Premarital Tyrant Love/C13 Lies after Lies
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Premarital Tyrant Love/C13 Lies after Lies
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C13 Lies after Lies

"Hug great-grandson." Lim Fann pursed his lips and calmly said three words.

Hug your great-grandson? Su Baile was not surprised by her grandfather's wish at all. Ever since she married into the Lim family, her grandfather only talked about two things: eating donuts and hugging a great-grandson.

Later on, when his blood sugar rose, the doctor advised him not to eat donuts. That was why he stopped eating donuts, so he only talked about hugging his great-grandson all day long.

"Then you can just find a random woman to give birth to one. Aren't you very charming? Marrying a wife should be easy."

Su Baile's face did not change but her heart was surging. Could it be that this was the reason why he wanted to find a way to recognize Doudou? Was it because his grandfather wanted to carry his great-grandson?

She thought... Heavens, what was she looking forward to?

"Am I such a casual person?"

Lim Fann was unhappy. Although he liked to fool around outside, he had never thought of randomly finding a woman to have a child. Besides, his grandfather had said that he only recognized her as his granddaughter-in-law. In other words, his grandfather only recognized her to have children.

"Baile, go and see your grandfather. He misses you very much." He looked at her pleadingly and hid the strong affection in his eyes. He tried to use familial love to move her.

"I... I also want to go, but..." She thought of her current identity. She was not Lim Fann's wife now, so she had no reason to visit her grandfather.

"Even if we get divorced, your grandfather still loves you. You know, he has always treated you as his own granddaughter." Grandpa didn't just love her, he also liked her. He was even more precious than his own grandson. He knew that this woman valued relationships very much. He had also cleverly grasped this point.

Su Baile was silent. Grandfather was not just a little good to her, but her feelings for her grandfather were also very deep. If she did not go, she would feel uneasy. If she went, she would feel a little awkward.

"Go and accompany Grandfather. You know I am very busy. Grandfather is very lonely in the hospital. It is always good to have someone to talk to." Lim Fann continued to use gentle attacks.

"I think you are busy picking up girls!" Su Baile rolled her eyes at him, but her heart was moved. "I will take some time to see grandpa."

Lim Fann was delighted in his heart. "Why not go now and bring Doudou along? I think grandpa will be very happy."

"There are too many germs in the hospital, Doudou is not suitable to go." How could Su Baile not know what he was planning? If her grandpa saw Doudou, it would be strange if he did not misunderstand.

"Then let the two of us go!" These words were exactly what he wanted. If that little brat went with them and made a ruckus, it would ruin the atmosphere!

After eating breakfast, Su Baile called Yang Qin, who was taking care of the clinic, and instructed her. She sat in Lim Fann's car and headed to the hospital. Along the way, she did not forget to buy a basket of fruits. At this moment, her mood was complicated, especially when she was walking side by side with Lim Fann. She always felt that she had been schemed against, but when she thought about it, Lim Fann would never use his grandfather as a joke.

At this time, in the ICU of the hospital, Old Master Lim was sitting quietly and leisurely on the hospital bed, savoring a pile of crystal steamed dumplings. When he heard Doctor Lin say that Lim Fann had brought a girl over, he excitedly threw the dumplings on the ground.

"Quick, quick. Nephew, clean these up."

Doctor Lin hurriedly swept the dumplings up and threw them into the trash can. He also poured a cup of water for him to rinse his mouth. After he was done, he pretended to take out a stethoscope to measure the old man's heart rate.

Su Baile and Lim Fann pushed open the door and saw the old man lying on the bed and snorting, "Hey, you said that this grandson of mine has no conscience. He left me, a lousy old man, in the hospital, unbothered. What's the point of me living?"

"Grandpa!" Lim Fann did not know whether to laugh or cry. Grandfather was acting too much. "Grandfather, who do you think I brought?"

The old man did not even raise his head. "No one is as good as my Baile. Other than Baile, I don't see anyone else!"

Su Baile's eyes turned sour. She ran to the old man and squatted down. "Grandfather, Baile came to see you!"

"Baile?" The old man narrowed his eyes. When he saw who it was, he grinned and revealed his yellow teeth. "Baile, is it really you?"

"It's me, grandpa. How are you? Are you feeling better?" Su Baile looked at the white haired, listless old man and thought of her once high-spirited, hale and hearty grandpa. She could not help but cry.

Time really did not forgive people. It had only been three years, yet he had polished an old man to such an extent.

"I'm fine. It's just a small illness." The old man weakly propped himself up and held her hand. He sighed emotionally and said, "You finally came back. It wasn't in vain for me to think of you."

"Grandfather, it's Baile's fault. I should have come back earlier to see you." Su Baile firmly believed in the old man's illness. Apart from feeling heartache, she also felt guilty.

The old man waved his hand to indicate that he did not mind. "This time, when you come back, you should not leave. Treat your body well and strive to let me carry my great-grandson as soon as possible."

Huh? Su Baile was stunned. Just as she wanted to say that this was not her duty, Lim Fann pulled her into his embrace and quickly said, "Grandfather, I have already discussed this matter with Baile. I will definitely get pregnant at the end of the year."

What? What was going on? Why didn't she know about this?

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