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C14 Alzheimer's

"That's good. Let's have another child. The house will be more lively. Maybe my illness will be cured sooner." The old man looked at her with a smile, his face full of satisfaction.

"Grandfather, we..." Su Baile still wanted to explain, but Lim Fann hurriedly interrupted her, "Grandfather, it's time to take medicine. Medicine for heart disease, medicine with high blood sugar and medicine with high cholesterol, don't fall behind."

He turned to look at Doctor Lin and instructed, "Uncle Lin, please keep an eye on Grandpa. He has a bad memory and always loses it."

"Don't worry, I will look after Elder Lin." Doctor Lin nodded.

"Alright, Grandpa. I'll bring Baile to buy some things first. She just came back and there are many things that are not ready." Lim Fann held Su Baile's hand and was about to leave.

"Go. After buying, send her back to the Lim family mansion. I have already prepared the rooms." Old Master Lim threw down the bomb.

"This..." No matter how slow Su Baile was, she knew there was something fishy going on. Looking at her grandfather's expression, it seemed like he did not know that they had divorced. Could it be that her grandfather had dementia?

No way? When they divorced, her grandfather also knew. Why did he seem to have forgotten everything in the blink of an eye for three years?

"Grandfather, Baile and I plan to move out. The house has been taken care of." Lim Fann paused and calmly replied. He held Su Baile's hand a little tighter.

"Move out?" The old man raised his eyebrows and was somewhat angry. "Is Lim family not good? Must they spend money to live outside? Or do you dislike this old man?"

"No, grandpa. Baile opened a clinic on Xiangli Avenue. It was inconvenient to go back and forth all day, so we discussed buying a house in the attachment. But don't worry, we will definitely come back often to see you! "

Lim Fann's mouth seemed to be smeared with oil. He spoke nonsense without even taking a breath.

Actually, he also wanted Su Baile to move back, but seeing that she was a little conflicted, he was worried that it would backfire, so he had to change his strategy at the last minute.

"Forget it, forget it. This old man can't interfere with the matters of you young people. As long as I can carry you to my great-grandson as soon as possible, it will be fine." The old man sighed and heaved a sigh of relief.

Lim Fann held Su Baile and went out. As soon as they entered the elevator, Su Baile slapped away his claws and angrily said, "What is going on? You have to be right about the script when filming, right?"

He did not let her hear anything and was dragged to the scene at the last minute. It caused her to be stunned by him! If it wasn't for the fact that she was worried about her grandfather, she would have already flipped out on him!

Lim Fann was very satisfied with her automatically walking into his preset table book. "Previously, when grandpa was in critical condition, he insisted on seeing you. He said that if I didn't chase you back, he wouldn't accept treatment. He would just wait for death at home. I have no choice. You also know that I am a great filial son. How can I just watch my grandfather die? That's why I could only lie and tell him that we're remarrying. "

Of course not!

He took advantage of the time when she was buying fruits to secretly make a phone call and tell her grandpa that she was coming back. When her grandpa got excited, he told her that he was not sick at all, and in the end, he even came up with such a rotten idea.

However, the effect seemed to be quite good!

"Grandpa only recognizes you as his granddaughter-in-law and wholeheartedly wants you to help the Lim family's remaining children. That's why I did this. Please forgive me for making this decision on my own."

Standing at the entrance of the elevator, Lim Fann put his hands in his pocket and lowered his eyes. He had a helpless look on his face. He secretly sized up her expression from the corner of his eyes. He knew that although she looked strong on the surface, she was actually soft-hearted on the inside. She would definitely not refuse.

Sure enough, Su Baile hesitated for a moment and bit her lips. "I did not mean to blame you, but you should have discussed it with me in advance..."

See, he knew that she was soft-hearted.

Although she did not want to have anything to do with him, her grandfather treated her like his own granddaughter. Now that he was seriously ill, how could she bear to ignore him? It was just -

"I always felt that lying to the old man was too much, and we can't lie to him forever. Sooner or later, he will find out. Wouldn't things get worse then? " It was wrong to lie to the old man, especially to a blind old man!

"It's not like there is no room for negotiation. It's just that this is an important period. Grandpa cannot be provoked. When his illness recovers, you can stop him at any time! How is it?"

Lim Fann tried to coax her step by step, trying to break her heart.

Su Baile hesitated. Should she agree to it? Clearly she was thinking in her heart, but in a certain part of her nerves, she subconsciously rejected him. Was she afraid of falling in love with him again and getting hurt again?

"Forget it. You should tell grandpa the truth. I can't lie to him." Su Baile very rationally said these words. Since they were divorced, there was no need to entangle with them. She, Su Baile, would never eat grass to turn back.

Or, it could be said that she could not lie to herself. Her heart would still be stirred because of him. She hated this kind of feeling! She didn't want to have too much interaction with him! Su Baile's direct refusal surprised and embarrassed Lim Fann. There was also a faint sense of loss.

"Otherwise, I can also pay you." Women all love money. She shouldn't be able to earn much from opening a clinic!

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