President Daddy Super Awesome
She's framed by her husband and lost all until she reunited with that rich man.
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Modern Romance
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Jun 14th, 11:21
In order to take away her father's shares, she was set up by her husband and best friend. A piece of divorce was thrown in her face, and she was forced to leave the house. Four years later, she returned with Caibao. Her precious son put his hands on his waist, "Mommy, I heard that the current fashion calls for godfather. Just you wait, I'll give you one to back me up!" "A few days later, my son brought back a super handsome guy who looked exactly like him." "Mommy, don't worry, I've checked. Daddy is number 1 on the global rich list and is dealing with all sorts of complaints!" The son said confidently. Cheng Xiaoyue: "..." Looking at the stunned woman, Gong Yexiao coldly threw out a paternity test, "Woman, when did you steal my seed?" Which bastard slept four years ago and didn't take responsibility for it?!