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C5 Being Taken Back

He continued driving, pondering her inquiry while mindlessly playing with her toes. He had never given it any consideration. He made an effort to never consider their real mother. He commented, "You have nice feet."

She replied, "Thanks, but don't change the subject... What if we were sent somewhere and then split up? It's possible that we forgot each other”.

"No chance... I can't imagine ever forgetting what you put me through”.

"Yeah, whatever, but you get my point. Sarah has experienced things that are beyond comprehension. Imagine that every time she dates someone, she worries that they might have a brother she didn't know she had?”.

Robert stopped rubbing the foot of his sister. He had a thousand ideas in his head. “Are you saying that because she thinks I'm her brother, she doesn't like me?”

Carmen bowed one eyebrow and narrowed the other. “She should be able to rule that out, I believe. The point that I'm trying to make is that Sarah is more complicated than the other girls you've been hitting on”.

“Carmen!! I can't understand why you say things like that!”.

" I've never been, as you put it, "hitting" anyone, as far as you know”. He added

The smile from his sister was telling and a little bit scary. “Okay, no matter what you say”

“I suggest that you learn more about Sarah if you want to be nice to her in the same way that you were nice to Rea Angel. She is unlike anyone else you've ever liked”.

Robert pondered the extent to which his sister was actually aware of Sarah.

“ It appears that you are more familiar with her than you claim.”

"I'm just more aware than you are, that's all."

"I'm perceptive...about things”. He said.

“In order not to digress from the subject at hand, don't you wish we had more information about our mother and pictures of us and her when we were younger? Why do you suppose that dad will not even discuss it with us or show us pictures?”

He gave it some thought for a moment. He probably doesn't want to think about it so he gave a placid reply

“ I don't know”.

Carmen waited for Robert to arrive in their driveway before speaking, "But we consider it like...em, obstructing our access to something."

She unlocked her door. “ Consider asking your mother to locate some pictures; she must have some”. She added.

Robert remained stationary until Carmen got to the porch. He had been given a lot to consider by her.

Robert heard Carmen talking at breakneck speed in the kitchen.

"Here, Her majesty”. he interrupted while raising Carmen's bag in the air. He hit a chair with her bag. She disregarded him.

"Hi, Mom." He could still let "Orva" out if he wasn't careful. His father slapped him upside the head the last time it happened and said, "She's my wife, and that makes her your mother. Keep it from happening again”.

While nodding to Carmen's verbal dump, Orva said, "Hi, Honey."

After giving her a cheeky kiss, he went to the bathroom.

Robert raised the hamper's lid after verifying that the door was securely shut. His cock jumped to life when he felt the touch of a girl's pantyhose on his bear flesh. He dug his balls out of his pants with his underwear.

"Would Derek put his dick on his sister's underwear?", He wondered.

He felt dizzy because the crotch was pungent. He tried to imagine Sarah or Mrs. Hannah, but Orva tits kept coming to mind. He remembered them from when she was a teenager who was pregnant and had huge, swollen nipples. They are so big and firm. When his parents weren't home, she wore no bra. Perhaps that is the reason he adored enormous tits to such an extent.

The supple pants were slid up and down his boner by him. Despite his best efforts, Carmen's heel continued to touch his lap, causing an unwelcome erection. Did she know? She would have backed away and referred to him as a pervert or worse.

He arrived quickly but continued to pump his dick with the slippery, wet material. He would go insane if he didn't get back together with a real girl soon. What forced Rea Angel to relocate to Missouri? They shared an amazing year together. She was just as horny as he was, but she vanished as soon as they settled into a routine. He wished they had more time to explore new places and positions after they had fucked like horny teenagers. They mostly did it on the floor of her bathroom because that was the only place they could hide from her younger brother. However, once he convinced her to do it, they stood up against a tree behind her house.


Sarah left the school bus and separated from the other students. She wasn't a loner, but she wasn't like her classmates. She was simply years ahead of them in experience and suffering, not because she felt superior.

She stopped in front of the Williams' house and considered Boy Charles, their Irish terrier. She had high hopes that Mrs. Williams would still want her to look after Charles on Friday. Charles was a simple youngster to watch. Not only were they in agreement, Williams had fast Internet as well.

Sarah was disappointed to discover that her despicable car was in front of her trailer when she got there. She referred to her foster father as despicable. She wasn't much better than her foster mother. She had always imagined that none of the foster families were like her real parents. At least for now, this despicable didn't want to mess with her.

Sarah went to her room down the hallway without greeting the couch-sitting man. She hit a beanbag chair after falling backwards. Styrofoam balls rose into the sun's rays, which cut through the smog. Yesterday Robert had irritated her, but today he irritated her more. In grade school, he called out to her, yet she didn't blame him for that. At that age, boys acted foolishly when they were around girls who had breasts. He wanted her to be his girlfriend, which enraged her. He would want to stay with her, take her places, and meet his parents; his stepmother. She slammed her teddy bear with a pair of scissors she had just picked up. He was, areas of strength for rich charming, yet she would never be his sweetheart.

"Why didn't he just want to have a sex with me like everyone else did?". She pondered.

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