Premarital Tyrant Love/C17 A Blatant Threat
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Premarital Tyrant Love/C17 A Blatant Threat
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C17 A Blatant Threat

On the desk, there's butter bread, fried sausages, scrambled eggs, hot milk...

A pile of sumptuous breakfast.

The staff of the clinic looked like they were drooling as they laid on the counter. Their eyes were shining with hunger. Su Baile raised her eyebrows and looked at them. She narrowed her eyes and smiled. "If I remember correctly, you guys have had breakfast, right? Look at your pathetic appearance. Have you not eaten breakfast? Have you not seen breakfast? All of you, go to work!"

Su Baile roared, and the staff trembled in fear. They dispersed in dejection.

Su Baile's breathing became slightly smoother, but when she saw the scene in the living room, her lungs began to swell again!

Damn it! That little guy Doudou was actually bought over by him so quickly. At this time, he was burying his head in the ground and mixing with those delicious and sumptuous breakfast!

While eating, he raised his head and did not forget to show off to Su Baile, "Mommy, the breakfast that handsome uncle bought is so sumptuous and delicious. Come and try it too!"

Su Baile rolled her eyes towards the sky and looked at Lim Fann with a kind of hostile gaze.

Lim Fann's cold and profound facial features suddenly showed some enthusiasm. He leaned forward and the corner of his mouth curled into a charming smile. He waved at Su Baile, "You haven't eaten breakfast yet, right? Come and join us."

Su Baile was indifferent and stood not far away. "Lim Fann, don't forget. For grandpa, I am only temporarily cooperating with you. Other than being in the hospital, I hope you don't appear in my life."

If there was nothing to be solicitous about, it was either a traitor or a thief.

She would not fall into his trap for the second time!

Lim Fann smiled softly and walked to her side. The male hormones disturbed Su Baile, making her feel somewhat uneasy. She subconsciously took a step back.

The smile on his lips gradually widened. He deliberately looked around the clinic. "Actually, I wanted to tell you that after the decision of the company's board of directors, most people want to expand the scope of all the properties under Shengdong. Unfortunately, your clinic has been classified as the most important property. " After he finished speaking, a hint of pride appeared on his face.

"You... You promised me that you won't demolish it." Su Baile immediately became dispirited. The pink fist behind her was tightly clenched in her palm!

She had long scolded Lim Fann in her heart thousands of times!

Lim Fann smiled as if he had gotten what he wanted, and his smile rampaged across her small face, as if he was wreaking havoc.

Then, he slowly said, "I have promised you before, but the prerequisite is that you must cooperate with me obediently. Don't be fierce when you face me. You have to be gentle and tactful. Maybe I will discuss with them and see if there is any room for negotiation."

"Lim Fann! How can you be so despicable! " Su Baile growled at him and clenched her fist, wishing she could punch him.

He actually threatened her so brazenly!

Lim Fann seemed to have known her intentions long ago. His warm big palm wrapped around the small and delicate fist. He suddenly grabbed her small waist and forcefully pulled her up, forcing her to stick even closer to him. The low and mellow voice was filled with magnetism and rang in her ears, "Baile, I said before, you have to cooperate with me obediently. Otherwise, this clinic will be flattened overnight. At that time, you will lose more than you gain. " He looked at her beautiful face, which was twisted due to anger, and felt his heart tighten. Their skin and skin seemed to be able to hear each other's strong heartbeat. Su Baile's face was flushed red, like a gorgeous morning glow.

Lim Fann was a little thirsty as he moved his Adam's apple. His deep eyes swept across a stormy sea, as if he was going to swallow her whole.

"Wu..." Su Baile was in danger as she realized that a certain part of her body had been invaded. Both of her hands were pressed against his broad chest, and her beautiful face became even redder.

While Lim Fann was suffering physically and mentally, he was also reluctant to part as he admired that face that was like a red apple.

Ring, ring, ring...

The rapid ringing of the phone interrupted their intimate position.

Su Baile was secretly pleased. She pushed Lim Fann away and ran to the office desk.

"Baile, I am going back to the country the day after tomorrow. When the time comes, you must bring my son to pick up the phone, hmm... I love you guys."

Lyi Lili did not wait for Su Baile to speak and directly hung up the phone.

"Truly annoying. You hung up before you can finish your words." Su Baile said that but her face was filled with a happy smile.

It was just like the bright and moving red lotus, making people unable to look away.

Lim Fann's face darkened bit by bit. She had never smiled at him like this before. However, just a phone call was able to make her smile so brightly.

"Who called you?"

Lim Fann asked unhappily.

"Mr. Lim, this has nothing to do with you, right?"

"Is it a man?" He continued questioning.

Su Baile originally wanted to explain to him, but when she heard his arrogant suspicion, she became even angrier in her heart. "We have been divorced for three years. Who stipulated that we can't find another person after divorce?"

Lim Fann grabbed her shoulder and almost crushed her bones. A trace of dominance and possessiveness was hidden in his bloodshot eyes. "Su Baile, I do not wish for a third person to interfere during this period of our cooperation." His tone carried an order that could not be resisted.

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