Premarital Tyrant Love/C18 Enemies Meet on a Narrow Road
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Premarital Tyrant Love/C18 Enemies Meet on a Narrow Road
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C18 Enemies Meet on a Narrow Road

Su Baile brought Dou Dou to the reception hall. In order to avoid the appearance and harassment of those brainless fans, Su Baile wrote Lyi Lili's English on the reception plate: Scarlet!

Although there were a lot of people coming and going in the reception hall, it was very quiet. Everyone went back and forth, doing their own things in an unknown manner. Su Baile, on the other hand, raised the reception plate high and unexpectedly appeared a little out of place.

Su Baile could not help but think of the past. She remembered that there was a time when Lim Fann came back from a business trip. She held the reception plate with his name written on it like an excited fan and stood excitedly in the reception hall. She raised her head and looked forward to the appearance of his tall figure.

When he appeared, she ran over and threw herself into his arms, but he seemed very tired. He actually told her to obediently stay at home and not run around!

But now...

Ever since he broke up with Lim Fann in the clinic a few days ago, that fellow would call him three times a day.

The time of separation was when he would wake up early, at noon, and at night.

And he was also very different. Pretending to call Su Baile husband over the phone, Su Baile was very angry when she thought of this. But what could she do? If that bastard was slightly unhappy, he would threaten her with the demolition of the clinic. For the sake of the clinic's future, Su Baile could only clench her teeth and swallow it down. Fortunately, that bastard did not call to harass her today.

Su Baile secretly felt a little lucky in her heart.

"Mom, why hasn't Lyi Lili's mom arrived yet!? My legs are sore from standing!" Dou Dou pouted and was somewhat unhappy. If not for Su Baile continuously emphasizing that Lyi Lili was his biological mother, Dou Dou would have long forgotten about this matter.

Su Baile saw Doudou's aggrieved appearance and felt her heart ache. She bent down and picked Doudou up. "Doudou, be good. Bear with it for a while longer. Mommy will be here very soon." As she hugged Doudou, she struggled to raise the boarding pass.

"Eh? Handsome uncle?" Doudou suddenly looked behind Su Baile and called out.

" Ah, Doudou, don't move. It's very difficult for mom to hug you like this! " Su Baile furrowed her brows. She really wanted to pat this mischievous little girl a few times, but she couldn't bear it.

"Mom, isn't that a handsome uncle?" Doudou pointed at the tall and straight man in front of her.

Su Baile followed the direction Doudou was pointing at and took a closer look. At the bottom of her heart, she felt as if she had been stabbed by something and felt inexplicably uncomfortable.

No matter where it was, he seemed to be the focal point of the light. That powerful aura attracted the attention of the surrounding people and they couldn't help but retreat.

Her gaze passed through the bustling crowd and landed on a beautiful woman beside Lim Fann. The woman was wearing a tight-fitting professional suit with a butt wrapped around it. The scarlet red Koudan held onto Lim Fann's arm. Both of them matched well in terms of clothing and appearance.

Su Baile knew the beautiful woman. She was Lim Fann's secretary, Qin Yun.

Not only did they know each other, she could even pull her out of the crowd with plastic surgery.

Three years ago, on the day of her and Lim Fann's two anniversary anniversary, she carefully arranged a romantic one-time dinner and waited excitedly for Lim Fann to come back. Who knew that when it was late at night and no one was seen, what awaited them was a short video of him and Qin Yun!

At that time, she was so angry that her bloodline surged and she divorced Lim Fann in a fit of anger!

Although it was a bit hasty to divorce, she did not feel regret at all afterwards.

So, this couple had already hooked up with each other three years ago. What was there that she could not let go of?

The corner of Su Baile's mouth curled into a disdainful sneer. She hugged Doudou and turned around as if she didn't see him.

Right at this time, Lim Fann and Qin Yun happened to see him.

Qin Yun saw that Lim Fann was looking at Su Baile with a profound gaze. Her bright eyes flashed with a trace of jealousy. She held Lim Fann's arm and walked towards Su Baile.

Lim Fann did not reject Qin Yun's action. There was a trace of playfulness and probing in his unfathomable eyes.

"Miss Su, it has been three years since I last saw you. You have changed a lot."

Qin Yun's soft and greasy voice was extremely ear-piercing.

Su Baile frowned.

She originally wanted to treat them like air, but this air actually eagerly ran over to her place to find a sense of existence!

Su Baile ignored it and pretended not to hear it.

It was not that she was afraid of Qin Yun, but with Doudou by her side, it was not good for her to curse.

Lim Fann looked at the stubborn Su Baile and his eyes darkened.

Could it be that this woman had changed under his coercion and enticement?

Qin Yun saw that Su Baile did not make a sound. She chuckled and continued to push her luck, "This little boy is really cute. He should be about three years old, right?"

"I am two years and three months old! Hey, randomly guessing someone else's age is very rude! " Doudou stared at Qin Yun with some hostility.

Qin Yun's charming smile stiffened. "Looks like this little boy is Miss Su's son? Aiya, Miss Su couldn't have just divorced the mister and got married, right? That's why she has such a big son! Right, where is the father of the child? It can't be that Miss Su got divorced again after getting married again, right?"

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