C14 Phoebe Walkman

Phoebe Walkman had come to Lake District from the city of London. She had had a job there as Sales Representative in a textile company.

She had a steady boyfriend, Richard who was not employed. They had known each other for a very long time and had been lovers for just as long.

She had been the one footing the bills and caring for him. In fact she did everything for him but found out that he was not as faithful as he claimed to be. He was busy milking other girls like her. promising to love them for all eternity.

She confronted him one day after her friends had told her of his activities.

'Richard baby', said started one day after a steamy love making.

'Hmmmm?' he murmured obviously sated.

'Carol and her friends told me something the other day but I refused to believe them because I know my man and my man could never do what they had accused him of'.

Richard could not believe that Carol had gone ahead and told Phoebe about him.

'And what may that be?'

'She said something about having caught you with different girls at different occasions and that you had seen her as well but had seemed unremorseful. She Confronted you on a couple of occasions and you asked her to mind her own business'.

'Really? And what was your reaction to that?' Richard asked. His feelings for her had grown cold. He had other options now. He knew he was lazy but his goodlooks and charisma had always attracted the ladies to him and made them make alot of sacrifices for him. He could afford to let Phoebe go. There were others in the line. Yet he still wanted to play his cards well. Because a hundred geese laying the golden egg was better than just a few but he would sooner get rid of anyone of them that wanted to burst his bubble.

'I told her that I didn't believe her and that you could never do such a thing to me. We both have come a long way. But she insisted I ask you about it. I am just trying to fulfill all righteousness. Tell me sincerely, why would Carol lie about this? She's never done this before'.

Richard decided to play Carol game against her.

'What you don't know baby is that Carol has been jealous of our relationship for a very long time now. She has wanted me to herself. I can't tell you everything. It is just that I like her alot because she is your friend. But I could not betray you that way and definitely not with your friend but she would not have it. So, if she sees me speaking to a girl, she assumes the worst.

She's even asked me why I would speak to another girl when she was there ready for me but I had ignored her,thinking that my own baby Phoebe does not even stop me from socializing, how would this jealous wench do that?

I did not know that the matter was as serious as this. Now it is not enough that she wants us to be secret lovers,she now wants to come between us,drive a wedge, so that she can be with me without interruptions. How disloyal can this girl be? Richard wailed.

His acting was so impeccable that Phoebe had not known what to do. She could not believe that Carol could do such a thing. But then again, one can really not know the thoughts that lurk in the hearts of people.

Since Ralph had jilted Carol,she had been unable to find another man to call her own. Could it be then that she had been eyeing her own man,plotting to make him hers?

Could Carol have cooked up this story of Richard's unfaithfulness just to break them up and claim him as hers?

She did not know what or who to believe. Both of them had been so convincing.

She had had to start seeing her boss on the side to be able to meet the riding demands of Richard. He didn't know this of course and she wanted it to remain that way. She was doing all this with the hope that she and Richard would eventually get married. She was not getting any younger.

She decided to be diplomatic about it and carry out her own investigation.

Richard seeing her indecision, tried harder to convince her through emotional blackmail.

'I can see that you do not believe me. That is the kind of love you have for me, is that not so?

You claim to love me but you do not trust me. We have been seeing each other for how long now? Many years. Yet the first news you heard about me, painting me in a bad light, you believe instantly. You believe your friend over your fiance? Wonderful!'

He made to get up from the bed feigning anger and Phoebe had to placate him.

'You got it all wrong. Just like I have been with you for a very long time now, I have also been with Carol since forever. All these are confusing. I do not doubt either of you and yet I cannot ignore what both of you have told me. I just want to digest it but if it makes you feel any better, I do not think you are being unfaithful to me. With what money would you care for the girl or girls? You couldn't be keeping another girl by the side, using the money I laboured for to take care of her. That would be the height of wickedness and you are incapable of that. Rest assured that my faith is in you'.

Richard lay back on the bed but decided that he had to start looking for an alternative accomodations where he would have enough privacy and where it would not leave him stranded in the event that this fool be ame wise to his activities and throw him out because he knew that he'll had no fury than a woman scorned.

To take her mind off their discussion,he drew her into his arms again and started stoking her breast.

She moaned with pleasure, forgetting the discussion they had been having.

By the time Richard took her nipples into his mouth, she was as wet as a soaked wool.

Richard who had an appointment with one of his money breeding ladies, immediately thrust his penis into her and started driving them both to the abyss of mindless pleasure.

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