Premarital Tyrant Love/C2 Former Husband
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Premarital Tyrant Love/C2 Former Husband
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C2 Former Husband

Su Baile's heart couldn't help but tremble. It took her a long time to regain her senses.

"Lin... Lim Fann."

Three years later, he was still as handsome as before, and his thick black hair was slightly hot. The facial features on his carved face were extraordinary, and his eyebrows were as thick as paint. His narrow and bright eyes were as bright as stars, and his thin and elegant red lips were slightly pursed. He was definitely a sexy and charming man, but unfortunately... he did not specialize in love.

Lim Fann walked in expressionlessly and quickly glanced at the clinic. Then his sharp gaze landed on Su Baile, who was wearing a short golden dress. She had a head full of seductive and seductive hair. The waves hung loosely on her waist, and her curvaceous figure became even more sexy and charming under the contrast of the short skirt around her waist. It was completely different from the pure image he had in his mind!

Unconsciously, he rolled his throat.

Lim Fann suppressed the irritation in his heart and leaned against the chair. He narrowed his eyes and sized Su Baile up and down calmly.

"My dear ex-wife, long time no see!"

A gloomy and elegant voice slowly came over and knocked on Su Baile's nerves. She appeared to be a little nervous and her voice trembled. "You... Why are you here?"

"I have nothing to do. I want to talk to you about old times!" Lim Fann raised his eyebrows and stood up. He approached her and his long body instantly covered her in shadows. His deep eyes were full of probing.

"I have nothing to say to you." Su Baile pretended to be relaxed and tried to see him as a passerby. She glanced at him coldly and subconsciously took a step back. "I need to work. Please leave."

Three years ago, he was secretly eating outside with her on his back. Three years later, he could still appear in front of her in a carefree manner. Even if he did not have a guilty heart, he should not be so arrogant, right?

"Tsk, so heartless!" Lim Fann smacked his lips nonchalantly and fiddled with her hair with a smile that was not a smile. In the past, what he loved the most was this long hair of hers. But now, this long hair had gradually become more and more flirtatious as time passed.

His eyes were unfathomable, and they were filled with surging waves. He fixed his gaze on her. Her tall and straight figure was perfectly complemented by her well-cut top grade clothing. His bearing was extraordinary, but it made Su Baile feel even more pressured.

In the past, she did not have a stunning appearance, nor did she have a devil-like hot figure. She could barely be considered delicate and pretty. Only her long hair made him fondle it admiringly.

Su Baile's heart kept beating. Damn it, it has been three years, why would she still have the feeling of having her first love affair?

Su Baile, don't forget, this man once betrayed you! You can't be fooled by him anymore!

"So fragrant!" A faint sigh drifted into her ears, and her fair cheeks couldn't help but be covered with a faint blush. When he thought of this woman lying beside another man, he felt as if his back was stabbed, and he felt uncomfortable all over.

"Actually, I really don't understand. You let the young mistress of the Lim family go without doing anything, and you actually want to be the third youngest sister... Tsk tsk, you have really opened my eyes." He spoke in a somewhat mocking manner, and a trace of anger was hidden in his deep eyes.

"Let you go... You're a scum! Why am I the third youngest brother? Which eye of yours saw me as Mo!?" Su Baile twisted her beautiful face and put her hands on her hips, as if she wanted to eat Lim Fann alive!

Fine, she did not use any dirty words to scold people. She wanted to scold people without any dirty words!

Lim Fann sneered, but there was not a trace of a smile in his eyes. He approached her step by step and really thought of himself as a husband who came to denounce her. "Su Baile, do you have to catch someone cheating in bed before admitting that you are Mo?" The man's wife was already at his door, and she was still holding onto it. Why did this woman not make people worry no matter where she went?

"Is that so? In other words, when I caught you and Qin Yun together in the past? She admitted that she was Mo? Ha, she really knows her own limitations!" Su Baile crossed her arms and asked Lim Fann proudly," I wonder if your third son has changed? "


The clinic staff and the patient could not help but laugh.

Lim Fann's face was full of black lines. He suddenly grabbed Su Baile's slender wrist. His eyes had a unique overbearing look. He smiled wickedly and arrogantly. "What? You want to turn over a new leaf?"

"You... Go away!" Su Baile pushed him away from embarrassment. She raised her head and looked at him. "If you don't go, I will call security."

"I am here to take a look at my teeth. Are you going to chase the patient away?" Lim Fann shrugged his shoulders and walked straight to the treatment room by the side without waiting for her to answer.

Su Baile took a deep breath, patted her chest, and quickly followed.

She changed into a long white robe, put on a mask and gloves, and tied up her hair. When she turned around, Lim Fann was already lying on the chair.

"What's wrong with your teeth?" After turning on the sodium lamp, Su Baile asked coldly.

"I want to mend my teeth."

"Open your mouth and let me see." Su Baile got close to him and the hand holding the pliers trembled slightly.

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