Premarital Tyrant Love/C15 What Was There to Consider
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Premarital Tyrant Love/C15 What Was There to Consider
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C15 What Was There to Consider

"Bastard, you think I want money?" Su Baile tensed her face and raised her eyebrows. In this man's eyes, other than women and money, was there anything else?

If she was really a woman who loved money, she would have stabbed him when they divorced three years ago. Was there a need to wait until now?

Lim Fann thought that there was a chance and said with a cheeky smile, "This is what I should do."

"You are so rich. Why don't you buy a child and save time and effort?" Su Baile looked at him sarcastically. He was rich, right? He could find someone to transport the money.

Seeing that she was like a furious lion, he couldn't help but soften, "Baile, seeing that we slept together for two years, there were so many sweet memories and passionate nights..."

"Shut up!" Su Baile shouted unhappily, "Compared to the insignificant happiness you gave me, your betrayal and disloyalty are even more unforgettable!"

"Forgetful?" Lim Fann walked up to her and murmured. He stretched out his hand to tidy her hair. There was some seriousness in his pain. "I like the words you said to me."

Seeing the pain in her eyes that could not be left unresolved, Lim Fann's calm heart gave a sharp pain. The wound that he had brought her was so deep that it had not healed up until now.

Or was it because she still had him in her heart, so she deliberately distanced herself from him and rejected him, so that she would not fall in love with him again?

After coming to this conclusion, he was wild with joy, and the corners of his lips curled up into a proud smile.

As expected, no woman could touch him after meeting him. And yet, she still didn't bow to him under his suit pants. But he disdained those women, only towards him... On the surface, she was as cold as ice to him, ignoring him. In fact, she was playing the game of cat and mouse!

After guessing this, Lim Fann comforted her in his heart.

He never wanted to hurt her. He only wanted to give her the best and happiest. However, due to some unforeseen circumstances, he still hurt her heart in the end. Fortunately, she did not forget him.

"Baile, you should think about it again. Even if it is not for grandpa, it should be for your future." After thinking about it, he decided to use both soft and hard methods. He was going to take risks with every step he took.

"What do you mean?" Su Baile narrowed her eyes vigilantly. What trick did this man want to play again?

Lim Fann raised his eyebrows and touched his nose nonchalantly. "It's not a big deal. It's just that recently, the company is considering buying properties under Sheng Dong as a new investment plan. Your oral clinic might be demolished."

This method was risky. If she was not careful, it would anger her. But now, he really did not know what else he could do to make her compromise. Of course, other than the seduction plan! Unless he had no other choice, he did not plan to use this method. He was very conflicted in his heart. On the one hand, if he wanted to break through her heart, he had to follow her wishes.

"You..." Su Baile stared at him angrily. She was so angry that her eyelids jumped. How could she forget his nature, this detestable stinky man!

"You know what I am capable of, so do you want to think about it again?" Seeing her flustered and flustered, her cheeks flushed red from the drunkenness, he was actually in a trance for a moment.

At this moment, he really wanted to lower his head and kiss that blushing face.

All the women outside treated him as a treasure, and only he was disdained by her. She treated him like grass, causing him to have no choice but to lower his face and beg her.

"What are you thinking about!" Su Baile cursed. Did she still have any bargaining chips to reject?

Seeing the flash of unwillingness and disdain on her face, he did not have the pleasure of conquering. On the contrary, he actually felt a little heartache for her. She was so stubborn, so stubborn. She must have suffered a lot abroad!

"Then I wish us a happy cooperation!" He maintained his calm exterior and extended his hand to her.

The large hand was mercilessly slapped away by Su Baile and she even gave him a punch, "Happy cooperation!"

Lim Fann's face suddenly received a punch, and it hurt so much that he could not complete his sentence, "Should... Damn woman, another sneak attack."

Su Baile clapped her hands to relieve her anger and narrowed her eyes. "If you have the ability, bite me!"

After saying that, she walked out without looking back. Hmph, look at how arrogant he is!

Lim Fann did not have any face and felt helpless. This woman's attack was not light at all. "Su Baile, the more powerful a woman is, the more fragile her heart is. You can tear off your powerful mask in front of me because I know your weakness better than anyone else."

He laughed in a low voice, and his tone was arrogant.

When they divorced, he wanted to explain it to her. However, she did not give him the slightest chance. She was like a shrew, crying and making a fuss. She did not want to stay with him for a moment longer. At that moment... At that moment, her strong will had completely collapsed in front of him. She insisted on getting a divorce. He had no choice but to suppress his heartache and sign on it.

Su Baile heard this and stopped in her tracks. The corner of her mouth curled up as she replied, "I don't have a soft spot! No!"

If they did not divorce at that time, she would either be angered to death by him, or she would be strangled to death by his women outside!

After leaving the hospital, the two of them walked in the opposite direction, and neither of them returned to the hospital.

Lim Fann went to the bar to get drunk with half his face swollen. He was so drunk that he didn't return for the whole night.

Su Baile, on the other hand, knit her hair gloomily at home until a phone call broke her already uneasy heart.

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