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C7 Pantyhose

Following some serious time odd dreams and roof gazing, Robert yawned his direction through morning classes, lastly it was noon.

"What's going on," Derek asked and sat down across from him at the lunch table. “Why are you seated in this far corner?”

"Privacy, why else?" He replied.

"Whoa, We're good friends, but not as good as we could be."

"Be quiet!" Robert stated

"I just wanted to confirm”. Derek said, "I know how desperate you are...What then is it? How far have you come with the Sarah stuff?"

"Ah, not really, but I will." He wasn't worried about Sarah but the underwear and he didn't know how to start a conversation about how his sister and how he was acting strangely in her underwear. Derek would need to be felt out.

“What has been your most bizarre act to date? Is it something more sinister or that thing we never talk about?” he asked Derek.

Derek turned his head as if expecting to see someone with a camera. “There is something we don't talk about that we shouldn't even mention.”

“Yes, of course”. Robert had a strong suspicion that his friend had done something worse than what they didn't say.

“Let me then ask you a question, but it must be between us alone”.

"Say no more, I'm a secret vault papi," he said. Derek applied a fictitious zipper to his lips.

"Have you ever smell a woman's underwear?" Robert inquired.

Derek grinned. “What are your thoughts?”.

"I think you have.”

"Is that your sister's? He asked.

Derek responded, "No, no, I haven't, but you have."

He lied saying, "I've never even seen your sister's underwear."

"Not my sister, your sister... Carmen's pants, mm, mm. Yummy.”

“De....dick!!!shut up. I just wanted to know if you thought it would be strange if someone did, even though I never said I did”.

"If I lived with your sister, I'd do more than just sniff her pantyhose," Derek whispered as he leaned in.

“Shouldn't something be said about your mother's, you at any point sniff hers?"

"Jeez, for what reason did I figure I could get some information about something like this, when you let a...."

"Hello, we don't discuss that. It was a one-time event only. It just happened, I didn't look for it."

Robert replied, "Yeah, Sure."

"Things being what they are, you jerk off in your sister's undies and you don't want to perform for her?”

"I don't, no!!”. Robert stated.

"They're just underwear. Anybody could have them. I just smell them, I don't think about Carmen or anything else”. He added

"Sure, you're beating off and cumming where your hot sister's sweet pussy was, and you're not thinking about her?".

Robert's face started to burn.

“I definitely don't think about her, and I never said I came in them. Angel, Sarah, or Mrs. Han come to mind not her”.

Derek said, "Listen, I'm certainly not anyone to judge. But you do what you think is right, but I'm serious: Carmen is hot, and the fact that you live with her and she cannot date makes it ideal. You need her badly, and she needs you badly, right?”.

"You're just saying that because you think she's hot and that's what you want to do...That is not what you would say if it were your sister”.

Derek said, rinsing his chin, "Um, maybe. Hey... could I at any point get a couple of your mother's?"

"No!!." Robert placed his hands over his face. “The pantyhose of my mother are not allowed."

"Fine... How about Carmen's?"



"Bring your own sister's underwear”.

"Ella doesn't wear underwear”.

Robert tried to ignore Ella's nakedness. He made an effort to ignore Ella at all. She was the sister of his best friend, and she had problems. He attempted to disregard her, but subsequent to seeing her fingering herself directly in their lounge that was hard. She didn't know he was there, so he spied on her until she came. He should have turned away.

“ Just disregard that I at any point referenced underwear." Robert said with a grin.

“What would happen if your mom did the laundry?”. Derek stated, “You know, separates, breaks you up, and charges you with shooting...do you feel me?”

"Oh my Gawd, that would be bad, really bad”.

“Yes, I was aware that you did it. I can see her taking up Katie's underwear".

"Robert, can you please explain this crusty stuff in Katie's underwear?.. I can now hear your mother asking. Haha”.

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