C16 Revealed

As soon as the young men left, Phoebe dragged Carol into her room after hastily unlocking the door.

'Tell me exactly what happened. Don't leave put any detail'. She Implored.

'There's not much more to tell. I was on my way back from work when I was abducted. I was taken unawares be ause I hadn't been expecting it. They gaged me, so my shouts was muffled. They took me through a path I cannot recall to a mountainous area and the five of them were going to take their turns with me. They said something about sharing the amount the person who sent then had given them. But when they started unzipping my cloths and theirs, I knew I had to do something. desperate situations called for desperate measures.

I did not know where the strength came from, maybe from the survival instinct. But I managed to get the gag out my mouth and screamed. They immediately clasped their hands overy mouth and we're going to strangle me. They removed their hands only when the Gaga was firmly in place again. But that split second when I screamed, alerted these young men who came running to my rescue.

The gang hid,leaving me alone as a trap and as soon as these young men got close, they jumped on them, fighting them. I was scared for them but they fought them off fiercely, beating them mercilessly until they ran off.

I wish I had been able to get the name of the person who wanted to do this to me'.

'Do you suspect anyone?'

'I have been going through my mind, thinking of who would want me dead or ruined. I cannot remember who I must have offended so much that they would want to do that to me'.

Phoebe could not believe it but her mind went straight to Richard. Could Richard had done this to Carol as a way of asserting his revenge on her for spilling the beans?

If he were indeed responsible, then it meant that what Carol had said was true. She didn't even want to consider that until she had found enough evidence but for now she would just play it by ear.

She also did not ask Carol if she thought Richard was responsible. They just spoke about other matters and Phoebe left now even mentioning the reason for which she came visiting.

A couple of days later,still carrying out her investigation, Phoebe lied to her boss lover that she was not feeling well and needed to visit the hospital for checkup and needed about two days absence from work.

'Do you need to ask? But I hope it is really a matter of your health and not that you are going to be with another man?' her boss had asked.

'Of course not. But thanks for giving me the permission'.

Phoebe told Richard her live in lover, that she was going on a business trip with her boss and Richard could not contain his excitement.

'That good. Go ahead!' he said and then caught himself at the look in her eyes.

'What I mean is that,it would not be good for you to refuse going on the trip. You could lose your job you know, and we do not want that's. He amended.

'Oh!' was all she said and prepared for the supposed trip.

She went and lodged in a hotel from where she disguised herself and spied on Richard and his activities.

She had hardly settled down to keep watch when she saw Richard, his arms round a pretty girl, going into their apartment.

She could not believe this. There must be another explanation, surely?

She waited for sometime but they did not come out. She was moved to go through the front door but held herself in check. They came out sometime later, with his arms still round her and she took snapshots of them.

She followed them and heard Richard telling the girl, when next they would meet and where.

After seeing her off, He called another girl presumably and from the discussion, she was angry that he had neglected her for long.

He told her that he was short of funds and that he had missed her.

Phoebe could not believe her ears.

They made arrangements and soon he and the other girl went to their rendezvous and she tagged along at a distance taking pictures and seething with jealous anger and bitterness.

What had she not done for this ingrate and he does this to her once her back was turned?

She felt that she had seen enough for the day. She was near bursting point. She would continue with her surveillance the following day. She went back to her hotel to eat and test.

The next day, the story was not much different except that he had actually spent the night with another different girl in her own bed.

She had left her surveillance and had not known that there had been a third girl or maybe this was even the fourth?

She could take it no longer but she still wanted to know how far he was going to go.

So afterwards, when he had seen the girl off and invited another to come at a given time with his goodies as he called it, Phoebe in her disguise, came out and knocked at the door.

He opened the door in his boxers.

'Hello pretty? How may I be of assistance to you?'

'I am actually new in this area and must have lost my way. Sorry but could you make me a cup of coffee, please?'

She had specifically requested for coffee because he made sure it was never lacking in the house since he was addicted to it'Of course do come in'.

He made her the coffee and started a conversation with her.

'Such a beauty like you should not have to go through difficulties. You must be employed somewhere, I think?'

'Yes, I am a doctor'.

'That's good but ate you comfortable being that?'

'What do you mean?'

'I mean in terms of the remuneration. Because if not, I can get you a lucrative job'.

Phoebe nearly laughed out loud. He was just too obvious but she could imagine how a naive and vulnerable female we ould fall into his trap.

'I have no complaints about my payments. And zi love caring for people. Medicine is my life's calling'.

'That's okay then. I would like for us to be friends. Real friends. You just said you have no one close to you here since you relocated recently to this area. I want to be your friend and all'.

'But won't your wife or girlfriend object?' she asked.

'I do not have a girlfriend. They previous girl ran off with my friend. So I am being careful. But you look trustworthy enough'.

They spoke at length with Phoebe getting angrier by the second.

She had to leave before she revealed her true identity to this cheat.

She promised to call back at a certain time the following day and they bade each other farewell.

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