Premarital Tyrant Love/C6 I Pursued Her
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Premarital Tyrant Love/C6 I Pursued Her
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C6 I Pursued Her

"Mr. Jiang, don't misunderstand. I just don't think we're suitable." Su Baile really wanted to slap her own mouth. Why did she cause such trouble for herself!

In the end, it was all that scum Lim Fann's fault!

How could she let the swan meat fly away so easily? Jiang Ren was obviously unwilling to give up. He adjusted his glasses. He snorted lightly, "Miss Su, we are not young anymore. We should consider the practical factors. There are really not many men with high academic qualifications, high salaries, and high intelligence like me." Jiang Ren seemed to be angered. His voice unconsciously increased a little. " Speak bluntly, a second-hand woman like you who has divorced and still has a child. It's really not easy to find a well-off man. "

"Is that so?" Su Baile sneered and removed her polite smile. She retorted, "Mr. Jiang means that I am not good enough for an outstanding man when I am divorced and have children. So I deserve to be a defective person like you?"

The corner of Jiang Ren's mouth twitched and the veins on his forehead were exposed. Just as he was about to flare up, a reckless man walked over and bumped into Su Baile. With a shake of her arm, she knocked over the coffee on the table, and the dark liquid flowed onto the ground with a splash. Some splashed onto her tight white casual pants.

"I'm sorry... Eh, Baile?"

Su Baile turned her head and saw Lim Fann in a suit and leather shoes. He stood behind her with his hands in his pockets. He looked relaxed and at ease. His eyes were slightly narrowed and there was a hint of unexplainable meaning in his eyes.

Jiang Ren was suddenly stunned. He could not hide the surprise on his face. Wasn't this the chairman of Lim's Group, Lim Fann? They knew each other? Lim Fann was a famous figure in J City. His sharp, wise, and shrewd eyes were beyond anyone's imagination! He had a wide range of careers, and his actions were swift and decisive. He was bold and ruthless. With just a flick of his finger in the business world, he could shake the entire circle!

Jiang Ren looked at Lim Fann's cold, blade-like face, and his heart unconsciously trembled.

"Miss Su, you and Mr. Lim are old friends?" Jiang Ren swallowed his saliva and his tone trembled due to fear. That arrogant attitude just now had long disappeared without a trace!

Su Baile was just about to reply when Lim Fann took a step forward and said, "I pursued her."

This time, Jiang Ren was even more shocked. His previously arrogant face suddenly turned green and grey. No wonder Su Baile did not like him. He could not even compare to a toe of the other party. After his face turned green and white for a while, he turned around and left in embarrassment.

Su Baile frowned and looked unhappy, "Who asked you to meddle in other people's business. I can handle it myself."

"Is that so? Why do I feel that you have the heart but do not have the strength?" It had to be said that he was still very happy when he heard her reject other men. Although it was not because of him, at least she knew how to love herself.

Su Baile glared at him. "Why are you here?"

"Drink coffee."

"I don't believe you. You didn't follow me here, did you?" ___ asked.

He deliberately provoked her.

"Am I that bored? Here, that beauty over there is my female companion." Lim Fann raised his right hand and pointed towards a seat not far away.

Su Baile looked over and coincidentally, that woman also looked over and even gave Lim Fann a flirtatious wink.

Su Baile felt a chill in her heart. With heavy makeup and plump buttocks, his taste really did not change at all!

"How is it? I didn't lie to you, right?" Lim Fann raised his eyebrows complacently. Fortunately, his charm was great enough and he casually caught a beauty. Otherwise, he really did not know how to explain it to her!

"Mommy, Mommy, red pants." Doudou, who had been quietly drinking milk tea, suddenly hugged Su Baile's thigh and cried out.

Su Baile looked down and saw that a large piece of her lower abdomen was wet, with a red bottom. Her pants were clearly printed out, and she could even clearly see the Hello Kitty pattern on it.

"Pffft... I think you should go to the bathroom to get rid of it. Otherwise, if you go out later, you'll be caught by the police and say that you're ruining the social atmosphere." Lim Fann was gloating over Lim Fann's misfortune.

"It's all because of you!" Su Baile's face turned pale. She squatted down and said to Doudou, "Doudou, come with Mommy to the bathroom."

"There are differences between men and women. I'll help you keep an eye on Doudou. Hurry up and go back." Lim Fann pressed on Doudou's shoulder and sat down next to him. "Doudou, Uncle will buy you pudding, okay?"

"Yeah, thank you uncle!" Without saying anything, Doudou hugged Lim Fann's neck and smacked him on the face. Wow, I finally kissed my handsome uncle, so cool!

"Doudou, didn't Mommy tell you not to randomly kiss strangers?" This naughty child, how could he forget his mother when he saw sex?

"Handsome uncle is not a stranger, he is my godfather!" Doudou pouted, feeling wronged.

"Who taught you to say this?" Su Baile almost fainted with her eyes wide open.

"Auntie Yang Qin, they said Uncle Shuai is your brain."

Su Baile,... ""

Lim Fann was also stunned. How did he become his godfather again? Forget it, a godfather was better than having no father!

"Good son, godfather will take you to buy pudding!"

Seeing the big and small walk towards the service desk, Su Baile was in a mess this time!

What was going on? Was she hallucinating?

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