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C2 Fancy

At school, Robert sat in a seat that was excessively little for his six-foot outline, figuring there ought to be a regulation against having a youthful, hot educator. His khaki pants' crotch was getting too tight. In preparation for class, his history teacher, Mrs. Balmain Hannah, was writing on the board. Along with the squeaking marker, her incredible butt was wriggling in time. He got lost in his daily fantasies and began stripping his teacher. While his classmates watched,

“in what new position would she perform?”

The Australian woman had large, firm breasts, almond-shaped eyes, and smooth brown skin. He knelt over her, pushed everything off her desk, and then laid her down. He began to titty-fuck her in his own envision. On her brown flesh, his creamy load would look great.

When Sarah entered the classroom, his lust was halted. The strawberry-blonde's body changed a school uniform into something he had seen on one of those sexy site, where 20-year-elderly people ladies spruced up like fourteen-year-old young girls, and did devious things. He was certain that Sarah was also a bad bitch.

When Sarah got to her seat, Robert kept an eye on her groin. She never checked him out. It was said that the 17-year-old would go both ways and try things that other high school girls had never heard of.

Robert timed his exit to coincide with Sarah's

"How was your weekend?" when class was over. he inquired.

"Fine," Sarah said without looking at him.

"Have a good time?"

"Not actually," she said, then began turning the dial on her storage.

He felt stupid after saying "Okay."

"Sarah slammed her locker full of books. See ya." She turned around and left.

“Damn it, I still didn't connect with her”. He thought. He might have been mean to her in the past but didn't remember it.

Robert continued to think of Sarah as he stood in front of the school, inhaling the diesel exhaust from all the carriers. When someone jumped on his back and wrapped their legs around his waist, he stumbled forward.

“Jeez!” he shouted.

“Who is that?" said the person on his back who was covering his eyes with their hands.

He would know, even if he didn't hear her voice, smell her strawberry shampoo, or feel her long, supple fingers. He would know because he felt her in his soul.

“Let's see” he said. “I believe that is the only person who still considers it acceptable to act like we are kids”

Carmen replied, "Whatever." Take me to the vehicle. My legs are aching.

He said, "Just get off of me. It's humiliating”.

She responded, "Right, like there aren't a hundred guys who would love to give me a piggy-back ride."

"Yes, but none of them are your brother...If you don't let go now, I'll throw you in that trash can”.

Carmen, his twin sister, followed him as they made their way toward the parking lot for students. "What's eating you?" she asked.

"Nothing," he declared.

“Where can I find the Troubling Quads?“

"Kelly's mother is riding with them to... I don't know." Her hip gave him a bump. " So?"

He steered clear of her intent, gloomy eyes. “So What?". He inquired.

"What's bothering you, it's obvious"

He was sufficiently horny to put his dick in a tree-tie and couldn't get laid, or even get a discussion rolling with Sarah. Should he reveal that to his sister? He thought to himself.

“Nothing... I've got a lot on my mind."

Her lips were squeezed to one side as she walked backwards in front of him. “Big tits and a lot of strawberry blondes, maybe?" She laughed.


"Is what they say about that Strawberry-blonde girls accurate?" She left before he could swing.

"Jeez! Please..."

"Sorry. I observed you conversing with Sarah and..."

"That girl has no communication skills. I'm just trying to be friendly with her and... whatever." He swinged his hand.

“Friendly??? Is that what you mean?” Carmen said. Silky red hair fell down her back as she pulled at the bun on top of her head.


"What's it...oh, seeing Sarah's face in mine since we got same hair"

"you have a grimy psyche." He stated.

"Me?” She wheezed. “You are the one attempting to date Sarah. Besides, you shouldn't visit my friends whenever you can”

"Like you don't flirt with Derek." Derek, his closest friend, was aware Carmen was out of bounds. Although Derek was still attracted to Carmen, their father was the primary obstacle. They made a deal called "Sisters off limits." They have not attempted to break it yet.

Carmen replied, "I don't flirt with him, and even if I did, I wouldn't try to look at his pants every time he gets out of the back seat, like you do when Erica gets out of your car Pervert!!.”

He detested having a twin sister who was so familiar with him. His favorite of the Troubling Quads was Erica, and he was pretty sure that when she got out of the back seat, she wanted him to see her underwear. He would have loved to do more than just see them, but Carmen made him promise not to date Erica or any of her friends. Since kindergarten, she had been Carmen's best friend.

He tried to change the subject as they left the school parking lot.

“I'll give Mrs. Hannah sex in exchange for an A in her class”

Carmen gave him a brief stare before raising her other, thick, black brow and squinting one eye. She declared, "She's hot."

"If you do her right, maybe you can get an A+."


"I gotta pee," as he stopped the car in their driveway. She jumped out of the car and yelled about halfway to the back door. "Get my bag,"

He observed her as she ascended the porch steps. “Yes, and I'll also lock your door”. He sighs.

Robert stood behind his little sister and step sister after dropping Carmen's book bag by the back door in the kitchen.

He said, "Hey Katie," grabbed her blonde mane, and pulled it back so he could look into her blue eyes.

"Which is it?" Katie said, hunching over to defend herself from his hands. That gratifies.

His chin dropped to her shoulder as he did this.

"Number 9. Option A to C is undefined, so option D is correct despite the insufficient data given."

She stated, "Math is not my favorite subject."

"Hmmm," he said, "what is?"


"Art is not a subject."

"It is!" She indicated a stack of papers. See."

"Wow!" As he reached for the top sheet, he said, "What is the name of this one?"

"I don't give it a name. It's free articulation," she said.

"I would like to be an artist". She added.

"Really?" He wanted to drive a race car or be a porn star, but neither of those things were likely to come to pass.

"If I were you I would frame it, sign it, and call it “donkey sex" and people will buy it". He stated.

"Pervert!!!". Katie aired out.

"Hey, stop spending so much time with Carmen."

"Just trying to assist. Where's mom?"

"I don't need assistance... And I think she's inside". She stated.

Carmen's exit from the bathroom was heard by him.

"Please let me know if you require any additional math help." He laughed and went to the bathroom, avoiding her elbow.

Robert shut the door to the bathroom in preparation for his usual afternoon break. He hesitated, but nevertheless opened the hamper. Under a shirt, Carmen's red hearts underwear showed. He then turned to face the wall-length mirror above the counter and lifted them. He would have selected panties that belonged to someone other than his sister. He lowered his zipper, content with his rationale. His boxers produced an astonishingly excessive erection that was made of steel and had veins bulging out of it. He sprayed the bulbous cock with Carmen's lotion and let it run down his long, hard shaft. The scent of vaginal fluid erased the image of the underwear's owner when he pressed the soil's crotch to his nose.

He groaned, "Fuck, oh, fuck."

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