C12 Determination

Maybe it was just that he was tired of. tying for a woman he had come to realise was not worth loving by him, or it was just time or the presence of his sister, no one could tell exactly but Jason began to take an interest once more in his life. He went back to work and all his employees were happy to have him back. He threw himself into his work with a vengeance. He did not allow his thoughts to stray to Rebecca.

His sister had made sure that all the pictures and portraits of Rebecca even the ones she and Jason had taken together was removed from the walls where they had been placed or the photo album.

She wanted to wipe the memory of Rebecca from her brother.

Jason stopped drinking and within a week, he hated the smell of alcohol. He could not tolerate it

He left a few in his bar just for formality sake, in case he had guests who preferred that.

He heeded his sister's advice and visited the gym regularly.

In the mornings, he jogged for about half an hour to an hour before breakfast and then off to work.

True to her word,The divorce papers came one morning and after reading through it, he signed it. He was going to give her the divorce so that she would be gone from his life entirely. He wanted to forget her and everything that reminded him of her and her insincerity.

He remembered how she would cozy up to him, 'Darling, you know I love you, don't you?'

'Of course and I love you too'. He would answer smiling because he knew that she was about to make one demand or the other.

'Well, My wardrobe need changing. I now wear outdated cloths and it is not befitting of the wife of a billionaire CEO like you, you know'. she would say stroking him and getting him to feel horny that he agreed. Though she didn't have to go that far because he was always ready to do anything for her and she knew it and took advantage of it at every turn but he was never bothered because he felt that he was working for her. If Rebecca did not spend and enjoy his money as his wife, then who would.

She would mention an amount that was shocking but he would not be bothered but obliged her.

At night, alone in his room, surrounded by empty space, his loneliness made itself felt with full force. He recalled how it had been between them. It had been so hot. Rebecca was a very hot woman. Sophisticated and worldly. All which had attracted him to her in the first place.

Her sexy eyes always set his body ablaze and she knew it. She knew the hold she had on him and used it always to her advantage.

When they made love, the way she twisted her body, moaned and cried like someone who was being flogged or someone who was was in the throes of unbearable sexual ecstasy which was what he had been experiencing in any case and assumed that it must be the same with her. Her response during love making was both exciting and exhilarating. There was no way any man would not be encouraged or fall in love with her after having such an incredible experience with her but why was he thinking all this? It was all in the past now and he would do well to remember that and stop crying over spilt milk.

He recalled her full firm breasts. He would always nurse at her breast, calling her his mum and imploring her to feed him with her nutritious breasts. Of course, that would turn into another round of lovemaking. Because she would moan as he nursed at her breasts and pull his head further down her breasts and wrap her legs round him and often times, she had nothing on and they would lose control and end up devouring each other. So where had it all gone wrong?

To him, those intimate moments might have been memorable but it obviously hadn't been to her. He had thought they were making incredible love but it must have been nothing but sex to her. She had said as such in her letter anyways.

He gave himself a shake. This had to stop. He got up, went downstairs and put the door to the pool in the premises for a quick soak.

He swam for sometime and got out, towelled himself and went back in. The water had been as cold as he wanted it His was supposed to bring the cold reality of his situation to the fore so that he didn't start having any illusions and it did just that and he fell asleep as soon as he got back inside.

Sally who didn't sleep much but woke at the slightest noise had heard him leave his room and had listened to hear where he would go to fearing that he was going to the bar because she could understand how lonely he must be feeling but she heaved a sigh of relief when the front door opened. Then she went to her window to see what he was up to and was in time to hear him dive into the pool.

That was an improvement. She believed that her work there was done and that she would have Togo home soon to her husband and children. She missed her beautiful daughter and handsome son. She spoke to them often since she came here but it still was not the same as being there with them.

She was glad of the improvement. She decided to stay a couple more days to assure herself before going back home to her family. She was missing her husband as well, so she understood perfectly what her brother was having to deal with especially at night.

He would have to get a girlfriend and soon too. Love can come later. All they needed was for them to be sufficiently attracted to each other. That was going to be another thing she would have to do before going back home.

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