C2 The Accident

'O God, save this girl. Don't let her die'.

Jason could not remember the last time he had prayed. It must have been during their growing up years but he had since forgotten how to pray. But he was actually praying as he drove like the devil was after him to the hospital.

That was the problem with Lake District. all the sceneries and paths. It was almost as though getting to the hospital was going to take the whole day but he eventually got to the hospital.

He carried her in and with strict orders, Nancy was taken to the intensive care unit.

He made the necessary monetary depositions for the treatment to commence at once and the doctor on duty, Doc Manuel took charge.

Her fore head had hit the bonet of his car and there was a big lump there.

They tried reviving her.

Jason did not want to be charged with manslaughter but apart from that a young life was on the line and he did not want to be responsible for the lose of such a life.

Jason did not know what had troubled the girl so much that she felt the need to be careless with her life.

He had been a careful driver all his life and had respect for human life. He hoped it would not be another irony of life that he who valued human life the way that he did should be the one to be charged for taking it just because a girl was careless with her life or felt that her troubles were too much for her to endure them any longer or find a solution to them but to take the easiest way out, which was taking her own life or rather getting someone to do it for her.

Nancy had a bump in the head and was suffering from concussion.

' We should be careful that it was not more than concussion. A lot of people have lost their lives, some had had amnesia. memory loss and some such thing but she will soon be okay

We have revived her and are doing something about her concussion. We shall give her some drugs

You must make sure that she takes them'

'Okay, doctor. Thanks so much. It is a relief to hear you say those words'.

'I can understand that but you both should be careful next time' he said and Jason nodded.

That was truely a relief. The girl had been so still that he had thought that he had ended her life for sure.

On the way home, he would make sure to give her a piece of her mind.

'And, oh, one more thing. she should be careful with the kind of activities she engages in. So that the baby is not endangered'. The doctor added.

Jason was dumbfounded. 'The baby?' He must have thought it out loud because the doctor said, 'Yes, the baby. Did you not know that she was pregnant? She was extremely lucky that no harm came to her baby. but she had to be careful from henceforth'.

Jason did not even know when the doctor left. He was dazed. So if he had killed the girl, he would not have killed just one person but two? Thank God that was not the case. But now, a lot of things had become clearer.

The girl must have been fed up with her life because of her pregnancy. It must be an unwanted pregnancy. And she had just wanted to kill herself because she did not know what else to do.

Women with their fish brains. She must have fancied herself in love with some man who was just after her body and had run at the first sign of trouble.

He wondered why always seemed to have a poor sense of judgement. They were always poor judges of character.

Because of her stupidity, she had nearly got him into trouble.

He was there when she came out.

'Please she need to have adequate rest. She needs it. She is much stressed and with this accident and the concussion, she needs it even more now'.

Jason nodded. He looked at the girl and she was still looking dazed as though she could not believe that she was still alive or as though she could not believe what she was still doing there.

'Let's go home!' he said.

'Go home? Where is home?' she asked.

'Well, I was hoping you would tell me', he said.

'Oh, okay but what happened?'

'We shall talk all about it in the car on our way home'.

That word again. She did not consider where she lived home. It was just her hide out. She would rather stay there than allow her parents know that she had brought disgrace to them or ruined their reputation.

She entered the car, making up her mind not to allow this man know exactly where she was living. She was going to make him stop a little distance away from the hell hole which was her place of residence. She still had her pride and did not want charity from anyone but she had to find out what had happened and why she had ended up in the hospital and this headache.

It was starting and it was severe. She could barely think straight. But she had to find out some things.

'Well, you did say you were going to tell me all that happened because I can't seem to remember anything except going out this morning in search of a job.

'What about your husband?' he asked. He had looked at her finger and did not find any wedding band or any other indication for that matter that she was married except her pregnancy which he would not have known about had the doctor not mentioned it.

And being pregnancy alone was not proof of being legally married. So his suspicions were confirmed. It was an unwanted pregnancy and she had gone out in search of a job to be able to fend for herself and the baby. But for how long did she think that she would be able to keep it up? Even if she did find a job now, as soon as it is noticed that she was pregnant and without a husband, it was more than likely that she would be relieved of her job and other more capable hands employed

Well it depended on the type of job she wanted and if she had any training or education in any profession but he doubted it.

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