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C8 Coping with the Betrayal

The doctor, Dr. Manuel, examined Jason after giving him something that revive him. He was a renowned doctor and Jason had always employed his services. In fact, he was the family doctor of the Campbells.

He checked Jason's eyes, heartbeat, blood pressure as well as other things.

Jason's heartbeat was erratic and his blood pressure was high. He gave him some drugs to bring down the blood pressure.

'Have you been stressing yourself out lately?' the doctor asked.

Bruno looked at his master sympathetically.

'No, my boss has not been stressing himself but a Jezebel in angel's clothing had done this dreadful thing to him', He thought to himself.

Jason sighed. He could not trust his voice so, he just shook his head.

'You will have to take it easy. Your heart isn't very healthy at the moment. Something must have happened to give you a shock But you don't have to say anything if you don't want to but as much as possible do not encourage anxiety or entertain any painful thoughts. Try to forget about anything that makes you anxious or pained.

You will have to take care of your heart and allow it to heal. If you don't, it could lead to paralysis or cardiac arrest which is tantamount to losing one's life because once the heart starts having problems, it is quite difficult to manage it. Except a heart transplant is performed.

So, whatever it is, ask yourself if it is worth your losing your life over'. Dr. Manuel counselled wisely.

Jason nodded to show him that he understood.

Jason listened to him and heard the wisdom on those words but it was easier said than done.

The doctor gave him some drugs and put him to sleep immediately.

Bruno stayed by his boss's side all through. attending to him,and his every need.

Every time, he woke, he looked round to see if Rebecca was back but his head always fell in disappointment. He tried to follow the doctor's advice but found that it was extremely difficult.

Rebecca had been his life. And what had the doctor said again, that he should consider if what was causing him such anxiety and pain was worth losing his life for?

He laughed at himself. What the doctor does not know is that I have already lost my life. I lost my life the moment Rebecca left with for my best friend. There is no more hope'.

Later, the next day, when he was feeling up to it, and his servants were all at their duty posts, he called his office and told the manager to take charge of the firm like he had always done whenever he was not around.

'But what is the problem? We waited for you to come back yesterday but you never did. Is it something serious? Something we should know about?'

'It is a serious matter but it is personal butit is being taken care of. Just take charge of all the operations. I have never found you wanting in the way you handle the firm in my absence. I trust that it would be the same this time as well'.

'You do not have to worry sir. It would be as though you were the one handling it yourself, I promise'.

'Tight then, see you soon'.

After hanging up. He went to the bar for a little drink but everything seemed to remind him of her.

He remembered how they would come to the bar and he would mix her a drink and they would toast to their happy life together.

He wanted to hit something because he could not deny the fact that he would miss her terribly. In fact, he was already missing her something awful.

He took a sip, the dry gin went down his throat hot and scalding.

That was just what he wanted. He wanted to inflict more pain on himself. Maybe, it would help counter the pain he was already feeling and which he could do nothing about.

After a while, he found that he just needed more of the gin and he kept taking.

By lunch time when the cook came to invite him to the dinning table, she found him slumped on a chair drunk.

That started his dinking hobby. He found that he could escape his pain by drinking and felt that if that was how he was going to cope with this betrayal, hurt and bitterness, then he was going to continue.

Jason became a drunk. He was always in a drunken stupor. He was often not aware of his surroundings or what was going on around him.

He always woke with a headache, a hangover but after coffee or lemon juice took care of the hangover and he ate a little,he now eat less than usual and had grown emaciated, he would go into his room to his drink.

It was better for him than dwelling on the pain that seemed not to want to go away.

He felt that the world would blame him for his wife's infidelity and abandonment. They would say that he was not able to keep his wife in check or that he had not been able to satisfy his wife and the poor woman had eloped with a better man who also happened to be his best friend.

Just considering the gossip which must be making the rounds and he was sure the news had spread even through his company and all his employee must know about it.

He didn't think he could face the world and felt that they were right. There must be something he hadn't done right.

Maybe he had not been able to satisfy her sexually despite his sexual prowess. So maybe Terry had been a better man than he. The thought was so painful that he had to drink so as not to dwell too much on it.

He was having psychological trauma and blaming himself for his wife's elopement.

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