Premarital Tyrant Love/C12 Grandfather's Long-cherished Wish
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Premarital Tyrant Love/C12 Grandfather's Long-cherished Wish
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C12 Grandfather's Long-cherished Wish

"You can marry me, or I can marry you!" A certain someone continued to add salt to the wound.

Su Baile sat on the bed completely petrified. She only remembered what happened last night roughly. She seemed to be hugging something and kissing crazily, but at that time she thought that it was a pillow...

Oh... Oh my god, it was so embarrassing. It was really too embarrassing!

Su Baile's face was as red as the morning sun. She heard Lim Fann start imagining things about her again.

"But my wife, speaking of which, you are really wild. Last night, you pestered me to roll from the living room to the kitchen, from the kitchen to the balcony. And then from the balcony to the bedroom. Tsk tsk, thank goodness your husband is strong and strong. Otherwise, how could I withstand your torment!?"

Lim Fann sneered, his thin lips slowly forming a mocking arc.

After hearing what he said, Su Baile really felt ashamed of herself. She even had the determination to smash against the wall.

A certain someone saw that it was good, so he put it away and casually took out a set of clothes from the closet and threw it to her. "Yang Qin has already brought Doudou out for a walk. You should hurry up and get up, I have something to tell you later."

Su Baile did not make a sound and quietly slid into the blanket. She pulled her hair in annoyance. Su Baile, oh Su Baile, how could you do such a stupid thing?

"If you don't get up, I will memorize every word you said to me last night." Lim Fann had never seen her so shy and did not know whether to laugh or cry. He crossed his arms and stood opposite Su Baile, always teasing her for fun. "You said that you will never forget my old relationship, and you also said that you want me to fall in love with you. And then..."

"Enough!" Su Baile shouted under the blanket," You go out first. I will come out immediately after changing my clothes. "

OMG, did she really say this to him? Was it really the truth after drinking?

Lim Fann raised his eyebrows. He found it funny in his heart. It was not like he had never seen it before. What was there to be shy about?

Once he left, she immediately took a breath and lifted the blanket to sit up. She shyly changed her clothes and slowly brushed her teeth. She nervously covered her chest and went to the dining table in the kitchen to sit down.

The air outside the window was really bright and sunny. The light that shone in added a layer of dazzling radiance to Lim Fann's exquisite statue-like handsome face.

Lim Fann poured a glass of milk for her with a smile on his face and gently pushed it in front of her. "Wife, please enjoy!"

"Call me wife again. Do you believe I won't cut you?" Su Baile glared at him and slammed the table. The glass on the table shook and some milk spilled out.

Compared to Su Baile's violent temper, Lim Fann seemed very innocent. His thick eyelashes, which were like feather fans, suddenly flashed. "We are already husband and wife. Can't we call you wife?" After he finished speaking, his body deliberately leaned to her side.

"Come, we are all adults, occasionally having impulsiveness is also a normal physiological reaction. You are not petty enough to make things awkward, right? Or is it that you, Chairman Lin, can't afford to play at all? "

Su Baile supported her hands on the table and looked at him. She would not accept her nonsense. He had so many women outside. Could it be that in the end, every one of them would become his wife? Wouldn't he have a harem a long time ago?

"Who said that I can't afford to play?" His eyes darkened. Why did this woman become so open-minded after getting divorced?

Lim Fann had roamed the sea of flowers for many years and had seen more women than she had eaten apples. How could he not be able to afford it? He just...

He just wanted to test her.

He wanted to test whether she still had a place in her heart.

In the depths of her mind, there was a voice shouting.

"It's over. Let's get down to business. What do you want to talk to me about?" Su Baile sat down, took a big bite of the bread, and drank a mouthful of milk. She pretended to be very relaxed.

Of course, she would not be childish enough to think that he had rained for half a day yesterday just to tease her. He was not such a idle person. Although the energy he spent on women was second only to eating and sleeping, but... She was his ex-wife, and he would never eat grass to turn back.

After brewing his emotions for a while, he said sadly, "Baile, grandpa has liver cancer."

In fact, after he left the hospital that day, he immediately went to investigate. He did not believe that his grandpa would suddenly have liver cancer. Reality proved that he was not ill at all, and just purely wanted to have a great-grandchild.

"What?" Su Baile's face was full of shock. The bread in her hand fell on the table. "Say it again!"

"Liver cancer."

Su Baile's heart skipped a beat. How did her grandfather get liver cancer? His body had always been tough, and he trained regularly every day. His appetite was also very big. She always teased him that he was about to become an adult. The older he became, the more energetic he became. How could it be...

"Do you still remember Grandpa's old comrade's son, Uncle Lin? He's Grandpa's attending physician. Uncle Lin said that Grandpa won't be able to hold on for a few more years. He told me to prepare myself mentally."

Lim Fann sized her up. He saw that her eyes were filled with shock and worry. He knew that her relationship with Grandpa was quite deep. He quickly struck while the iron was hot and said, "Grandpa only has one wish now."

"What long-cherished wish?" Su Baile's eyes tightened.

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