Premarital Tyrant Love/C3 Find an Excuse to Get Close to Her
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Premarital Tyrant Love/C3 Find an Excuse to Get Close to Her
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C3 Find an Excuse to Get Close to Her

Su Baile did not notice his unusual condition. After carefully checking his mouth, she said, "Your tooth condition is very good. There are no decayed teeth."

"I want to wash my teeth."

"Your gums are very healthy. You do not need to wash your teeth."

"Then I'll make white white teeth"

"Your teeth are already white enough, white hair is just a superfluous action"

"Then I..." Lim Fann racked his brain, trying to find an excuse to stay.

"Enough." Su Baile took off her mask and her face darkened. "There is nothing wrong with your mouth. You do not need to see a dentist."

Lim Fann stood up bitterly and curled his lips. "No problem, no problem. What does a woman like to shout and shout like?" His thin lips curled into a charming evil smile.

Su Baile rolled her eyes and was just about to blow him up when Yang Qin brought Dou Dou back from outside.

"Mommy..." Dou Dou rushed over and threw herself into Su Baile's embrace. Her pink little face rubbed against her face, wiping away the anger she had earlier.

Lim Fann stared at Dou Dou for a while and his charming pair of peach blossom eyes suddenly narrowed, "Is this child mine?"

Su Baile speechlessly turned her head, and her sparkling eyes revealed an expression of disbelief. "What right do you have to say that Dou Dou is your child?"

"Don't try to trick me. Look at his full forehead. Big eyes, tall nose, and sexy little mouth. It's exactly the same as when I was young, saying that he wasn't my child. Even ghosts wouldn't believe it. " Lim Fann's gaze fell on the cute Doudou, and he faintly smiled.

Yesterday, when he saw her carrying the child in the car, he went back and thought about it. He felt that Doudou was very likely his own child. Originally, he was still a bit uncertain, but now that he saw Doudou's appearance clearly... The last bit of doubt disappeared.

Su Baile looked at him with disdain. This person was not an ordinary person who loved to stink at beauties. When he praised Doudou, he didn't forget to pull her along. She really didn't know why she had been blind to fall in love with him back then!

She raised her eyebrows and looked into his eyes provocatively. "Doudou is not your child."

Doudou's big watery eyes turned and glanced at Lim Fann. Suddenly, she grabbed Su Baile's hair and shouted, "Mommy, Papa, Papa..."

"Did you hear that? The child called me Daddy. Do you still want to deny it?" Lim Fann took a step forward and pulled Doudou's arm. He wanted to pull Doudou over, but he still muttered, "Come, Doudou. Daddy, hug."

Who would have thought that the long arm that he had just stretched out was ruthlessly cut off by Su Baile!

"The child wants to pull Papa, what are you doing here?" Su Baile glared at him and carried Dou Dou to the bathroom.

Lim Fann's dark face became messy in the wind. He thought that this was the nature of father and son, but he didn't think that he was overthinking it.

"Mommy, that uncle is so handsome. Doudou wants to kiss him." Doudou blinked his big eyes and sensibly lifted up his shirt so that Su Baile could take off her pants.

"Doudou, be good. That uncle has a bad temper and doesn't like others to kiss him." Su Baile patiently coaxed him.

"He wanted to hug me just now. If he did, I would kiss him back." Doudou tilted his head, not letting anyone take advantage of him at all.

Su Baile scratched his nose and said, "Little ghost spirit, didn't Mommy tell you not to randomly kiss strangers? Be careful that there are germs."

Su Baile carried Doudou out and saw that Lim Fann hadn't left yet. With a face full of disdain, she said, "Why are you still here?"

Lim Fann's face was taut and his tone was unhappy. "You remarried?"

"Why are you asking this?" Su Baile looked at him expressionlessly, "What does it have to do with you if I don't remarry?"

Even if she remarried, it would be open and aboveboard! It did not affect him at all!

"If Doudou is my child, of course it has something to do with me. I don't want my son to call another man father." Lim Fann slightly nodded his head, as if it was a matter of course. "Doudou is more than two years old, right?"

Su Baile said in a muffled voice, "Two years and three months old."

He knitted his brows and calculated the time. He was even more certain that Doudou was his own child. "That's right. We were divorced three years ago. If we were to get pregnant during the wedding, the child would just happen to be this big."

Su Baile's delicate brows raised. His calculations were correct. She was indeed pregnant during the wedding. But after the divorce, she took the child away. She didn't want the child to have no father after birth. But there was no need to let him know about this. At that time, he betrayed her. She already hated him so much that she even wanted to kill him. How could she have the courage to give birth to the child?

"Let me reiterate, Doudou isn't your child. Three years ago, I wasn't pregnant." Although Doudou was very cute, he didn't look like him at all. Who knew why he was so stubborn!

Lim Fann looked at Doudou doubtfully. The more he looked at Doudou, the more he felt that this child was very similar to him. If it really was his child, why not bring this child over...

Thinking of this, the corner of Lim Fann's lips curled up. He looked at Su Baile, and his eyes lit up with a glimmer of hope.

Doudou also opened his eyes wide and looked at Lim Fann. His sparkling eyes were filled with curiosity. This uncle is really handsome, I really want to kiss him!

Lim Fann completely didn't believe Su Baile's words. He grinned and asked Doudou, "Little Doudou, where's your father?"

Doudou raised his head and pointed at the sky. "Mommy said that daddy went to a very, very far place, and won't come back in the future."

"What? You actually told the child that I'm dead?" A wave of anger spontaneously arose in Lim Fann's heart. He widened his eyes and stared at Su Baile. His elegant face was as cold as granite.

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