and cause trouble, so he immediately stood up and defended Xu Ling.

Wu Qinglian smiled indifferently, "Uncle Zhang, it's not a matter of one or two days that Zhu Xu and I don't get along. Do you think I can still support him?"

As she spoke, she patted Xu Ling's shoulder again. "You did well. I feel more and more that it was a very wise choice to keep you in the station."

Xu Ling smiled faintly. "Wu, as long as you don't mind me causing trouble!"

Wu Qinglian waved her hand. "What you did was right. Why should I dislike it? No matter what, I don't want any of the programs under my command to be taken away by the leaders. Oh right, have you thought about how to keep this program?"

As long as we increase the hearing rate, we can protect the program. " Xu Ling passed the script that he had written to Wu Qinglian. "This is my script. Teacher Wu, please take a look!"

"Your script?"

Wu Qinglian frowned and did not take the script. She just looked at Xu Ling from head to toe and said, "Xu, you are not pretending to be someone else's script, are you?"


Xu Ling looked confused and panicked in his heart.

After the previous few encounters, he was afraid that something bad would happen again.

Sure enough, Wu Qinglian's next words proved that Xu Ling's guess was correct.

"Did you forget that you were kicked out of the radio station previously because you casually used a book that did not grant you the copyright? In the end, the author directly sent a lawyer's letter to your program. If the station did not make amends in time, your program would have been ruined long ago. It might even cause the radio station's reputation to plummet."


There was such a thing?

Xu Ling finally understood why he was not welcomed by his colleagues when he returned to the radio station. It turned out that such a terrible thing had happened before.

That Xu Ling in the past really knew how to stir up trouble.

Once he died, he still needed me to take the blame.

Motherf * cker, he was really lying on the ground.

After calming himself down, Xu Ling patted his chest and said, "Teacher Wu, please be at ease. The story this time is all my original work. If it doesn't work, you can search online. Anyway, the search system is very powerful now. In less than a second, we can find the plagiarism."

Wu Qinglian's burning eyes looked at Xu Ling. After a long time, she shook her head and said, "No need, I believe you!"

After saying that, she took the script and started to read it seriously.

After she finished reading, she stared at Xu Ling with her burning eyes again. She did not say anything and just quietly watched, making the latter feel awkward.

Xu Ling tentatively asked, "Can't you write it?"

Wu Qinglian still did not say anything. She turned her head and said to Zhang Wenming, "Uncle Zhang, let me borrow the computer for a while."

"Sure!" Zhang Wenming nodded and asked doubtfully, "Teacher Wu, why do you use the computer?"

Wu Qinglian said, "I need to check whether this manuscript has been plagiarized or not."

Xu Ling asked, "???"

What about the promise to believe me?

Could it be that there is no trust between people?

The boat of friendship has been overturned!

Wu Qinglian smiled and explained when she saw that Xu Ling's expression was not very good. "Xu, don't misunderstand. It's because your script is too perfect that I'm worried. I have to check online for plagiarism."

Xu Ling was speechless.

What he said made sense.

However, our friendly puppy still died.

Wu Qinglian's fingers moved quickly and entered the first part of the Ugly Duck story written by Xu Ling into the search engine. Then, she searched in an unusually excited location. When the search results were out, she let out a long sigh of relief and the big rock that was hanging in her throat fell heavily onto the ground.

"Fortunately, this manuscript was not plagiarized. It was original!"

Wu Qinglian patted her bountiful chest with relief and writing on her face.

On the other hand, Xu Ling's face was completely dominated by a depressed expression.

The most basic trust between people, how could it be so fragile?

Wu Qinglian stood up and smiled apologetically at Xu Ling. "Don't blame Wu for being too careful. It's really your ugly duckling story. It was so perfect that I couldn't believe it. This is a handsome young man who doesn't have a child and probably doesn't have a girlfriend. He wrote a script. How did you manage to tell Wu? How did you manage to write such an outstanding child story? "

Xu Ling casually lied," In the past, there were a few relatives who were working for them outside. The child had always stayed at my house, so after being with them for a long time, he naturally knew what the child was thinking. "

"So that's how it is." Wu Qinglian came to a realization. "I think this script is very good. There is hope to save your program. When you are recording later, record properly. Don't get so excited that your tongue circles and you mispronounce it."

Xu Ling smiled, "Don't worry. I still have professionalism."

"I look forward to your wonderful performance!"

Wu Qinglian handed the script to Xu Ling and left with a smile on her face.

Zhang Wenming patted Xu Ling's shoulder from behind and said solemnly, "Teacher Xu, the heavy responsibility of saving the show will fall on your shoulders. Do your best. Don't let Teacher Wu and I down."

Xu Ling clenched his fists. "I will."

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