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C9 Sweet Sister Sally to the Rescue

Sally Whitman was Jason's elder sister. Bruno called her and briefed her on the condition of her brother.

Bruno had tried to stop his boss from drinking. But he could do so much without risking losing his job. His boss would in his state not feel that he was having his interest at heart but might think that he was now becoming too presumptuous.

He had taken away all the alcoholic drinks and hidden them away but Jason thinking that he had run out of drinks had sent for more. When Bruno had tried to refuse, Jason had been very angry his voice thunderous.

'Get me the drinks I ordered you to get me right away!' he had ordered thunderously.

The servants whispered amongst themselves. They were sorry for Mr. Campbell, their employer but they knew their place and did not want to do anything to displease him.

Bruno had called the doctor to come for a check up, which he did and found out the pitiable state of Jason. He gave him an elixir which brought him to her s senses and made him sober. He gave him counsel about the dangers of excessive intake of alcohol.

'I have now realised that your wife left you but I must assure you that is not the end of the world. You are lucky she eloped with her lover

What if she had continued to pretend that she was with you while carrying on her lascivious activities, then what would you do when you eventually found out? Believe me it is better this way.

There are cases of wives killing their husbands for their wealth so that they could live a good life with their lovers. But yours just picked up and left. She made no demands as bout money though we shall be sure of that we hen she files for rt divorce and asks for alimony. Though, the court may not grant her that since she is going away of her own Accord and with a well to do Lawyer but being a lawyer, one should expect anything. But you should still be thankful that it was not worse than this.

It would definitely hurt you awfully now, but be determined to get over it and not drown in it. You have your life ahead of you. There are still many women who would give anything to be married to you. You might ask about love but if you give yourself a chance, you shall definitely fall in love again.

Nature abhors a vaccum, you know. Once you empty your heart of the feelings you had for Rebecca your wife, and allow yourself to feel again without fear, you shall be surprised at what would happen. I can assure you, you would be the one being happy that Rebecca left you because you would at that time be experiencing a better kind of love that is equally reciprocated.

I am speaking to you not as a doctor now bit as a friend with experience'.

'Thank you so much doctor. I shall try my best to heed them', Jason said ashamed of himself and determined to make amends.

He gave him some stabilizing drugs and left.

It was easier said than done though because as soon as the doctor left, Jason was his old self trying his hardest to look happy and carefree.

His meal was brought him and he ate but immediately he was left alone, the servants happy to have their master back, the loneliness filled the whole house and his whole being and he remembered the times he had spent with Terry his friend and how they had shared each other's problems and laughed at each other's fears and he rembered how he had shared the problem he was having with Rebecca with him, thinking that he was sharing with the friend he had known all his life, only to be back stabbed.

The pain tore through him again.

He remembered the intense intimate moments he had shared with Rebecca and how he had considered those moments precious and the happiest moments of his life, her moans of pleasure, the frenzy with which she had caressed him and responded to his touch and stroking and how she had told him in her letter that she had never loved him but had been after his money and what it could get her. At least she had been sincere at the end. He guessed, he should be grateful like the doctor had said. But it did not reduce the pain at all

Not by a long shot.

He had to forget. So, he took a sip and from a dip, to a gulp and then he was back where he started.

Before taking the sip, he had called for Bruno and asked of he saw his letter.

Bruno knew immediately the letter he was referring to. It was the same that had broken his boss'heart and he excused himself to get it, though he wondered if it was the right thing to do in the circumstance.

He came back with the letter to find his boss's speech slurred.

'So where is the letter?' Jason asked.

'Here it is'. Bruno said handing it to him, disappointed at the state he found him.

He was determined that this must cease. He had done this once the doctor and everyone had left him but if someone was to keep him company consistently, someone he cared deeply for and respected, he may lay of drink for a few days and after that it might just be difficult for him to go back to it.

So Bruno who had been with him for longer than the other servants, called Sally Whitman, his sister. He had never seen siblings being as close as they had been. Marriage and distance was just what stopped them living together.

He wondered why Jason himself had not called Sally to tell her of his heartbreak but it was not late yet because he was going to do just that.

He explained the situation to her and she promised to take the flight early next morning from London to Lake District to see her brother.

When she arrived, Bruno heaved a sigh of relief.

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