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CEO, Please Give More Love/C1 Strange Tutoring Class
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C1 Strange Tutoring Class

It was a starless night, and the trees by the side of the road were lush, and the sound of cicadas could be heard from time to time. The wind blew, and the moon was hidden in the clouds.

Yu Nuoang held the leather bag that was slung over her shoulder tightly. She looked at the building in front of her and the location of the paper in her hand coincided with the location of the paper in her hand - No. 97 of Hualin Street.

At this moment, shadows were cast outside the imposing house due to the light from the street lamps. The man in the house was also in the shadows. The wine glass in his hand was shaking. Before she came, the man had drunk a lot of hard liquor and the empty wine bottle was lying on the side.

Yu Nuoang pushed open the yard door and came to the small garden outside the building. She raised her head and looked at the only room with lights on. It was almost midnight by now.

"The students nowadays are getting more and more miserable. It's so late and they still call home tutoring and studying."

She muttered softly. If it was not for her sister having something to do today, she would not have come. Since she had accepted this business, she would not have come. Someone had to come. She looked around, but no one came out to greet her.

"Creak." The sound of the door was like the sound of a wooden door in the attic. Yu Nuoang felt a shiver in her heart, but she still turned around and saw that the door of the independent three-story building was pushed open from the inside.

The person who looked like a butler poked his head out and smiled at her. "May I ask if it is Miss Yu?"

Yu Nuoang nodded and walked towards him. When the butler heard that he was sizing Yu Nuoang up, he lifted the night lamp in his hand and carefully looked at her.

Her face was soft and full of protein. The outline of the night lamp was reflected in her deer-like eyes. Her facial features were small and delicate. Her black hair was tied up and her pink lips were pursed.

"No makeup?"

Yu Nuoang suddenly asked. Although she was confused, she still answered honestly.

"I was in a hurry today, so I came." Pausing for a moment, she suddenly thought, "Do I have to put on makeup?"

Nowadays, some parents would ask their children to be taught at home. For example, they had to put on light makeup in order to be respected. For example, only beautiful teachers could make their children desire to study... Therefore, in this family, those with good family conditions would have some requirements.

The housekeeper put down the night light and invited her into the house. The house was pitch black, although she really wanted to ask why she didn't turn on the light, as if she knew what she was thinking.

"Young Master is at home and does not like to be too bright. There is no need for makeup. You can do this, but other requests really need Miss Yu to fulfill."

"What requirements? Just say it."

The butler looked at her from the corner of his eyes. "Firstly, don't let the young master get too tired. Secondly, don't mention this matter to anyone after you leave..."

Yu Nuoang looked at the night lamp in the butler's hand in the dark living room. She could understand the first rule. After all, students are not machines. She also had plans for the tuition period. The second rule, tsk tsk. These rich people did not want others to know about their children's tuition. No wonder they chose to study at night. It turned out that they were afraid of this.

"Miss Yu, there is another one."

Yu Nuoang watched as the butler put the night lamp aside. He held a tray in his hand and passed it to her.

The light blue dress was placed on the tray. Yu Nuoang put her hand on the soft dress and the housekeeper smiled.

"This is the color that Young Master likes the most. You will let Young Master focus more when you wear it."

Yu Nuoang did not know why and nodded. It was okay. It was not too hard to accept.

"Don't worry."

She picked up the dress from the tray and looked at the spiral staircase. She looked at the butler and asked.

"The third room on the second floor, is it?"

The butler looked at her with a smile. Yu Nuoang had already seen the slightly lit window when she was in the courtyard. She thought that the young master of this house was studying. Seeing the butler blow out the night light, she spoke in the darkness.

"Yes, Miss Yu."

The butler lowered his head. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw her carefully supporting the stairs as she groped her way up. However, her face turned from respectful to somewhat disdainful.


Shen Kaiyan pulled his bow tie, took off his suit jacket, and put it on the back. His head hurt a little. Every time he missed her, He would come here and sit down. He didn't know what was going on today. He actually drank here and got drunk. European candles are burning. Vaguely, his figure was projected onto the wall, and he rubbed his temples.

The wind that came in from the door gently came and extinguished the candle. Yu Nuoang was wearing a light blue dress. Because it was summer, the night was still a little hot. However, she did not knock on the door when she came in. The wind caused the entire room to sink into darkness. There was clearly a person sitting beside the table and could not be seen clearly.

Yu Nuoang lifted her skirt and looked at the switch at the door. How could she learn without turning on the light? Before turning on the light, she felt that the "student" was staring at her. In the next second, she strode to the door and pressed her entire body against the wall. The opened door was automatically closed.


Because of the man's sudden action, Yu Nuoang groaned in pain. There was pity in Shen Kaiyan's eyes, but he suddenly became fierce again. He grabbed her hand and threw it away. Yu Nuoang turned pale with fright. This student who wanted to study was not a pervert, was he? It was over. It was over. Because he was very strong, Yu Nuoang closed her eyes and prepared to fall to the ground. Her body leaned against it, but it was soft. She was thrown onto the bed?!

Wait, shouldn't this be the study room? Why is there a bed? And... this is not right.

"Student" pressed down. Yu Nuoang opened her eyes wide and a male aura surrounded her. This person was not a student at all...

Her hands were grabbed by him and she was not used to it. Her brain spun quickly but she could not think of a way. Her lips were sealed by him and her face began to burn in an instant. She subconsciously resisted but angered him.

The overbearing aura lingered around her until her mouth went numb and she lost consciousness. Before that, she did not even have the chance to speak a word.

Shen Kaiyan impatiently pulled out his bow tie and threw it casually. The buttons on his shirt slid to one side. He looked at the real outline of the bed. Under the moonlight, Yu Nuoang saw the abdominal muscles that extended to the man's chest. They were strong and strong. The man's eyes under his fine hair looked at her without a doubt.

Yu Nuoang quickly shrank back and wanted to escape. Just the fact that her clothes were taken off made her panic. However, the man tightly held her down and held her slender waist with his large hands.

"Save..." Before she could shout, a corner of her dress was torn apart. Yu Nuoang resisted even harder but the man did not stop. He continued to tear the fabric and cut the opening to the side of her body. He looked at the exposed skin in front of him.

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