Premarital Tyrant Love/C8 The Old Man Forced Her to Marry
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Premarital Tyrant Love/C8 The Old Man Forced Her to Marry
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C8 The Old Man Forced Her to Marry

"A good marriage was broken up by you, the Lim family has only been passed down through seven generations. You have no hope at all in this generation. Are you worthy of the ancestors of the Lim family? "Old Master Lim seemed to be so angry that he could not catch his breath. His chest kept rising and falling. "Do you know how much I like Baile's granddaughter-in-law? If you had not been fooling around outside, perhaps my great-grandson would have been born long ago."

When they arrived at the private hospital of Lim family, Lim Fann was scolded by Old Master Lim the moment he entered the ward.

"Grandpa, you know, it was a misunderstanding." Lim Fann felt somewhat helpless, and his eyes revealed an incomparable sadness. He put his hand in his pocket, turned his body sideways, and looked at the void outside the window. It was as if there was a beautiful face of hers in the void.

Looking at his grandson's face full of self-blame, the old man felt extremely happy. If he didn't make a ruthless move, how could this guy, who was full of lust and arrogance, be willing to act in reality? He was already 75 years old, how long could he last?

"Anyway, we can remarry after divorce. Anyway, I don't care. You must think of a way to get Baile to change her mind." His old face collapsed, and he did not have the slightest intention of giving in. "I only acknowledge Baile as my granddaughter-in-law. Do as you see fit."

Lim Fann hesitated for a moment and Su Baile's fierce face flashed in his mind. Doudou's cute face flashed again, and the two faces alternated in his mind from time to time. There was a trace of warmth at the corner of his mouth. In the end, he had no choice but to compromise. How could he argue with a terminally ill old man?

"Grandfather, I know what to do." Actually, his grandfather's thoughts were also his. It was just that his grandfather's words were a bit too simple and direct. If that was the case, he would scare her.

"It's good that you know. Your parents' souls in heaven will also comfort you." Old Master Lim patted his hand to comfort him. He was quite satisfied with this answer.

At this moment, Lim Fann felt bitter but could not say it. Su Baile, that little girl, was a stubborn, stubborn and independent person. Even if he dug out his heart and kicked it for her, she might not agree to remarry.

Now, he could only place the treasure on Doudou. If Doudou was willing to call him daddy, things would be much easier.

"Fan'er, what is Baile doing now?" The old man narrowed his eyes and asked.

In fact, Su Baile's every move was under his control. From the divorce three years ago, to the time when she went to America to study dental alone, and then to a month ago when she returned to J City to be a dentist.

"She opened a dental clinic on Xiangli Street." Lim Fann slowly opened his thin lips. Whenever he mentioned the little lion, his face would always be full of interest.

"How's the business?" His grandfather asked with concern.

"Not bad." He observed for a few days and found that most of the customers were male. He suspected that everyone was after her beauty.

"Baile is a good child. She is kind and ambitious. When she divorced, she could ask for alimony, but she did not." The old man could not help but sigh. "There are not many girls like her now!"

"Okay grandpa, I promise you to try to find a way to remarry her. Rest well. I have to go back to the company in advance." Lim Fann couldn't stand his grandpa's nagging and wanted to leave.

"Go. Remember to let Baile see me."

Once Lim Fann left, the old man's face immediately revealed a snicker of success. Stinky brat, fighting with him is still too young!

It was rare that Su Baile did not need to go to work during the weekend, so she accompanied Dou Dou to the amusement park to play for a whole day. After coaxing him to sleep, she leaned on the sofa, exhausted, and watched television while drinking red wine.

Since the last time they parted at the coffee shop, Lim Fann hadn't come to find her for three or four days. It seemed that he already knew that Doudou wasn't his son.

He really wanted to see what kind of expression he would have when he overturned all his theories. Thinking of this, she couldn't help but laugh out loud. Realizing that she was actually thinking about Lim Fann, she quickly calmed herself down. "Take this!" His attention was focused on the television screen.

Just as she was about to enter a state of mind, the radio on the radio rang. "Doctor Su, there's a man downstairs who says he's your husband and wants to see you."

"Hubby?" Su Baile frowned. She could roughly guess which God of Plagues was downstairs.

As expected, the next moment, the guard was suddenly pushed away. Lim Fann's handsome face that angered both man and god appeared on the screen. "Hello, wife."

"How did you know I lived here?" Su Baile patiently asked.

"Your husband is very capable. How could he not know where you live?" Actually, a few days after work, he secretly followed her...

"You... Brother Liu, he's not my husband. Please chase him away." Su Baile only felt her temples throbbing non-stop. Her entire person was not good.

" I knew it. You're so pure and lovable. How could you have such a show-off husband? " The big brother of the guard patted his chest to guarantee, "Doctor Su, don't worry. I definitely won't let this brat in."

"Hey, what are you talking about? Why am I so show-off? Why can't I match her? She was my wife in the past."

Lim Fann's self-esteem was deeply affected. Only women were not good enough for him. How could he not be good enough for any woman?

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