Premarital Tyrant Love/C5 A Blind Date with the Best
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Premarital Tyrant Love/C5 A Blind Date with the Best
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C5 A Blind Date with the Best

Three years ago was a misunderstanding, but it was his negligence. That was why the wild woman outside had a chance. In short, he had let her down. He would absolutely not snatch the child away from her side. What he wanted was... to snatch the child along with her!

"Snatch custody? Can you snatch it from me? Do you think the judge will sentence you to a child who likes the new and hates the old? Dream on!" Su Baile spoke in one breath and suddenly realized that she had misspoken. She could not help but blush.

Why did these words sound like a resentful wife? Lim Fann frowned slightly. Suddenly, as if he had caught something on his handle, he shouted, "You finally admitted it, right? Doudou is my child."

Su Baile's last string was also broken, and she placed Doudou on the ground. She put her hands on her waist and said angrily, "Lim Fann, I will say it one last time. Doudou is not your son. Now, get out of here immediately. Otherwise, don't blame me for turning against you!"

Seeing that she was about to get angry, Lim Fann motioned for her to calm down. He spoke unhurriedly, his voice as moving as a cellist, "Okay, I'll go. Don't get angry."

Su Baile watched the tall and straight figure gradually disappear, but her pounding heart did not calm down. She retreated to the side of the chair and was secretly stunned.

Why did this man suddenly appear when she was about to forget him?

After getting into the car, Lim Fann's lips curved up into a charming smile. "He really hasn't changed at all. He's still so violent and crude."

To be honest, Su Baile was not the type he liked. Other than her graceful long hair, there was nothing on her body that could attract him.

He married her back then because the old man urged her to get married. Coincidentally, she was also pursuing him. He felt that she was innocent and harmless, so he let her do whatever she wanted. It was easier to get rid of her, so he married her.

After the marriage, she did not let him down. Not only did she serve the old master comfortably, but she also took care of the house in an orderly manner.

Originally, he thought that she was just a docile and fresh little yellow flower. He did not expect that there was a little devil living in her heart. Not only was she jealous, but she was also very violent and framed him for stealing outside. After cheating, she actually beat him up without saying a word. When he was handling the divorce procedures, he still went with crutches.

Even now, he was still puzzled. He didn't know how she managed to reach level 3 Taekwondo black belt at such a young age.

Hmph, the more she didn't want him to recognize Doudou, the more it proved that she had a guilty conscience. Just wait and see, he had plenty of ways to deal with her!

In the next few days, Lim Fann didn't appear again. Su Baile felt lucky and at the same time a bit surprised. Things were too calm, which made her feel uneasy. In fact, other than women, Lim Fann was very persistent most of the time. Once he set a goal, he would not easily give up.

She had once seen him sue an insignificant pirated record company for bankruptcy, raise a dying tulip to bloom, and help the little girl who was lost in the park find her parents who were burning with anxiety.

She had also thought that if he did not have ulterior motives and did not find a woman outside, she would really be willing to spend the rest of her life with him, and be willing to give birth to a baby for him. However, everything was just a fantasy of hers.

Just like a cat could never change from stealing. It was a habit that men seemed to never be able to control their belts. Since that was the case, why didn't she quickly end this marriage and avoid getting more poisoned?

She spent a year to hate him, and then a year to face him. Another year to let go, three years... The current her was the brand new Su Baile. She should not cause any more waves for him.

At this moment, on the road opposite the clinic, a man wearing sunglasses was sitting in a black SUV. He was holding a telescope and quietly observing the movements inside.

Seeing Su Baile lead Doudou out the door, he quickly started the car and followed. Finally, Su Baile entered a coffee shop and sat opposite of a man.

Date date?

This was Lim Fann's first feeling.

For some reason, his heart felt like it was being weighed down by a heavy stone. A trace of pain flashed across his face. He pulled the cap from the front passenger seat and put it on gloomily. He covered most of his face and followed her inside like a thief. Then, he sat down on a table behind her.

"I have three cars, four properties, seven digits of savings, a healthy body and mind, and no bad habits. If Miss Su doesn't object, I want to hold a wedding next week."

In the coffee shop filled with rich flavors, there was a melodic melodic melodic slow song.

Jiang Ren looked at the woman in front of him with a smile. He could not see her teeth and secretly praised in his heart, 'It's good to be young. Just looking at it makes me feel happy. If I were in bed, wouldn't it sell even more souls?'

Su Baile stirred the coffee absent-mindedly and her mind could not help but recall Lim Fann's face.

Actually, she had never interacted with the opposite sex in the past three years. Not to mention having a cliché blind date with a man, she only felt flustered because of his frequent appearance during this period of time. She was afraid that she would fall for him again, so she had to use this kind of blind date with a man to get rid of his entanglement. She hoped that he would disappear from her life as soon as possible.

However, her mind kept recalling all the things that had happened to him in the past.

The first time they met was at the Vine Lake. She remembered that the wind was very strong. The kite that had flown into the air suddenly cut off its string and coincidentally landed at his feet. He elegantly picked up the kite and said with an evil look, "Miss, shouldn't you marry me?"

It was that evil and wild attitude that taught her photographic memory. In the future, she would go to the company to block him every day. She gave him a love bento. He did not expect that he would notice her one day. He even proposed to her. Being overwhelmed by love, she immediately nodded in agreement. She immediately moved from school to Lim family.

It was just that they had just gotten married two years ago, and he had been brazenly stealing food outside. The female side was his female secretary. Furthermore, she had aggressively come looking for him. In a fit of anger, she had beaten him up. Furthermore, she had decisively proposed a divorce.

"Miss Su, what do you think?" Seeing the other party in a daze, Jiang Ren repeated again.

"Sorry, I was thinking about something." Su Baile came back to her senses and squeezed out a smile.

"It doesn't matter. You have to think clearly about the big things in life." Jiang Ren held her spoon in his hand and his eyes under the lens lit up. Not only was this woman beautiful, her skin was also very smooth. She had really met the best of the best.

"Uh..." Su Baile stared at his fluffy claws and suddenly felt a wave of disgust in her heart. She quietly pulled back her hand, "Sorry, I don't plan to remarry in the short term."

The smile on Jiang Ren's face froze and he felt a little unhappy in his heart. He did not even dislike that she had been divorced before, why would she put on airs?

"Does Miss Su think that I am old? Although I am already 40 years old, my body is very strong and all my functions are normal." Jiang Ren's rippling expression also quickly sank.

"It's not because of my age." Su Baile was a little regretful that she randomly went on a blind date with a man like this.

"Then what is the problem?" Jiang Ren's face fell, "Could it be that you dislike my looks? I don't believe that you're that kind of shallow woman."

Speaking of looks, Su Baile realized that she had not seriously looked at the man's face. Raising her eyes slightly, this look almost made her stop breathing. The baldy did not say anything else as his long and narrow triangular eyes sparkled. His cheeks were sunken, his skin was sallow, and he had a sickly paleness. It made people feel like they would be infected if they looked at it for too long.

Although she wasn't from the Appearance Association, at least she had to face the audience. She didn't want to vomit while eating at him.

So -

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