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Potency/C1 Nanny's Cam
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C1 Nanny's Cam

While nervously tapping her fingers on the table, Orva Duplessis Steed glanced at the time. She jumped when the knock came despite anticipating it. She stood up, took a sip from her glass, and then proceeded to the door.

Orva said, "Come in," then stepped aside. The tall youngster needed to crush past. He bumped her breast with his elbow while he was holding a box in both hands.

He flipped his shoulder-length hair and said, "Mrs. Steed everything is done outside. The software is all that remains." His eyes were twitching with nervousness as he set the box down on the kitchen counter.

She licked her lips before saying, "Philipp." The boy's eyes darted to her chest as her sides' arms tightened.

"Yes, Ah, Ma'am."

"Please Call me...Orva."

"OK, Orva...Orva it is. Therefore, em, where is the computer I'm supposed to install this on?"

"It will be on my husband's computer. Stick with me”. She said with a grin.

They entered the house's back section after departing the kitchen. Their master bedroom and office were separated from the kids' rooms in this modern addition to the old house. The main entryway in the lobby was to the office, yet Orva passed it and brought Philipp into the main room. She stopped and slid her hand over the finish of the extra large bed, then went on through the entryway into the joined office. She was playing a stupid game, but it helped her feel better. She thought, "Fuck Kebbi's security system."

Orva watched Philipp hook something up to the computer's back and install software for the next ten minutes.

He said, "All right, sit here, and I'll show you how it works." He got up and turned the turn seat around for her.

Orva sat, scooted forward, leaned back, and raised her head to look up at Philipp. She stated, "Show me." He was looking straight down into her cleavage's depths.

"Double click this icon," he instructed.

She exclaimed, "Wow, it's so clear!" while pretending to care. She made the dumb blonde role her own.

There were two images on the screen. One was the driveway that ran down the side of the house and the other was the front porch. The back porch's bottom steps were visible to her. Kebbi could now see everyone who comes in and out.

"What is it used for?" She asked, and while using the mouse, she covered Philipp's hand. It shuddered.

"Em, that's the control for the zoom." He directed the pointer to a button row. This is the mode of activation. It records every time something moves outside and is set up like a motion light. The remainder of the time, it only displays the image."

She responded, "Great."

Philipp had no idea that when her husband got home, he would change his password and only he would be able to see what was recorded. He had different ways to ensure that she only had friends he liked and shared with her.

"My supervisor let me know there was one more PC that I should introduce the view board on," Philipp said. " Is it around here??."

Orva replied, "Yes," and then accompanied the boy to her desk in the far corner of the room. He did the same thing over and over on her computer while she thought of things she shouldn't have.

"Okay, it's finished”. He declared.

"All ready??”.

"Indeed, there's less set up when it's simply the view board," Philipp said. "Let me demonstrate how it functions”.

"Will this computer as well record?" She asked.

"No, this is a secondary tool. Its signal comes from that PC”.

"The images in these two windows will be visible if you click this button and there is movement”. He added.

Orva got up and pushed her chair back. She exclaimed, her rage rising, "Wow, this will make me feel so safe. My headset is on all day as I work on transcription. Anybody could break in and do...you know Mmm, no one can really tell how somebody could treat me." She made a pause before adding, "Things aren't the same as they used to be." That was an exaggeration.

"Yeah, right....Regarding that, here's one of Philips' standard nanny-cams” he pulled it out of the box he had brought.

“It is simple to integrate into this system."

Orva's heart began to race.

“More like a surveillance... right??”

"Yes," Philipp responded. “To let a babysitter know that you might be watching, it's not as discreet as a spy camera."

The hairs on the back of her neck stood up as she considered her time spent as a babysitter. She stated, "Those days are over." like she would let her husband get close to a babysitter. “My older children are my live-in babysitters, so my youngest no longer requires it”.

He paused, "All right, but if you change your mind..uh-oh I'm not supposed to offer this, but if you don't tell my boss, I could come free and help you out”.

Orva stroked his forearm with her hand. Sadly, if she took the boy up on a special service visit, her husband would know. “It will be our secret, so no problem”.

When she was a girl, she had always loved keeping secrets, so when she heard Philipp playing this silly game with her, she was excited.

When Philipp was gone, Orva sat before her PC, her stomach turned and her fingers shuddered. Spycam, as entered in the search field. She just wanted to know more.

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