C6 The Letter

'Terry, my dearest friend,

I know you must be working on a very tight schedule or in a formal gathering that has made you unable to pick my calls. I understand that but I want to plead with you to give me a call as soon as you are free of your engagements or better still come to the house. I have something very important to talk to you about. It involves Rebecca.

I am eagerly expecting your call.


After writing that, he felt a little relieved. He had dismissed all the help for the day. Those who lived with him had retired to their quarters, those who came from their homes had gone back home in obedience to his instructions.

He paced back and forth in the living room. But he could not help his restlessness. He went into his study but he felt claustrophobic and rushed out. He paced the garden but was impatient. He dialled Terry's number again but this time it was switched off.

'What is happening?'

He could bear the suspense no longer so, he brought out the letter, the maid had given him as a last souvenir from Rebecca and tore it open.

He wondered why he was so scared to read the letter. Maybe it was because reading the letter would make her decision to leave him final but at least he would be spared the agony of not knowing why she had done what she had done.

He had wanted to read it when Terry got there but he would have to do it himself afterall it was meant for him alone and not for all the men in Lake District.

The contents of the letter was a shock to him. He nearly had a heart seizure. It read:

'Dear Jason,

I have decided to leave you for good. I can endure it no longer.

The fact is that I was never in love with you. I had married you because of the material things I knew your wealth would get me.

I had thought that it was enough until I started having feelings for Terry.

Yes, the same Terry you know. Your best friend. As me stayed together even when you were there, we found that there was a strong chemistry between us.

We tried to ignore it. Afterall, we could not do this to a husband and a best friend. If it were someone else or would have been quite easy.

We fought the attraction we felt for each other for your sake but it was no use.

On one occasion, Terry had come to see you and tell you everything and probably move away from Lake District but you were not in but I was.

He didn't want to tell me what the problem was but I was able to get him to confess the reason for his visit to me.

I could not bear it. I had decided that I was not going to fight my feelings for him anymore and he was here to reveal all to you and abandon me here.

I could not endure it so I hugged him, begging him not to go anywhere because I was going to end my life if he did.

The contact was really innocent, I promise but the current it generated between us was anything but.

How it happened was beyond our comprehension but we found that we could not take our hands off each other.

It was a steamy encounter that led us to being intimate with each other. We could not help it and afterwards, we knew that we could not continue pretending that there was nothing between us.

I could not bear your you h after that. I now knew the difference between love and lust which was what I had had for you.

I could not go back existing the way I had been. I had to start living and Terry brought me alive. Being with him made me realise what I had been missing these years.I had never been on love before but now that I had experienced it, I was not going to allow it be taken away from me at any cause.

You could not understand the change in my behaviour, naturally. You were just too trusting. If you weren't, you would have been able to read the signs but I am sure that you did not once suspect me of infidelity nor your friend at that.

I had not meant to keep you on the dark because I was not ashamed of my love. That was why I spoke about divorce but Terry was feeling guilty and remorseful and asked us to wait a bit before revealing our relationship to you. He was sure that you would be heartbroken because he felt that you really loved me. I know that as well. I was sorry that you did and that our actions would hurt you but I could not do anything about that . I could not sacrifice my happiness for someone else.

You are rich, handsome and kind. I believe that you will find another woman who really deserves you. Someone who would love you the way that you deserve to be loved and not just for your money.

Terry may not be as rich as you are but at least I am happy with him and I find fulfillment in his company.

My lawyers will draw the divorce papers and mail or send it to you for signature. I hope that you will be gracious enough to oblige me by signing them without delay because we need to get married immediately.

There would be no need delaying the signing of the divorce papers as it would do none of us any good. I would rather continue to live with Terry as his mistress than come back to you. This is not being heartless. It is just to let you know that I shall not change my mind.

Let's end this as quickly as possible so that we can all go on with our individual lives.

You are a good man and I wish you the best. But I am not the woman for you and neither are you the man for me. I have just realised that.

Best wishes.


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