C7 Heartbreak

Jason felt an intense pain in his heart. He felt faint. He was sure that he was having a seizure.

No! this could not be happening. It must be a nightmare. He was sure he was going to wake from this soon and find that it had all been one hell of a horrible dream.

What was this? How could Rebecca do this to him? Rebecca who he had loved with all his heart and done all that he could to satisfy.

He thought of Terry. They had been friends from high school and then in college. They had been closer than biological brothers. They had shared everything. Okay, almost everything, except of course their girls.

Terry had been his best man at his wedding.That had been the happiest day of his life. The day he made the woman he loved, his formerly.

He had been happy when Terry and Rebecca had got along very well. It would have grieved him if they had not got along but he did not have that to contend with.

He had tried to be the best husband that he could possibly be. Being very attentive and satisfying her every whim.

Maybe he tried too hard.

To think that he had actually called Terry to come to him so that they could see how they were going to get Rebecca to come back. In his stupidity, he had not realised that Terry was the source of all his problems with his wife all along.

He laughed derisively at himself. 'What a fool, I have been'.

Then he clutched his heart. The pain steered in his heart yet again. It felt like his heart had broken into a million tiny pieces and was breaking into smaller bits even more with each painful realization and as the reality of his situation dawned more and more on him.

Terry who had been like a brother to him,could do this to him?

He was the one responsible for the elevated position he held in the firm he worked with. Terry was a. brilliant lawyer,no doubt about that but he had pulled strings to ensure that he was highly placed. How could he not, Terry was his best friend and the brother he did not have afterall.

But Terry had not honoured that sacred relationship. Maybe it was not as meaningful to Terry as their relationship had been to him.

He had to fall in love and elope with his own wife. He who he had gone to to help bring his wife back to her senses without knowing that he was giving them even more opportunity to betray him and plot his downfall.

Jason was sure he was never going to recover from this.

He was in so much pain that he felt sleeping was going to be a remedy. He got up to enter the room but slumped heavily on the settee.

He was having a severe headache. He was not sure now if he had done the right thing by giving his servants the day off. He had asked them to take the day off. Those of them who lived with him had gone to their quarters behind his building and those who came from their houses had gone back home.

He had tried to be a good and considerate employer but maybe he needed someone to be with him right now because he was sure that he was dying.

But then again, maybe it had been the right decision to have asked them to leave because he was not sure he wanted them to see him in this pitiable state.

He had been crazy in love with Rebecca. Their sex life had been great from his estimation and he had thought that she felt the same way because of the way she had always responded and acted. But now, he realised that she must just have been acting and laughing behind him. She was really a great a tress because he never had an inkling about her thoughts and intentions.

He had been faithful to her, not seeing any other woman's beauty but hers. No woman but Rebecca had meant anything to him. He had tried all he could to keep her satisfied and dated. Sexual, financially and otherwise.

Do where had he got it wrong?

The two most important people in his whole life had betrayed him. They had not just betrayed him but had killed him.

Hurt, betrayal, heartbreak didn't even begin to describe what he was feeling.

How? And by the two people he loved and trusted the most?

What was he going to do now? He called one of the male servants, and Bruno came immediately. He lived in the quarters behind the house.

He asked him to make him a hot cup of coffee and as Bruno was about to leave, the sudden stab of pain again on his heart as he tried to rise from the chair sent him reeling and he fell heavily on the floor.

'Sir, sir what is the matter?' Brino asked in his fright and going to his boss, he tried to lift him but he was really very weighty and fearing the worse because his pulse was really faint, he looked around confused, not knowing what to do.

He was frightened and immediately called for the doctor.

'Doctor, It's the Campbell's residence. please come, my master is dying'. He did not know how else to convey the emergency so that the doctor could come immediately and he actually thought that Jason was dying. He had never seen his boss as weak and helpless as that since he had known him.

The doctor came with his bag of medical kit and helped Bruno to carry Jason to the bed.

Bruno picked the letter he saw lying on the floor and put in his pocket after going through it.

He was filled with rage for the madam who had caused the good master to feel this type of pain that had made him as helpless as this and put him in this state. He did not want any other person to see this letter. So he kept it safe to give back to his boss when he recovers and he sincerely prayed that he does.

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