Premarital Tyrant Love/C11 The past Is Not Worth Mentioning
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Premarital Tyrant Love/C11 The past Is Not Worth Mentioning
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C11 The past Is Not Worth Mentioning

"I remember when I was a kid my family was poor. Dad was an alcoholic. Every time I got drunk and came back to hit Mom, Mom would always let him hit me without saying a word. After that, she would wash him clean. She helped him to sleep on the bed. After that, it was time for me to be alone with my mom. My mother sits by the candlestick to weave while I lie on the table and do my homework."

Su Baile smiles bitterly before continuing, "Actually when father does not drink, he loves my mother and me the most. But he always likes to drink..." She curled up on the other sofa opposite Lim Fann and burped.

Su Baile seemed to be a little drunk. Her eyes stared at the bottom of the wine glass with misty eyes and her mouth was talking to herself.

"I know that mother endured the humiliation in order to let me successfully complete my studies. I also won't let her down. Finally getting into a key university, I started to work part-time to earn money. I also learned defensive spells and thought that if my father hit my mother again... I will definitely fight him to the death. However, his father only went crazy from drinking when he was drunk. Actually, he loves us very much. I don't know how Mom passed away. When I came home during the winter holidays, Dad cried and said to me, so it turns out that her heart is not good. Every time she gets sick, she bears with it. Finally, she collapsed in one of the snowy nights. She still has half of the unfinished sweater in her hand. "

Actually, she didn't know if she had deliberately sealed the past of her mother's death or if she really couldn't remember it. She always had a rough impression of it, but whenever she thought of her mother, her heart ached.

" Baile... "Lim Fann did not expect that she would suddenly say such words. In the dark night, her eyes, which were emitting a dim light, were filled with guilt.

"Later on, I met you. I thought you were the Exiled Immortal who came to save me. Who knew that you were also a bastard who deceived my feelings. You lied to my body and said 'long time no see' as if nothing had happened! Did your conscience get eaten by a dog, or did you have no heart at all? " When Su Baile said this, she leaned her head against the sofa and looked at Lim Fann with intoxicated eyes.

Lim Fann looked at her with heartache. His beautiful figure wanted to get closer to her.

She angrily stretched out her long legs and kicked him, but he caught her ankle.

"You bastard. Why should I give my heart? Why should I be the only one hurting my soul, but you can continue to laugh and laugh at me? Live your days? " Even though he had grabbed her ankle, her legs still kicked Lim Fann non-stop as if she was venting her anger.

Lim Fann frowned because she did not say a word when they divorced. She did not ask him to stay or cry, and it was she who took the initiative to bring it up. He thought...

He thought that she did not love him.

Su Baile suddenly came over, "I want you to fall in love with me, then I will give you a kick and let you taste the feeling of being abandoned."

At such a close distance, their breaths were intertwined. The faint scent of alcohol in her mouth mixed with her natural body fragrance, deeply stimulating his nerves. He couldn't even speak properly, "Yes... Is that so? Then how do you plan to make me fall in love with you?"

" Like this... " Su Baile filled up the cup and abruptly drank a mouthful of wine. She fiercely pressed him onto the sofa and kissed him.

The slightly bitter red wine entered his throat and Lim Fann realized that he had been teased by a woman.

However, this woman was her. He was willing to be teased.

In an instant, he cursed in a low voice, satisfied and tired.

The temperature in the living room suddenly rose, and Su Baile's breathing became disordered. Her hands did not listen to her brain at all, and she bared her fangs and brandished her claws to remove the bathrobe on his body.

Lim Fann's Adam's apple rolled. It was as if he had been electrocuted. His whole body felt numb and numb. He felt pain and happiness. "Oh... Baile..."

"Shh, speak again. Be careful that I will eat you..." Su Baile burped without any image and ripped off the only thing that covered his body.

It only took a second to break the dam. In the next moment, just as Lim Fann was about to eat her up, he found that the woman was sleeping on his chest.

"Damn it!" He cursed in his heart. He hugged her limp body and threw her onto the bed while he went into the bathroom again.

The next day, Su Baile was woken up by the sound of a vacuum cleaner. When she opened her eyes, she saw Lim Fann cleaning the room in a bathrobe.

She suddenly sat up from the bed and found that she was completely naked. There were a few marks on her neck and chest.

"You... Why are you here?" She pulled the blanket over herself, her face unable to hide her shock.

Lim Fann unhurriedly turned off the vacuum cleaner and slowly walked in front of her. He smiled like a flower and said, "Wife, you're awake?"

"Who's your wife? We divorced three years ago. Let me ask you, why are you here?" Su Baile moved backwards to avoid his burning breath.

"Have you forgotten? You kicked me last night and forcefully pulled me to examine me. I didn't let you. You scratched my body until I was bleeding." He pretended to take off his clothes.

Su Baile was stunned. Sure enough, she found that there were several wounds on his neck and chest. Those long and thin wounds were clearly caused by fingernails.

"I'm not lying to you, right? You slept with me, so you have to be responsible for me!" Lim Fann suddenly held her face and kissed her on the forehead. "My wife!"

His sweet and sweet voice coupled with his shy and shy expression shocked Su Baile to the point that her liver hurt. Did he have Su Daji's upper body?

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