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C9 The Ratings for the Ratings

Wu Qinglian stretched out her hand and pressed down. The crowd immediately stopped their discussions and looked at her.

Wu Qinglian coughed lightly and her right hand brushed the report of the ratings. A smile appeared on her lips, "Let me roughly take a look. Yesterday's ratings were quite satisfactory."

Hearing this, the hearts that were raised in everyone's throats were forced to relax.

However, when they just heaved a sigh of relief, they heard Wu Qinglian say again. " However, the difference between our program and other programs is still a little big. Our team has the top five programs in the entire channel. Not a single one of them, and their overall ranking is even at the end. This really makes me feel a little surprised. "


Everyone looked at each other in dismay, their eyes filled with helplessness.

There were five big groups and more than 30 programs in the entire station.

The Youth Team had always been at the lower middle level.

Due to the audience, there were many restrictions on the branding program. The ratings could not reach the top. In addition, the ratings for children's programs had been stagnant during this period of time. In the past week, they could not even beat the midnight programs that had been at the bottom of 10,000 years. Of course, the overall ranking of the group was not much better.

"Teacher Wu, you don't have to worry. When the children's programs are canceled, we will not be a hindrance anymore. Naturally, our results will go up."

The one who spoke was a young man standing beside Zhu Xu. In his words, it was a young man. There's an undisguised hatred for children's stories.

However, anyone with discerning eyes could tell that this young broadcasting host was taking the lead for Zhu Xu. He was deliberately provoking children's stories, or rather, provoking Xu Ling.

Of course, Xu Ling did not put him in his eyes at all. He was just a walking dog, and it was not worth getting angry with.

However, Zhu Xu did not personally take the lead this time, which surprised Xu Ling greatly.

That guy, could it be that he was scared?

Therefore, Xu Ling deliberately shifted his playful gaze to Zhu Xu's face. The latter's face darkened, and he pretended to turn his head to the side, not daring to meet Xu Ling's eyes.

Hehe, he really did follow his heart!

Wu Qinglian glanced at the young man who suddenly spoke. She thought for a moment, then waved to him. "Comrade Xiao Chen, since your results are so important, why don't you read the ratings for me?"


Chen Hee was slightly stunned. He wanted to reject the leader, but he could not find a reason. He could only bite the bullet and walk up.

It was just reading the ratings. What was the big deal?

What kind of big trouble had he not seen before?

However, when he took the report from Wu Qinglian, he suddenly saw a trace of a smile on the corner of the leader's mouth. It didn't seem to be a kind smile, but when he roughly looked at the ratings, the expression on his face immediately became very ugly.

"Teacher Wu, this..."

Chen Hee turned his head to Wu Qinglian, with a puzzled look in his eyes.

Wu Qinglian smiled faintly, "This report is real, read it boldly."

"But..." Chen Hee was a little anxious and at a loss for what to do.

He felt that the top priority right now was not to read the report, but to find a hole and hide in it.

It was too f * cking embarrassing.

The people below did not know Chen Hee's anxiety and only urged him loudly.

"Chen Hee, you're not a big girl. Why are you being shy? Hurry up and say it."

"If I tell you to read it, just read it. Why are you dawdling?"

"Chen Hee, are you going to read it or not? I'm so anxious that I'm about to pee."

Unable to withstand the jeering of the crowd, Chen Hee could only grit his teeth and start reading the ratings of the ratings.

"Number one, entertainment the world."

"Second place, talking about history."


The more Chen Hee read, the more his voice trembled. At first, no one understood what this brat meant. However, when they heard the fifteenth program, they suddenly understood.

It seemed like this brat was afraid of slapping his face.

"Fifteenth place... Fifteenth place is... Yes." Chen Hee took a deep breath and shouted, "Fifteenth place is the story of a child."

After shouting, Chen Hee was like a leaking inflatable doll as he softly leaned against the table at the side. His eyes were lifeless, but his face was burning with pain.

The feeling of slapping his face was not good!

Especially in front of so many people, he had slapped his own face.

That fellow was even more disgusting than eating a fly raw.

Of course, Chen Hee wasn't the only one who was slapped in the face like this. Those guys who had confidently said that Xu Ling's show would definitely be the last show had unnatural expressions on their faces.

A program that was about to die was actually able to get rid of the shadow of being at the bottom of the show in just one day and reach the middle level of the entire show. It was simply inconceivable.

While everyone was sighing with emotion, their gazes simultaneously landed on Xu Ling like searchlights. They were filled with doubt and curiosity.

This was the former king of trouble, but he was so cunning. Was he sure that we didn't take the wrong script?

The one who was the most surprised was Zhu Xu, who had always been at odds with Xu Ling.

Originally, he had hoped that Xu Ling would continue to promote the spirit of the bottom king and try to create the lowest viewership rate on children's programs until the program was canceled. However, he never expected to see such a shocking result.

It must be the negligence of the staff member that caused the ratings to be wrong. Otherwise, with that violent maniac's ability, not to mention reaching the middle-rank, he would not even be able to do the worst late-night program.

With this thought, Zhu Xu quickly stood up and unceremoniously questioned, "Wu, this children's story show has always been at the bottom of the show. It also uses the same thing. No one paid attention to the old drafts from a few years ago. Why did the ratings suddenly rise to the 15th place? Could it be that the colleagues in the station who calculated the ratings got it wrong? "

When this was said, everyone nodded in agreement.

Compared to relying on their own strength to obtain a good ranking, everyone was more willing to believe that there was a problem with the statistics.

Xu Ling took in everyone's reaction and did not stand out to defend himself. He only snorted lightly.

If you were weaker than others, others would look down on you. If you were more outstanding than others, others would question you.

The world was cold. That was all.

However, Zhang Wenming could not continue watching. He took the initiative to step forward and said, "Chief Editor Zhu, can you not look at people with your old eyes? Teacher Xu, can you stop looking at people with your old eyes? In the past, he wasn't much, but now, he had changed. He has become more talented. The program that had been broadcasted yesterday was his own script. Teacher Wu and I have both seen it. It was indeed well written. Thus, the ratings can be raised. It is not a statistical error at all. It is based on actual ability. "

"Oh, a script that I wrote myself?" Zhu Xu looked at Xu Ling with interest and asked, "Are you sure he didn't use someone else's script to pretend to be him again?"

"No!" Zhang Wenming said with determination, "I specially looked it up on the Internet, not plagiarized."

Zhu Xu smiled and said, "I remember that the chief editor of Midnight Program said the same thing before, but later on, it was not that stupid thing. Uncle Zhang, I think you're really old and muddle-headed. It's better to quickly go home and get a grandchild. Have a good few days and wake up. "

"You..." Zhang Wenming was so angry that his whole body was trembling.

Zhu Xu cleared his throat and protested again, "Teacher Wu, I hope my colleagues who calculated the ratings can seriously review it again. There must be a problem with the ratings of children's stories."

As soon as he finished speaking, a female clerk suddenly walked in with a large pile of letters in her hands. She knocked lightly on the glass door and asked loudly.

"Is Teacher Xu Ling here? There are letters from your readers here."

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