C13 Matchmaking

Sally set to work immediately. There was no time to waste. Jason had to have a bed mate, a girlfriend who would at least warm his bed at night and cause the loneliness he felt if not to disappear completely but at least to be reduced to the barest minimum.

She organized a party n their mansion. Alot of guests were invited. Many of them their friends and others, acquitance.

The place was full and there were alot of single beautiful ladies in attendance.

Alot had come to try to win the billionaire over. He was now the most eligible bachelor in town afterall. Sally did not want to get her brother hooked to just anybody. The experience they had had with Rebecca was enough to last them a lifetime without having to repeat the same mistake.

Just as she had suspected, the bank manager had called to intimate Jason on the state of the joint account he had in the bank.

'As at a minute ago, you have $0'.

'But how is that possible? Is there a month that I do not deposit about a million dollars?'

'You had a mouth watering sum until a few days ago when your wife came into the bank and transfered the money into another account. We did not feel the need to ask her approval because we felt you had already given it. Remember you had told us that your wife was free to come in and use the funds in that account as she deemed fit and that we should not bother asking for your approval because we already had it by default?'

Jason rembered. The money in her account should have been enough but her greed had led her to emptying their joint account as well.

He wondered what would happen when she and her lover finished the money. would she leave Terry for a richer man or start prostituting? She definitely would not dream of coming back to him because he was damned if he would take her back.

He had wanted to make her one of the signatories to other accounts he owned but had not seen the need for that. He wondered now what would have happened if he had.

He saw the way alot of ladies were giving him the eye at the party but he found that his distrust of the female folks could not allow him enjoy their company.

He decided that they were good for only one thing and that was gracing his bed. He had decided that the best thing to do to guard against another heartbreak was to flee any form of commitment but to take his pleasure wherever he found it.

As Sally came towards him at the party with a beautiful girl called Deborah.

She was a fashion designer. Sally introduced them and they startedd discussing.

Truth be told, Jason was not really ready for any relationship even one lacking commitment but to make his sister happy, he endured the discussion with Deborah.

He found her boring and knew her kind was one that would need commitments and he was not willing nor ready to give that. After a while, he excused himself and another sophisticated lady came wadding towards him. She was wadding because that was the only way he could describe the way she was moving towards him.

He recognised her. She had always made passes at him even while he was still married to Rebecca. He had not given her the time of day then and didn't think that he would give it to her now.

Sophia Palmer was a divorcee. She had been married three times and had divorced all three of her husband's and was a woman of loose morals. Anyone with a full pocket could have her.

He walked briskly away before she got to where he was.

When he got back, some friends he had spoken to came toward him with a pretty girl who they introduced as their new neighbour who they had invited to the party so that she would not feel alone.

Jason felt intrigued. He got to discussing with her and they seemed to get alone and they agreed to a date sometime the following week.

Sally saw this and from a distance assessed the girl and realised that she could not have chosen a better partner..

She heaved a sigh and came towards them for introductions.

'Jason, may I meet this pretty lady you have been speaking with?'

'Oh, this is Phoebe Walkman. She is the new neighbour of the Simpsons.

Phoebe, this is my elder sister, Sally Whitman'.

'I am pleased to meet you ma'am', Phoebe said.

'No, you don't. Ma'am makes me feel old. Please do call me Sally. All my friends do'.

'It's a pleasure meeting you Sally', Phoebe amended.

'The pleasure is all mine. You must be a good friend to my brother or you will answer to me', she said jokingly and they all laughed. Though Jason felt a little uncomfortable.

Phoebe had been briefly told that Jason was an eligible bachelor and she was in need of a husband and if that husband happened to be rich, then so much the better.

She was not going to allow such a golden opportunity pass her by. She had seen the shadow lurking in his eyes and knew instantly that he must have been hurt recently and she was determined to take advantage of it.

She would do anything she could to get close to this Jason man and other things would definitely follow swiftly, the way she planned it.

She looked deep into his eyes and found him looking at her with amusement.

She blushed be ause she felt that he had somehow read her mind.

'You were so lost in thought. Hope I am not being a nuisance?' Jason asked, pretending not to have read her mind

'No, of course not. I was just thinking what a lucky woman your wife or girlfriend must be'. She said coyly.

Jason smiled because her utterance had just confirmed what he had suspected.

Her words did not hurt as much as it would have previously, funny enough because he was determined to go on with his life and not ruin it because of someone who was not worth it.

'You do not have to worry about that. There is no woman in my life presently and I love it that way, Champagne?'

He asked as he picked another cup from the servants passing by with a tray of drinks on his hands.

'Please', She replied,accepting the cup with a smile.

You may think that you like it that way but I shall change your mind soonest, you wait and watch. She thought to herself as she smiled at him again mischieviously.

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