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C15 Fouled Vengeance

Phoebe continued her illicit affair with her married boss.She made money from him because he gave her enough money to take care of herself. They often went on business trips and in such trips, hey had fun with each other. The man could never get enough of Phoebe and was not ready to give her up. Phoebe who had entered the relationship so as not to fail Richard, found that she enjoyed all the attention as well. A d the money came in handy. Apart from Richard, she had material needs of her own that nobody cared to fulfill. She was the one taking care of everyone. It felt good being care for for a change but she still did not want to lose Richard. His lovemaking drove her wild. She felt that her body was used to his kind of sex that others fell short where his was concerned.

Whenever Phoebe went on such trips, Richard had time to be with as many of his female friends as he wanted. He prayed for more such trips in fact. Not just for the opportunity it accorded him to cruise with his girl uninhibited but Phoebe always came back from such trips loaded.Her boss must be very generous.

It was on one such occasions that Carol had seen him and he was going to teach that witch a lesson of her life.

Richard organized for a group of boys of questionable character to ambush her in a secluded area near a lake surrounded with mountainous hills,there they were to rap her.

She was on her way from somewhere one day, when she was abducted and taken to the arranged place and the boys were going to take turns with her. It didn't matter if she was raped to death. They had been paid handsomely for this and they were to get sexual satisfaction from it as well. It was not a bad deal at all.

When Carol saw what was going on and what the men had in store for her, adrenaline pumped I to her bloodstream,she was infused with a strength she did not know she possessed and fought like like a rabid dog.

How she did it, she could not really tell but she got the rag with which she was gaged out of her mouth and screamed. Her wail echoing through the hills.

Some young men who were not too far from there heard her cream and thought it must be some sea gulls or any other kind of animal. But when the scream came again and this time calling for help.

'Help me please, help meee'.

Then the sound was muffled. The young men came running towards the sound and after searching for a while, they were going to give up because the voice was no longer guarding them to where it came from but a movement caught their eye and they motioned on one another to keep quiet and moved stealthily towards the movement.

They going a young lady bound and gaged. She was in a state of half nudity. They untied her but before they could do anything further, they were attacked but they were mountain men and fought their attackers fiercely, the drugs the attackers had taken was already wearing off. They hadn't known that other girl would be this much trouble,else they would have asked for more money.

Seeing that they were overpowered,they ran off leaving the men with the helpless girl.

The young rescuers finished untying Carol and removed the gag from herouth.Her throat was patched but she managed to thank them.

'Are you alright?'

'I am now. If you hadn't come when you did,I do not know and do not want to imagine what would have happened to me. Thanks alot', she said.

'We were just being human and performing our duty to humanity. Anyone else could have done that'.

'You are mistaken. Not all would have risked their lives to save money and my dignity'.

'Don't think about that now. Hope you are not hurt in any way?'

'No just feeling a little cramped where I Was tied but I shall live,thanks to you'.

'Enough thanks for one night. If you can get up and walk, we shall accompany you away from this place. There may be more of such beasts who attacked you lurking around'.

Carol shi ered and stood straight. She walked briskly as though trying to run away from that area.

The young men asked her what she had been doing there and she narrated to them how they had abducted her on her way from work and brought her there through some crooked path.

She asked their names.

'It would be impolite of me not to know the names of my rescuers'.

'I am Tim'.

'I am Mac' .

'And I am Palmer's, the one who seemed to have done most of the job said.

He was staring at Carol strangely. Carol blushed and looked away. She liked him. This guy called Palmer.

'Snd what is yours?' he asked.

'I am Carol. Carol Pitts.

They got talking and his other two friends gave each other a sign that they should walk faster and give the couple a little privacy to get to know each other better.

Carol and Palmer exchanged contacts and addresses and promised to call each other.

By this time,they had got close to her house.

Coincidentally, Phoebe was coming towards them, she had gone to see Carol and tell her of her discussion with Richard but had not met her at home. She had tried calling her but her mobile was unavailable . She had waited a bit and was just on her way home when she met them.

They introduced themselves as Carol introduced Phoebe to them.

'Please take better care of your friend. She was nearly molested by a mob of drug addicts just now'.


'Its okay. I was rescued by these young men. But for them, I might have been raped to death.But we can talk about all that later.

Thanks once more Time,Mac and Palmer. Hoping to hear from you'.

They smiled at each other and Phoebe did not miss that. She was happy for her friend. She was finally going on with her life.

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