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C1 She Was Mo

There's a clinic in front of us, surrounded.

Lim Fann, who had been working the whole night, sat in the car with his eyes closed to rest. Suddenly, he was woken up by Zhao's brake.

"What's going on?" Lim Fann opened his deep bloodshot eyes and asked casually with a chill in his voice.

Zhao was nervous and quickly explained, "Sir, there is a traffic jam ahead."

Lim Fann opened his mouth for a long time and said faintly, "Go down and buy me a bottle of water."

Zhao let out a sigh of relief and ran down.

Lim Fann opened the window and wanted to breathe in the morning air. Through the window, he saw a group of aggressive women running towards the oral clinic. They had the intention to attack the clinic. A few cars in front had already impatiently honked their horns.

Lim Fann frowned. He picked up the phone and was about to call the Road Traffic Bureau.

"Sir, I saw Miss Su!" Zhao rushed over with two bottles of water.

Lim Fann's elegant fingers suddenly shook.

Zhao had already gotten into the car. "Miss Su seems to be the owner of this oral clinic. According to my guess, these people attacked the clinic because... Miss Su snatched someone else's husband."

Sigh, luckily the mister and Su Baile divorced. Otherwise, wouldn't he be wearing a green hat?

Sir had many suitors, and among them, there was no lack of famous movie stars and the daughter of a financial group. But this Su Baile had the most impact on him. She always carried the backpack of Hello Kitty. She rode a bicycle to the company to deliver food to the president. Sometimes, she would even pass him a portion. Even though she had a baby face, her craftsmanship was not bad.

She originally thought that she was a gentle and virtuous girl, but it didn't take long for her to reveal her true nature. Not only was she hot tempered and jealous, but she was also a restless person. He had an affair outside. When he met an evil person, he would complain first. He would say that Sir had an affair. Meeting.

Lim Fann's eyes twitched. After a moment of silence, he picked up his phone. What happened?" Hello, Chief Lee? There is a clinic on Huixin Street that is causing trouble. Please send someone to mediate..."

There were three groups of people outside Renai Clinic.

A group of boys and girls support Su Baile, a group of gorgeous women surround and attack Su Baile, and a group of reporters who are taking photos. They are using magnesium lamps to light Su Baile's sexy golden short skirt.

"We, Lyi, are not Mo! Our husband doesn't care, and he actually cares about others!"

"That's right. Do you know how hard it was for Lyi to walk through the entertainment industry? Auntie! If you don't understand, then don't slander others! A group of fans with red faces and thick necks shouted at a group of women.

"Hmph, of course I know! Your Lyi slept all the way up! Today, with this and that tomorrow!"

"Yes, it's a Mo who destroys other people's family!"

Another group of women fought back with their necks held high.

The two groups started to fight again.

Su Baile's head was already two times bigger!

That stinky girl Lyi Lili, wait for her to come back and see if she would peel off her skin! Ever since that stinky girl appeared in the clinic once, her crazy fans were all blocking the entrance of the clinic every day as if they were injected with stimulants. Seeing that the people who came to the clinic to see the doctor were gradually disappearing, Su Baile could only pretend to be Lyi Lili once to satisfy those fans' desire to ask for signatures. Who knew that today, a group of women suddenly appeared and attacked her. And they even called her Mo!

She was really angered to death!

Just what kind of bastard did Lyi Lili, that girl, provoke outside?!

At this moment, accompanied by the sound of the alarm, a police car stopped not far away.

A few police officers forcefully dispersed the crowd and forcefully brought the two groups of people who had caused trouble back to the police station.

Those women shouted in disagreement, "Why did you arrest me? You should have arrested that vixen!"

Those fans also shouted, "Lyi, we had a conflict because we wanted to help you..."

Assistant Yang Qin also looked at those fans with a look of sympathy. "Doctor Su, why don't you plead on their behalf?"

"These brainless fans should be disciplined. If they didn't block the clinic every day, how did those women know Lyi Lili had been here before? It caused our clinic to be unable to operate normally. What's more hateful is that they actually surrounded and attacked me as Mo! "Su Baile said angrily.

She secretly heaved a sigh of relief in her heart. It was better for her to avoid doing things like pretending to be a celebrity in the future.

"Mom, have those bad guys left?" Doudou stuck out his small head and looked around with his big black eyes.

Su Baile walked over and knocked on his cute head. "Are you still a man? You didn't come out to help when you saw Mom being bullied!"

Doudou pouted and said, "I had this thought before. But I'm so small, I can't beat you."

Su Baile's eyes were filled with love as she kissed him on the cheek.

Just as Su Baile was about to change her outfit and start working, a familiar and tall figure suddenly appeared outside the clinic.

She immediately felt as if she was struck by lightning as her mind went blank and kept buzzing.

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