Mr.CEO's Runaway Wife/C11 You're so Great You Take Everything on Your Own?!
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Mr.CEO's Runaway Wife/C11 You're so Great You Take Everything on Your Own?!
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C11 You're so Great You Take Everything on Your Own?!

The news on the television was reporting about Qing Feng Corporation's Shen family. Hsu Lin was folding her clothes in the rented house while looking at Shen Kaiyan.

"Kaiyan, the heir of Qing Feng is called Shen Kaifeng. You are called Shen Kaiyan. Are you a family?"

Hsu Lin asked him casually. Shen Kaiyan cleaned up the house and looked at the sweat on Hsu Lin's face. After graduating from Economic University, they used the only money they had to rent this house. There was no air conditioner or fan installed in the house. It was very humid and hot in the summer. Even the wind blowing in through the window was hot.

Shen Kaiyan picked up a tissue to wipe Hsu Lin's sweat. He then picked up a fan to fan her.

"How could it be a family... Look at you, your face is red from the heat."

Shen Kaiyan looked at the TV. He looked at the high-spirited man on the TV. He heard that this man was the successor of the Qingfeng Group. In the end, Shun Tine chose the more suitable Shen Kaifeng. Shen Kaiyan smiled casually, then shifted his attention away from the TV and fanned her carefully.

Hsu Lin's face was flushed red. The weather was too hot, and there were mosquitoes buzzing in her ears at night. Fortunately, he was considerate. Although he was a little tired, it was worth it.

Hsu Lin put the folded clothes neatly on the side. Hsu Lin looked up and saw Shen Kaiyan fanning her. She smiled playfully and snatched the fan.

"You are also very hot, but you are still fanning for me."

Hsu Lin smiled gently and moved to his side. She waved the fan in her hand and a cool breeze blew on their faces, slowing down the heat.

Shen Kaiyan looked at Hsu Lin who was lying on his legs and could not help smiling. He scratched her nose and Hsu Lin felt her nose itch and hurriedly hid to the side. Shen Kaiyan acted even more impudently. He reached out his hand to scratch the itching spot on her body. It was a hot summer afternoon and there was a burst of happy laughter coming from a small rented house.


The clock on the wall ticked. Shen Kaiyan's face seemed to have been carved by the spring wind. His face was in a shadow. The wine in the glass was as delicate as silk. He shook the wine glass in his hand gently and held the bottom of the glass with his long fingers. He looked very noble.

The curtains floated in the wind. Shen Kaiyan stared at the purple-red wine swaying in the glass. The red wine left a mark on the surface of the cup and then disappeared quietly, just like the woman who had come to his life. She had left so many memories for him, but she left without mercy.

"Director Shen, Miss Xu found it."

A young man's voice suddenly sounded, reporting to Shen Kaiyan.

Shen Kaiyan suddenly stopped shaking his glass and did not say anything. Lu Mi looked at his expression slightly, hesitating how he was going to speak to Shen Kaiyan.

"Where is she?"

"In... in the hospital."

He pretended to be calm and collapsed in an instant. He had thought that when he met her again, he would show an excited look to make her regret it. The place they met might be in an elegant coffee shop. There was intoxicating music mixed in. He had prepared a hundred ways to see her, but he had never thought that he would see her in the hospital.


Shen Kaiyan's face was covered in sweat. The drunkenness from drinking wine at home gradually subsided in the cold wind. His consciousness slowly became clear. He searched and approached step by step. He did not have a destination to enter the unknown ward.

"Hsu Lin!"

Lu Mi, who was still clear-headed, asked the medical guidance desk staff. After that, Lu Mi pulled Shen Kaiyan, who had no destination.

"Director Shen, Miss Xu is in the resuscitation room!"

Shen Kaiyan hurried to the resuscitation room Lu Mi had mentioned. He was in a hurry and did not even have time to put on his coat. His impatience and running made him temporarily lose his mind. Lu Mi caught up with him while panting.

The light of the 'rescue' turned dark. The cold body was pushed out, covered with white cloth. Shen Kaiyan almost lost his balance. He held onto the wall and stopped the cart.

"Name: Hsu Lin. Gender: Woman. Age: 23 Cause of death: car accident, severed carotid artery, excessive blood loss. Time of death: 7 pm sharp "

The doctor listened to the assistant's report and took off his mask. He noticed Shen Kaiyan and guessed that Shen Kaiyan was the patient's family member. The doctor looked at the medical staff around him.

"Let's go. Give the family members and the deceased some time."

The deceased... Shen Kaiyan could not bear it anymore when he heard this word.

"Nonsense! She is not dead!" He used all his strength to grab the doctor's sleeve: "She's not dead. Hurry up and save her! Hurry up and save her!"

The doctor was indifferent, even though his white coat had been grabbed. The doctor had seen many life and death situations. He knew that Shen Kaiyan could not accept it at the moment.

Shen Kaiyan's shoulders were shaking, and his eyes were red. "Why are you all standing still?! I told you to save her!"

"Director Shen!" Lu Mi knew Shen Kaiyan was in a bad mood. He quickly stopped Shen Kaiyan. The patients and nurses in the corridor also started to watch. The doctor said, "Put the deceased in the morgue."

The surroundings were spotlessly white. The person who had just died in the hospital was arranged to be placed in a separate morgue. Because of the cold storage, the temperature in the morgue was much lower. Shen Kaiyan pushed open the door. From beginning to end, he did not dare to look at the person under the white cloth. He pulled the white cloth with trembling hands. He saw Hsu Lin's eyes were closed and there were still stitches on the artery on her neck. Her pale skin was very scary. He could even feel the pain.

Shen Kaiyan completely collapsed at this moment. He knelt on the ground. In his memory, she was fanning him in the rented house with a smile on her face. But now, he was really cold. Why didn't she get up and hug him?

He held her cold hand. It's okay, it's okay. Lin was cold now. He could warm her hands. But why couldn't he hold her hands?

"Lin, don't joke with me, okay? I was wrong... It's all my fault. Don't scare me... Don't leave me..."

Hot tears fell on the cold floor and connected to each other. In the face of death, no one had any privileges.


His eyes were swollen. Occasionally, he could hear the sound of rain. The heavy glass also dyed the sound of rain in a natural low tone.

Yu Nuoang wrapped her arms around her knees and hugged herself. Through the iron bars, she saw a pair of leather shoes stopping in front of her eyes. Yu Nuoang looked up and saw the person who came. She was stunned.

"Brother Lianchen." Realizing that she had said something wrong, she hurriedly changed her words. "Why are you here?"

"I should be the one asking you this." Cui Lianchen had already changed into a tall and straight police uniform. He held the iron bars with both hands and stared at her. "Yu Nuoang, you are really so great. Do you really want to shoulder everything on your own?!"

It was raining outside but her heart was also raining. She could see that Cui Lianchen was angry. She lowered her eyes and forced back her tears.

"My matter has nothing to do with you. If Officer Cui came to ask me a question, I'm sorry, I have the right now to remain silent.

Cui Lianchen punched the iron fence. He was very dissatisfied with her attitude. If he continued to wait for her in the restaurant, nothing would come of it. But now, he finally knew the source of her ruthlessness. She just didn't want to implicate him.

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