Mr.CEO's Runaway Wife/C10 People Who Can't Wait
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Mr.CEO's Runaway Wife/C10 People Who Can't Wait
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C10 People Who Can't Wait

As the saying goes, one wrong step, one wrong step. If she wanted to continue, there was no turning back. She followed Hwa Yuming's instructions and found a car in the garage of the exam center. As long as she drove that car to west zone crossroads, Hwa Yuming would come to pick her up.

"Sister, whose car is this? Where are we going now?"

Yu Nuoang asked her in confusion. Yu Feiang forced a smile. "What's wrong? Are you in a hurry to find your brother Lianchen?"

Yu Nuoang shook her head. It was just that there was suddenly an unfamiliar car. Moreover, her sister had clearly taken out the car keys from under the wheels. She felt that it was a little strange. Yu Feiang then opened her mouth to explain.

"This is a friend's car. He drank wine and was far away. That's why he asked me to help him drive the car back."

Yu Nuoang fastened her seatbelt and Yu Feiang drove the car. She was probably used to lying. When she said this reason, she did not have the slightest bit of fear. Hwa Yuming asked her to meet for the last time. If they argued and there was a third person, he would not dare to be so bold. She pulled Yu Nuoang up to suppress Hwa Yuming's crazy actions.

So that was the case. Yu Nuoang looked at the scenery in front of the windshield and headed towards the west side. The west side's security was the worst and the management was not good. What kind of friend would live in the west side and have his own car? Although she was puzzled, she was glad that she had accompanied her sister. For her sister's safety, it was worth it.

The west region's leaves seemed to be yellow faster than the other regions. The vegetation on the side of the road also had signs of withering. Except for a few traffic signal lights, there was no surveillance equipment. There were also a lot less people.

After the autumn rain, the weather became colder. The weather changed as soon as the weather changed. Today's weather was already gloomy. It was only after noon when the rain started to drizzle. The rain hit the car window and the car door, but there was no reaction from the wipers that were supposed to be working.

"Oh no, the wiper is broken." Yu Feiang looked at the rain outside the car. She only hoped that the rain would not get heavier. She could see clearly in the rain. If the rain got heavier, she would not be able to see.

Yu Nuoang saw that she did not stop the car immediately but chose to continue forward. Without the wiper, it would be dangerous to drive.

"We are almost there. We are just in front."

The surroundings were gray. His sister's words made him feel relieved. A layer of water vapor covered the windshield. She did not notice that the tires were sliding on the wet road. Yu Feiang quickly moved to the side. She almost flipped the car over. The inertia caused the car to continue moving forward and hit hard objects. With a bang, the front of the car sounded and Yu Feiang hurriedly braked.

Yu Nuoang's head was hit by the glass. She leaned forward and covered her forehead.

"Nuoang, are you okay?"

Yu Feiang stopped the car. The car was lit with yellow lights. Yu Nuoang touched the wound that happened not long ago. Fortunately, the wound did not open.

"I'm fine. Big Sister, are you okay? You are not hurt, right?!"


The car was parked on the side of the road. It was less than 100 meters away from the fork in the road. If they got any closer, they would be captured by the surveillance cameras at the fork. Just now, she bumped into something. Yu Feiang unbuckled her seatbelt. She got up slightly and looked forward. A red corner of the ground was revealed.

"Nuoang, you stay first. I will get out of the car and take a look."

Yu Feiang opened the car door and came to the front of the car in the rain. It turned out to be a warning sign post. She pushed the stake to the side. There were many warning signs that had not been placed in time by the roadside. Yu Feiang was stunned when she pushed the sign back.

"Sister, it's raining so heavily. Come back quickly!"

Yu Nuoang opened the window and shouted at her. Yu Feiang stared blankly in front of her and whispered.

"I'm afraid I won't be able to go back..."

Yu Nuoang saw that she had stopped at the warning post for a long time and allowed the rain to hit her. She also got out of the car and came to her side. She looked inside. A badly mutilated body was lying in the small mouth of the warning post. The dripping blood in the rain was emitting a bloody smell of rust.

"I hit someone. What should I do, what should I do..."

Yu Feiang was incoherent. Her hands were trembling nervously. Yu Nuoang looked at the front of the car. There was indeed blood. When the tire slipped, it hit the car. So it was a person!

There were not many passers-by in the West District. The sudden rain made even fewer pedestrians on the road. She listened to Yu Feiang's nonsense.

"I just got into the exam. Why did the heavens treat me like this..."

The rain flowed into her mouth because of her words. It was a little salty. She did not know if the rain was mixed with her tears at this moment. It was just that her words reminded Yu Nuoang of her exam results.

The accident brought by the autumn rain made everyone unable to guard against it.

Cui Lianchen arrived at the restaurant he had booked an hour in advance. As soon as he entered the restaurant, it started to drizzle outside. The rain was getting heavier and heavier. He called several times but Yu Nuoang did not answer. What if she did not bring her umbrella out?

His pretty eyebrows knitted tighter and tighter as time passed. On the road, there were occasionally couples running in the rain. Gradually, the moving colorful umbrella bloomed like mushrooms in the rain. The only thing he could do was to find her among these people.

"Sir, may I ask if you would like to order?"

The waiter asked him for the third time. He asked him once every hour. Three hours had passed. It was already past the appointed time for dinner. He told him to wait. The waiter saw that he didn't speak, so he stood awkwardly at the side. At that moment, his phone rang.


He shouted anxiously. Unfortunately, the voice on the other end of the phone broke his imagination.

"Cui, it's me."

Cui Lianchen was disappointed like a discouraged toy. "Uncle Chen."

"You are on night shift today," Uncle Chen said. "You are only ten minutes away from work. Why haven't I seen you yet? Come here quickly. The leaders have been looking for you. Be careful of getting caught."

"Uncle Chen, can I take a leave of absence?"

"What? You want to take leave?"

The phone was vibrating. Cui Lianchen did not hear Uncle Chen's nagging. He quickly picked up his phone and saw Yu Nuoang's text message.

"We don't want to see each other again. That's it."

Her short sentence was more lethal than Uncle Chen's words. The person he had been waiting for had rejected him with a few words...

"Lianchen, Lianchen, are you listening to what I said? You can't take leave when the higher ups inspect..."

"Uncle Chen, don't say anymore. I'll be on duty right away."

He hung up the phone in a hurry. She was nowhere to be seen among the passersby. He got up and rushed out of the restaurant and onto the road. The rain poured down and wet the clothes and pants that he had specially prepared. Walking in the rain in the sky, his expression was numb.

That's it. Hehe, even meeting him now became a luxury in his heart. Even if she would go abroad, he was willing to wait for her. He had also said that he would wait for her. However, he did not expect that she would abandon him first and use such a heartless method.

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